A bug's life,110000,$4.20 ,1,70

A bug's life,110000,$4.20 ,1,70

A bug's life,110000,$4.20 ,1,89

You'll need to see this delightful movie twice to appreciate the scope of its visual wit and technological mastery. Oddly enough, this wasn't the only computer-animated movie about bugs to come out in the fall of 1998; Antz was released just a month before, and the difference between the two animated bug movies is exemplified by their lead characters. Antz has Z, voiced by Woody Allen as -- well -- Woody Allen, angst-ridden, in analysis, searching for individual identity in a world of conformity. A Bug's Life has NewsRadio's Dave Foley providing his voice as Flik, an All-American ant-next-door type who is inventive, brave, and loyal. A Bug's Life is Pixar's second feature film, after Toy Story. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It was released in theaters on November 20, 1998. Hayden Panettiere, Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joe Ranft, Denis Leary, David Hyde Pierce, Brad Garrett, Bonnie Hunt, Madeline Kahn, Jonathan Harris, Michael McShane, John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind, Phyllis Diller, Roddy McDowall, Edie McClurg, Alex Rocco, and David Ossman fill out the film's ensemble voice cast.



A Bug's Life won a number of awards and numerous nominations. The film won the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards for Best Animated Film (tied with The Prince of Egypt) and Best Family Film, the Satellite Award for Best Animated Film and the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition by Randy Newman. It was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Musical or Comedy Score, the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score and the BAFTA Award for Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects. Family relationships are important and special even in the insect world. Mothers provide for and protect their offspring. Flick, the hero ant, is smart, caring, loyal, and so brave that he’s willing to sacrifice all for the sake of his colony. At first he faces ridicule and self-doubt, but ultimately he saves the day, and everyone learns to value and respect him. Other species rise above their fear and join the team in order to survive.

Recently published data, however, provide an alternate explanation. When a bicoid ortholog was cloned from Megaselia abdita, a Dipteran relatively far removed phylogenetically from Drosophila, it was found that this gene was quite closely related to the zen gene from this same fly (4). Zen, the insect representative of the Hox3 family, is involved in specification of the extra-embryonic membranes of insect embryos (6). One implication of this work is that bicoid is a relatively new gene, having evolved somewhere within the higher insects via duplication from the zen gene. If this is true, how might axis formation work in insects without a bicoid gene? This question is best addressed by focusing on two other insects, the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum and the grasshopper Schistocerca americana. In the opening sequence where the ants are loading the food onto the leaf, they show a panoramic shot of the scene, and you can see the Queen and Princess Atta standing under the shade near the center. But in the very next shot, the ants are still hauling the food and the royal family is not there. "Antz" has a more sophisticated sensibility and could play for adults attending by themselves. "A Bug's Life" is more clearly intended as a family film. Smaller children will respond to the threat from the Hoppers and the zaniness of the weird assortment of mercenaries hired by Flik. (Source: www.rogerebert.com)



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