A time to kill

A time to kill

A time to kill

A handsome, well-built man, a man to whom the world would be a fantastic place, a man who can make friends with anyone. That man is Jake Brigance. Jake is someone you should like. He is someone people trust.Time Bomb: It didn't have a timer, but one of the Klan's attempts to terrorize Jake featured an attempt to sneak a ticking bomb up to his hThe book softens this one, making it clear that Jake doesn't want to put Carl Lee on the stand, and in fact shoots it down several times as an option, but Carl Lee insists and ultimately it's his life and freedom on the line, not Jake's.


With the Ku Klux Klan protests going on outside the courthouse, it is unrealistic to believe that the case would be allowed to continue, and it would be necessary for a change of venue. Alternately, the police would forcibly disperse the crowd with tear gas and riot gear and start arresting people. The people who organized the protest would probably be held accountable for heckling too, assuming they knew it would get that insane.

Graceful Loser: Rufus Buckley. After spending a huge amount of time and effort to get a conviction, and failing to do so, he...simply congratulates Brigance and shakes his hand without a hint of sarcasm or derision. However, to him, while it was an opportunity to use the trial as the launch point for a political career, it's also clear he was just doing his job, and there's no doubt that his target, Carl Lee Hailey, did indeed murder two people. He ultimately comes across as an honorable (if ruthless) person. (Source: tvtropes.org)


For ten days, as burning crosses and the crack of sniper fire spread through the streets of Clanton, the nation sits spellbound as young defense attorney Jake Brigance struggles to save his client's life, and then his own. ...more

Tonya is later found and rushed to the hospital while Pete and Billy Ray are heard bragging at a roadside bar about their crime. Tonya's distraught and outraged father, Carl Lee Hailey, consults his friend Jake Brigance, a white attorney who had previously represented Hailey's brother, on whether he could get himself acquitted if he killed the two men. (Source:ww.goodreads.com)



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