A Curry 8

A Curry 8

Curry 8

The CURRY 8 is precisely controlled volume delivered to the surface of the brain, enabling localized electrical stimulation of a specific structure or activity. Focused, high-intensity stimulation for up to 30 seconds provides real time feedback to patient performance and allows for self (or clinician) programmed stimulation rhythms that target specific rehabilitative goals. CURRY 8 is available in two models.



The Curry "Flow" 8 is the first signature shoe released under the new "Curry" brand and they get off to a good start! The traction is the best aspect of the shoe and features an all-foam outsole that is crazy grippy. The cushion is also nice and comfortable while providing great court feel and responsiveness. Reviewers considered it the best cushion of the Curry lineup. The materials consist of a flexible knit upper that is comfortable with synthetic overlays for structure. These fit short and a little wide - going up half a size should work for most people. The support and lockdown are what you come to expect from a Curry and will give you no issues. Overall the Curry 8 is a great hoop shoe that most players will enjoy. These are definitely worth the $20 increase to $160!

The Curry Flow 8 features a new cushion, the UA Flow. Its foam is a collaboration of Under Armour and Dow. The two companies also joined the force on UA HOVR. Under Armour Curry 8 Flow can offer amazing energy without sacrificing protection, durability, and performance. The Curry 7 and Curry 6 were marvelous basketball shoes. Meanwhile, these shoes both lack bounce. So, if the Curry Flow 8 can provide a bouncier mid-sole, it can possibly be the best Curry model ever. (Source: www.juiced29.com)



The Under Armour Curry 8 Flow is designed from quality materials for an excellent performance. It uses a big area of leather on the head and heel to reinforce. Furthermore, its stiff inner padding can provide great supporting performance to vamp. You can put it on and take it off easily. The shoe collar of this model features a socks-type design and integrated shoe tongue.

To sum it up, the Under Armour Curry Flow 8 is a soft and lightweight shoe that can offer you a high level of comfort. It comes with excellent performance because of its traction, resilience, and lightweight. Aside from being quality shoes, the model also has a beautiful and appealing design. (Source: www.juiced29.com)



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