A Town Wingsor

A Town Wingsor

A Town Wings

If you love to fly, looking for a wing in your hometown might seem like a dream come true.


So let me start by saying the food is absolutely bomb. the wings and cajun ranch fries are so good everything was fresh, hot and delicious. The people cooking are definitely doing their jobs. i would love to come back again because hands down the best wings in huntsville. The problem i had coming here was the customer service and confusing way to order. The person who took my order was rude and not personable at all. No "hello how are you " or anything. i didn't see a single smile on any of the workers faces. Just sad demotivated people who looked miserable. I did not feel comfortable or even welcomed here. That alone makes me not want to come back. Which is such a shame because the food is so good :( When youre spending this much money on food you expect the food and the service to be good, and the service was most definitely lacking. Also if i wouldnt have read a review before coming i would have had no idea to go inside to place my order. There should be signs somewhere explaining the process :) i hate to leave a sometimey review because the food really was good but other areas need some help.

Well, at first A-town wings was really good , Then all of a sudden, you get wings the size of a cornish hen wing. So I stopped going there, and found a new wing place called MK wings on Jordan. Gosh, the food is really fresh and hot. Customer service is over the top. The last time I was at a town wings, the person in the drive thru had a attitude. So, I go where the service is good and the food is worth my money. Wish they had more MK wings here in Huntsville,, so far, they have a few locations in Bham. Sorry atown, but I spend my money where i am getting my money's worth.. (Source: restaurantguru.com)


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