Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper Responds to Hate After Tiktok 'exposes' Her Photoshopping Her Bod

Alex Cooper has revealed that she was sent nasty messages from followers after a viral TikTok “exposed” her for editing an image on Instagram, despite pushing a message of body positivity on her ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast. (Source: www.dexerto.com)

Alex Cooper

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Alex Cooper Boyfriend: All About Her Dating Lif

In today’s article, we will be taking up the topic “Alex Cooper Boyfriend”. Alexandra Cooper, popularly known as Alex Cooper, came into the spotlight after creating a podcast titled ” Call Her Daddy”. She used to run the advice and comedy podcast along with Sofia Franklyn. But Sofia decided to leave the podcast after she got engaged and due to some other issues. (Source: www.theartistree.fm)

Cooper Has Built a Brand on the Link Between Raunchy

Talk and Female Empowerment—to Spotify, It’s Worth $20 Million a Year

During a recent episode of her podcast Call Her Daddy, 26-year-old host Alex Cooper finally figured out what her blockbuster show was all about. Cooper and her guest, clinical psychologist and star of Showtime’s documentary series Couples Therapy Dr. Orna Guralnik, had just spent over an hour in a wide-ranging discussion about the unconscious mind and how early childhood experiences shape us, among other things. The tone was almost unrecognizable from Cooper’s early days of podcasting, when Call Her Daddy was best-known for raunchy sex talk and pioneering concepts like the “Gluck Gluck 9000,” an oral sex technique. Now, Guralnik told Cooper that they’d determined Call Her Daddy’s raison d’être: “You’re writing a new script for relationships.” Cooper says the moment gave her goosebumps.



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