A Miami Shooting

A Miami Shooting

Miami Shooting

Last month, the tragic shooting of a 10-year-old student, Emilie Parker by a classmate, led to a national outcry when some people found out that 3. 5 million children with traumatic brain injuries have gone without treatment, pending the passage of H.R. 2064, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act of 2016. Since her death, the bill has been repurposed and is now HR 4152.


Colleen Harpool, who owns Cliff’s restaurant right next to the bar and who has been in the neighborhood for 30 years, told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, “This is not good for the neighborhood. People are scared to go out. They can’t go out because they are too scared. This makes me think what is going on in the neighborhood. I have been here so long and nothing like this has happened before. This is a quiet neighborhood. I feel bad for those who were shot. Because this could have been anybody.”

via GoFundMeCriminal justice activists have accused Raleigh police of fatally shooting a young dad who was “so confused and disoriented that he didn’t even respond to his wife when she spoke to him” following a highway crash in North Carolina.Daniel Turcios, 43, was shot and killed by officers who responded to a car crash last week involving the beloved husband and father to three boys. Police said they received multiple 911 calls at about 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 11 about a car wreck indicating that a (Source: news.yahoo.com)


The Miami-Dade Police Director said that the shooting was a "targeted and cowardly act of gun violence". The Chief of the Miami Police Department, discussed the shooting with the media in connection to another shooting earlier in the week and claimed the two shootings were "an indication of the problem we have with the scourge of gun violence in this country that we need to do much more at a federal level to stop."

“There was an assault rifle inside of the vehicle as well,” Miami-Dade Police Department Detective Alvaro Zabaleta told reporters. “Tonight could have very easily been a tragic night for law enforcement family, as these individuals were driving around for one, a 15-year-old driving a car, and secondly, a 15-year-old armed with a handgun. An assault rifle inside of that vehicle, (the teen) wanted for possession of firearms. These are individuals that clearly are up to no good.” (Source: www.kiro7.com)



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