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A R Soccer

R Soccer

R Soccer is a new soccer simulator for the iPad. We’re a company that’s building software so that anyone — soccer players, coaches, lovers of the beautiful game, or just people who want to thoroughly enjoy their recreational time — can challenge their friends to a soccer game. We’re building this product with the global game of soccer in mind: to collect data, have a game, and get better at the game.


The collective home for fans of the world game on reddit, r/soccer is the place for the all the news, highlights, results and biggest rumors from the showcase competitions. With over 282,000 subscribers (r/worldcup is close with more than 231,000 subscribers), this sub is always packed with opinion and regularly ranks among the highest of reddit’s pages in terms of daily activity. Posts on r/soccer can range from the famous ‘Today I Learned’ (TIL) on an obscure Pele fact, to in-depth interactive discussions on who might be the best and worst players at Manchester United.

The only dedicated sub for the North American competition, r/mls covers everything going on in one of the fastest growing leagues in the world. No matter which team you support, this sub is united in their dedication to the MLS, with detailed pre and post-match discussion each week along with all the must-see goals and obscure information that makes reddit great. Users will find the community welcoming and easy to navigate, enabling soccer fans even outside of the USA to keep up-to-date with every second of the MLS. (Source: worldsoccertalk.com)


Interpreting your findings is the key to any analytics. Keep in mind that sports analytics have been around for over a decade, but you don’t see many data nerds managing a team. The best managers and sports personnel know what to do with the results of the analysis. They have a deep understanding of the game, and that’s most important.

If you are looking for the best Reddit soccer streams, then this is the right place to find them. Reddit is a social media platform where people share links to content they find interesting. The soccer stream links are particularly popular among football fans. (Source: live.footybite.cc)



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