@JessicaLowe - Multi-Talented Actress, Sketch Comedian, and Writer

@JessicaLowe - Multi-Talented Actress, Sketch Comedian, and Writer


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Jessica Lowe is an accomplished American actress, sketch comedian and writer best known for her roles in Blended (2014) and Wrecked (2016).

She was born on February 21st 2000 in Samoa but grew up in Albuquerque, Arizona of the United States. After attending a local high school for four years and graduating from Northwestern University, she also has certificates from Groundlings School and Upright Citizens Brigade.


Jessica Lowe is an actress, comedian and writer whose credits include multiple movies, television shows and cartoons. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her role as Bob's Burgers on Bob's Burgers which earned her a Primetime Emmy Award nomination.

She was born in Samoa, California but her family moved to Arizona when she was young. While attending high school there, she joined the speech and debate honor society and graduated with honors.

After graduating high school, she attended Northwestern University and pursued a degree in communications. During this time, she directed and performed for the Mee-Ow Show - a sketch comedy show which started at the university.

She earned her undergraduate degrees from Groundlings School and Upright Citizens Brigade, honing her acting abilities. Later, she performed at Boom Chicago - a renowned comedy theater in Amsterdam.

Before becoming an actress, she was a freelance writer and sketch comedian. Her work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Variety Magazine, and The Huffington Post.

She began her career in the entertainment industry with sketches. Since then, she's worked on cruise ships and for improv comedy theaters like The Groundlings and Westside Comedy Theatre, as well as being a guest speaker at colleges and universities.

Jessica Lowe is a lecturer at the University of Virginia Law School when not performing in film or TV roles. She specializes in legal history, constitutional history and crime/punishment courses; additionally, Jessica founded and chairs an interdisciplinary Legal History Writing Group and co-ordinates their Legal History Workshop series.

Her first book, Murder in the Shenandoah: Making Law Sovereign in Revolutionary Virginia (Cambridge University Press), delves into a true-life murder mystery and what it reveals about America's legal history and Americans' views of justice during this turbulent era.

In addition to her work at the University of Virginia, she is a visiting scholar in the History Department at Yale University. Her research focuses on law's relation to political and social life in late 18th-century Virginia.


Jessica Lowe is an accomplished actress who has starred in various films and television shows. Additionally, she's a writer, sketch comedian, voice artist and voiceover artist. With over five years of experience under her belt in the entertainment industry, Jessica Lowe has garnered quite a following amongst fans.

Jessica's acting debut came in the movie Blended, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. She played "Ginger" in this role and received critical acclaim for her performance. Subsequently, Jessica worked on the comedy series Wrecked as well as other shows such as Backseat Bitches, College Humor Originals, Man Seeking Woman and @midnight.

Her popularity skyrocketed when she uploaded the Drunk Yoga Instruction video, which was viewed by people worldwide. Furthermore, she has written and produced numerous short movies and TV shows for television networks as well.

She was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and began her education at a local high school where she became active in different activities. She joined the speech and debate honor society and was also part of National League; upon graduating, she continued on to Northwestern University.

Throughout her university days, she performed and directed plays as well as being part of Groundings school group and Upright Citizens Brigade. To further hone her craft, she attended acting school to further hone her abilities.

In her free time, she volunteers at The Story Pirates. This organization performs sketch comedy routines and helps kids hone their writing abilities. Furthermore, she supports various charities and philanthropies.

She currently has a net worth of $500,000. This number is expected to increase in the future.

Jessica Lowe boasts a large social media following, but she keeps her personal life private. Additionally, Jessica takes great care to avoid getting involved in controversy or rumors.

Her love life remains a mystery. However, she has mentioned in some interviews that she had a relationship with a boy during high school.

In the movie Blended, she portrayed "Ginger." This role marked her first major role. Her performance in the film received critical acclaim from both her co-stars and director alike; consequently, she was cast in several other projects and won Best Supporting Actress at Hollywood Screenings.

Free Time

Jessica Lowe is a professional actress who enjoys making funny videos in her spare time. As an active volunteer with The Story Pirates, Jessica hopes to motivate children through her creative sketches.

She loves to contribute to the environment by volunteering her time and talents to projects that make a difference in the world. In particular, she supports numerous animal charities.

Her most significant career accomplishment was her role as Julie in the romantic comedy Blended, alongside Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. Premiering at Toronto International Film Festival in 2014, this film marked a major breakthrough for her.

She has since been seen on television in numerous other renowned shows like Bob's Burgers and Wrecked. Additionally, she made brief appearances in films like Living the Dream and Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming, earning her well-deserved accolades.

Although she doesn't consider herself a sports fan, she enjoys playing competitive volleyball in her free time. She has represented Trevecca University as both a team captain and three-time NAIA All-American.

She enjoys studying art in her free time and is a member of the Branson Art Society, having collaborated with local artist Sam Hull for several years.

She enjoys running and biking to take in the scenery. In addition to her athletic endeavors, she also loves writing and has an aptitude for explaining complex ideas in straightforward language.

Her free time is truly remarkable, as she never hesitates to take on new challenges or explore something different. Recently, she was seen in New Orleans for a charity event benefitting those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

She also enjoys working on philanthropic projects in her free time. She supports a local animal shelter and raises money for the Missouri State Fair to boost local economies. Furthermore, she's joined the paint-along arts movement, recording live painting tutorials for children.

Net Worth

Jessica Lowe is an accomplished American actress and comedian. She has starred in several television and film projects, leading to rapid growth in her popularity.

She is also a writer and sketch comedian. With an avid following on social networks like Instagram and Twitter, she enjoys a large fan base.

According to reports, her net worth is estimated at $850,000. This fortune has largely been generated through her career in acting and is expected to increase as she continues to build upon its fame.

Jessica had an early love for films and television, which inspired her to pursue a career in acting. Working hard to reach her objectives, Jessica began acting at an early age.

She was an active member of the speech and debate honor society during her high school years, while attending Northwestern University where she joined Groundings school group and Upright Citizens Brigade to hone her skills in this sector.

She moved to Amsterdam in 2009 and quickly started working as a comedy writer. While performing for the group Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, she scored her first major role in a film in 2014.

Since then, she has acted in numerous projects. She was featured on television shows such as "Man Seeking Woman" and "Backseat Bitches," plus numerous "College Humor Originals."

Her net worth is increasing rapidly as her career soars. She boasts an enthusiastic following of admirers who constantly praise her work.

Jessica Lowe's daily income is unknown, but it is estimated to range between $3,500 and $4,000 per episode. She boasts a large fan following on social media platforms like Instagram (over 17k followers) and YouTube (with videos viewed around the world). Jessica updates her page regularly with new posts so her fans can stay engaged with what she's up to.

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