A Dance Resume

A Dance Resume

Dance Resume

In Just 30 Seconds, You Can Demonstrate Your Artistic Skills and Get a Job. a Dance Resume Is a Video That Sends Out a Professional Message. Watch These Videos to Find Out How to Create a Dance Resume.


Professional dancers must audition for jobs, but a stellar resume can help you stand out from the list of other applicants. Dancers typically work for dance companies and must learn complex dance movements with their instructors and fellow dancers before performing in a production. They spend several hours each day rehearsing and must always be open to studying new and emerging dance choreographies and types of dance. Professional dancers must also attend promotional events, including photography sessions, to promote the production in which they will be appearing.

A professional dance resume is different from a traditional resume in that it is meant to provide information about your dance skills, accomplishments, and overall experience. Casting directors, dance studio owners, dance school committees, and choreographers typically require resumes before holding auditions to gauge a dancer's suitability for the program or job. As such, the structure and format of a dance resume are typically different than a standard professional resume, and completing it will require plenty of brainstorming to produce an extensive list of past performances and recognitions. (Source: www.monster.ca)


Recent graduate of the nation’s no. 1 Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Dance. Held roles in the school’s American Spirit Dance Company (ASDC) and Opera and Music Theatre Company and performed with the ASDC’s elite international group on its Southeast tour. Worked successfully with Joseph Khan as a background dancer on The Jonas Brothers – “What a Man Gotta Do?” music video. Uniquely talented in hip-hop dance, specifically breaking.

You should also have a well-compiled dancer’s resume to push your career further as a dancer. There are various opportunities available in the film and music world for dancers. There are many dance schools requiring experienced dance teachers. The dancer’s resumes would be of great benefit to you in landing such jobs. You can also see Functional Resume. (Source: www.template.net)


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