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About Baseball Savant

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This is the leader in instant baseball statistics, powered by our team of expert statisticians, with access to all the latest in-season, daily, and historical data on players, team, and games within the MLB, Minor League, and college baseball leagues.

Willman, who has been with Major League Baseball since January 2016 and is MLB’s director of Research and Development for the sport’s Operations Department, is responsible for the creation of a number of baseball analytics websites and systems including “Baseball Savant” and MLB.com’s Prospects Stats Section. (Source: www.si.com)



Everyone knows baseball is one of the most intellectual sports on earth, featuring lineups of geniuses who calculate their moves into the late innings. The problem is, no one can be expected to know that for themselves. The question is how you might go about finding such a site to find out how a prospect or a team is doing.

The Illustrator tool can also be used to look at hitter performance, which I will use to evaluate some of the Reds’ position players in a follow-up post. For now, I encourage you to go to https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/illustrator and take a look at the other two Reds starting pitchers in the top 10 of MLB’s power rankings: Trevor Bauer and Luis Castillo. (Source: fourcornersportsofnky.com)


It was an open-source website built to provide advanced statistics and high-level baseball analytics. The site has a full suite of proprietary metrics at its disposal, many of which have been adopted by mainstream media and Major League Baseball clubs.

When Statcast was introduced to all thirty MLB groups in 2015, the game of baseball changed forever (and for the better). Statcast has been a revolutionary tool in assessing player and group performance by recording complex data that can not be measured by the naked eye. A system of electronics that utilize high-resolution video and radar allow for the determination of metrics such as spin-rate, exit velocity, and launch angle. (Source: fourcornersportsofnky.com)



The main objective of Baseball Savant is to record, organize, and host baseball data. Baseball Savant was created to provide detailed statistics in order to bridge the gap between the statistics provided by Major League Baseball's website and the stats of the other large websites that provide baseball statistics. Additionally, since it is a modern, full-featured, independent organization, it is less expensive than the Major League Baseball website. When in use, it shows the most recent updates in real time.

Expected Batting Average (xBA): xBA measures the likelihood that a batted ball will become a hit. Each batted ball is assigned an xBA based on how often comparable ones -- in terms of exit velocity, launch angle and, on certain types of batted balls, Sprint Speed -- have become hits since Statcast was implemented Major League wide in 2015. By comparing expected numbers to real-world outcomes over a period of time, it can be possible to identify which hitters (or pitchers) are over- or under-performing their demonstrated skill. (Source: www.mlb.com)



Baseball Savant is the most comprehensive source of baseball data and analysis on the Internet. It gives the latest stats, news, opinions, and advanced stats on MLB, Minor League, and MiLB to track your team’s performance, which includes player and team stats, updated box scores, game logs, and records. If you love baseball stats or are a baseball fan, then Baseball Savant is the perfect app for you.

For example, a user could seek to find which batters hit the most opposite-field home runs in 2020. (The answer is DJ LeMahieu, with seven). They could look to see how the percentage of plays featuring an infield shift increased across MLB from 2017 to ‘20. And they could wonder which pitchers got the most swinging strikes on four-seam fastballs thrown in the strike zone and find that in 2020 it was Lance Lynn, with 70. There's a near-endless combination of questions that can be answered using Baseball Savant's public-facing search tool. (Source: www.mlb.com)

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