@ColinCowherd Social Media Profiles

@ColinCowherd Social Media Profiles


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Colin Cowherd is a well-known sports personality. He currently hosts Fox Sports radio and The Herd with Colin Cowherd podcast.

Colin Cowherd frequently tweets about a variety of topics, such as sports, politics and more. His presence on Twitter has earned him an avid following with an expansive following.


Instagram is a widely popular social networking app for photos and videos that allows users to share their content with followers. Launched in 2010, the service was acquired by Facebook (META) for $1 billion in 2012.

Instagram boasts over one billion active users, making it a dominant force in the social media space. Furthermore, its excellent ad targeting and cross-platform capabilities make it ideal for advertisers looking to target their audience across different platforms.

This app is accessible for both iPhone and Android smartphones, with anyone 13 or older having the capacity to create an account and upload photos and videos. With various filters and editing tools at their disposal, users are able to craft unique posts.

Instagram users can also access their photos and videos through the website. It boasts several useful features like hashtagging and geotagging for added exposure.

Instagram's "Reels" tab is a major feature, featuring short videos between 15-30 seconds in length. These clips may include music, filters and effects that you can find by tapping the button on the bottom navigation bar and then scrolling through them until you find something that piques your interest. To access these Reels, tap on it to open them up in full screen mode.

Instagram introduced "Save Drafts" in 2019, offering users an effective solution to avoid spending 10 minutes working on a photo only to have it vanish without you seeing it. With this new feature, your work is automatically saved when you leave so that you can continue later without any interruptions.

Furthermore, the app boasts a number of useful features designed to make your life simpler. For instance, its new "Reels" feature will suggest videos tailored towards your interests. You can then swipe through them and like or comment on what appeals most to you.


Social media platforms enable people to communicate with friends and family. Users can post status updates that include photos, videos, GIFs, links and more; you may even upload a list of contacts for others to view.

Cowherd's Facebook account boasts over 1.3 million followers and it is one of the most popular accounts on the platform. He frequently posts about sports, politics and current events on the platform.

He is a former radio host and television commentator for ESPN, currently working as a digital personality for FOX Sports and Premiere Networks. He can be seen regularly on FOX NFL KICKOFF, the Sunday morning pregame show, as well as other major FOX Sports events.

Before joining ESPN, Cowherd hosted a popular three-hour morning drive show on KFXX 910 AM in Portland, Oregon. The show aired nationally during weekdays and was simulcast on ESPNU.

Colin Cowherd is a highly acclaimed sports talk show host and commentator who has appeared on numerous radio programs, TV shows, and podcasts over the years. He's known for his passionate opinions regarding sports and politics.

Over his career, he has made several controversial statements on various subjects. In 2005, ESPN even took issue with his remarks regarding professional wrestler Eddie Guerrero's death on his show The Herd.

He is also well-known on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, where he uses these channels to engage with fans and foster a closer bond with them.

He played quarterback for his high school football team and earned All-Far West Conference honors as a guard on the basketball squad. Additionally, he shared roommates with Coach Jim McElwain at Eastern Washington University.

His first radio job was as a weekend sports anchor at WTVT in Tampa, Florida. Later, in 1996 he relocated to Portland, Oregon, and worked as both a sports anchor and talk radio host for KGW-sports TV.

At ESPN, Cowherd launched "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," a sports chat show that aired on ESPN Radio affiliates nationwide. Over time, it became one of the most beloved sports broadcasts in America and earned him widespread popularity.


YouTube is one of the world's most popular video sharing websites, launched in 2005 and acquired by Google in 2006. Registered users are able to upload, view, share, comment on videos with ease.

The site is free to use, with most of its revenue coming from advertising before and during videos. It also gives users a simple way to create and share their own content. While sports fans flock here for entertainment, there's plenty of other types of entertainment too.

YouTube is mostly used by amateurs, but some professional film makers also utilize the service to share their work. Unfortunately, copyrighted material sometimes makes its way onto the site, leading to several issues for media companies.

YouTube offers a wealth of inspiration, from cute cats to funny cooking demos, funny science lessons and quick fashion advice. It's an invaluable platform for discovering new skills and getting inspired! It's the perfect place to discover something new!

Colin Cowherd is a sports talk radio host renowned for his insightful analysis on the day's sports news. His show The Herd with Colin Cowherd airs nationwide weekdays and can be heard on ESPN Radio and FS1.

On his blog, Colin covers a wide range of topics such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer. Additionally, he provides daily updates on his personal life and travels.

He has been in the sports industry for nearly two decades. Before that, he hosted three-hour morning drive show called The Herd on KFXX 910-AM in Portland, Oregon. Nowadays he works at ESPN as co-host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd and co-host of The Herd Podcast Network.

The Herd with Colin Cowherd is one of the most beloved sports talk shows on radio. It offers commentary on the day's sports news, analysis on other stories and interviews with celebrities, sports analysts and figures in the sport.

His show has earned several national awards and he was named one of Sports Illustrated's "100 Most Influential People in Sports Media" in 2009. Additionally, he makes regular television appearances on FOX NFL Kickoff - the Sunday morning pregame show preceding FOX NFL Sunday - which airs his NFL commentary.

tom nichols twitter

Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom)

Tom Nichols (Radiofreetom) has tweeted more than 386,300 times since joining Twitter in 2012. In the past three years, the author of The Death of Expertise has posted an average of more than 100 tweets daily.

Nichols, a journalist and media reformer, has authored numerous books such as It's the Media, Stupid!, Our Media, Not Theirs, and Uprising. Additionally, he co-founded Free Press and organized several national conferences on media reform.


Tom Nichols (@RadiofreeTom) is an international affairs expert and author with over 500k followers on Twitter, making him one of the most followed users worldwide. An active user since 2012, this tweet enthusiast is one of social media's more interesting figures. Additionally, he was one of the early adopters of Instagram app with stunning photography and video skills. Additionally, Tom teaches at United States Naval War College and Harvard Extension School; for further details visit his Bio page on Radiofreetom website.

Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols is an international affairs expert and contributor to The Atlantic. He has authored eight books on foreign policy and politics, most recently Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault from Within on Modern Democracy. Additionally, he served as senior faculty member at the U.S. Naval War College, was a fellow at Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, and created "Peacefield," a newsletter at The Atlantic.

Today on On Point, Tom Nichols examines how America is facing an assault against its democracy that isn't caused by media or special interests but instead comes from an unstoppable culture of narcissism infecting America's political system. He refers to this phenomenon as the "culture of you" and suggests those who wish to defend speech they don't agree with must take a step back, consider their world from a much broader perspective, and understand that upholding their freedoms requires maturity and patience.

He looks into the potential effects of last week's leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that could overturn Roe v. Wade, and what that could mean for free speech rights in America. Additionally, Tom discusses the Ukraine-Russia conflict, why America tends to look backward in history and how Putin has affected America. Additionally, Tom provides insight on why Republicans stand for nothing while Elon Musk recently took control of Twitter - which he thinks could hurt free speech rights moving forward. Hosted by Reed Galen, thanks for listening - if you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and rate it!

Tyre Nichols

On January 10, 2023, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols was tragically taken away by five Memphis Police Department officers. His family remembers him as a loving father and free-spirited soul who was looking to start a new life in Memphis, according to reports.

After his passing, Twitter has become a platform where people have come together in their grief and expressed their anger and frustration over the police brutality that claimed his life. He was the latest in a line of Black men killed by police, becoming an important figure in the national conversation surrounding race relations and police brutality.

The video of the police beating that claimed Nichols' life has gone viral, sparking outrage across America. As people watch it and reflect upon how he was treated, some are calling for him to be remembered as more than just a statistic.

RowVaughn Wells remembered her son as a "beautiful soul," noting his free-spirited nature and commitment to family. They would go to Starbucks daily during lunch breaks at FedEx, where Nichols worked, for him to relax. Nichols enjoyed sunsets, skateboarding and spending time with his friends; above all else, Wells said, his heart was in his family.

On January 7, 2023, he was pulled over for a traffic violation and then involved in a police chase that ultimately resulted in his arrest. Tragically, multiple injuries ensued from this encounter, leading to his tragic demise from complications shortly after being arrested, according to authorities.

Family lawyers and friends of Nichols are demanding that those responsible for his brutal arrest be brought to justice. The city of Memphis has now released body camera footage which depicts the brutal beating, prompting outrage in the community.

Video footage released by the New York Times depicts officers repeatedly punching, kicking and hitting Nichols as they drag him from his car. They also shouted profanities at him throughout the ordeal. When Nichols complained of difficulty breathing, three times he called out for his mother - with those last words serving as a plea for assistance, according to lawyers.

In the video, one officer can be heard saying, "I'm going to kill you." Another officer shouted, "It's not fair! It's not right!" As others in the crowd shouted in protest, Nichols shouted back "I don't care!" The officers then pulled him away and tied his hands behind a pole before striking him with their fists.

Watching the video and hearing him cry out for assistance can be difficult to watch, and it's even harder to imagine the pain he must have gone through. While police officers are not supposed to use excessive force, this video shows that they did.

When we hear of another Black person dying due to police abuse, it's essential to remember that this occurs far more frequently than we realize. This issue must be addressed now; until we stop treating Black people like objects to be killed, we will continue to lose them.

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