15+ Tips of How to clean up Snapchat activities

15+ Tips of How to clean up Snapchat activities


How do I delete a Snapchat message before the recipient reads it?

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Snapchat messages will be deleted automatically the moment the recipient opens them. You may want to take the thing you had said back or have a weird autocorrect error before you see it read. You can set yourself certain conditions to delete the Snapchat message. For example, you can only do this if the recipient has never seen the message. There is also a way to clean up an entire conversation in the Chat history, however, this happens only when the recipient has already seen it. What would you do and how do you erase all conversation in that history? The other way is also - deleting - required. See the link below for more information.

You can now delete messages in Snapchat — here's how.

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Snapchat has announced an option in their application to let you delete Snapchat messages you posted to any other user. Before SMS messages sent to a contact in the message block were held in the log for the period between both parties viewing the chat and if they did not remain open for 30 days. Snap says it's trying to - delete the message from Snapchat's servers and the devices of their friends but warns the device won't always work. It is a decent privacy mechanism a GDPR rule does seem to comply with some users that give users more control of their data but not yet all.

How do I delete a Snapchat message?

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Snapchat lets you retract messages before other users can view them. Users may share content about their close friends or send it all in - their friends list for at least 24 hours. With Best Friend emojis one can choose to display Snap Score, a social sharing system that can restrict what audience and content can do with it is no surprise that. If you're ever clicked the send button and instantly regretted, it this is for you. We've got you covered on how to complete them and many more! We'll further detail Snapchat's ability to retract your messages before users open them.

How do I delete all saved messages on Snapchat at once?

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The initial purpose of Snapchat? to allow the user to send photos and videos that disappear when it is seen. Unfortunately, you can't delete all saved messages simultaneously on Snapchat. You don't need any setting extension, app, or app. Let's go through how to delete a Snapchat message. And how can you do this using a manual removal tool? You can read the report with CNN Tech Hero Bob Hayes at 10 p.m. ET on May 24, 2021, for all the latest Stories on Snapchat You Want to Know About the social media platform's new features and stories - you need to follow.

How do I delete all my Snapchat conversations?

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Snapchat conversations appear under friends. There's no simple way to manage those people except by creating a group chat. For any reason that the conversation tab may be wipeable then check below. This is a step-by-step procedure to clean up your conversation and post on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. You can find other Snapchat stories, visit and CNN Tech Heroics. You returned to this page.

How do I delete Snapchat messages in 2021?

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In the Play Store, Snapchat continues to be of the most downloaded and installed apps. After unsaving a message Snapchat can clear the conversation list and you can deactivate the account for serious cases as well. In the following article, we explain how to remove Snapchat messages. In severe cases, you can disable the account and delete messages to delete them.

Recovering deleted messages

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When a message you have saved stays within your contact's profile. Or your message list will be blank. You can download your data from that site. There may be paid services that offer you promises of finding your message back. We haven't gotten them, but you might want to check them before allowing permission in any of your accounts and paying to get messages back to get those back to you. This is the only option for most situations the only way to get the message back from this site. For more details visit Snap Chat and click here. For confidential support calling from the Samaritans UK phone 08457 9090 or visiting one of the local branches of the Samaritans.

How do I delete a Snap Message that was already sent?

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Snapchat doesn't offer a feature for unsending a photo that has been sent too quickly and to the wrong person. Users can't delete a recipient account before opening the snapshot if there are delete operations. Snapchat is now putting out a deactivation status to all accounts. Any shots of your photos after you've deleted your account will have displayed in the conversation feeds on which you viewed them. The latest version of the app does not let you delete your account if a recipient opens your snap or to delete the Snap when the message is received to. Additionally, the app does not allow for the deletion of an account before a delete.

How do I delete Snapchat conversations from my feed?

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The only thing doing a chat clearing is deactivating the username from your main feed. Clearing a conversation does not eat everything saved or sent. Clearing conversation will not force you to email something. Clearing the communication does not mean you should unplug them from a friend or even save anything that you already left behind. Clear Conversations can only remove a person's username from your chat feed which you can tap. Cleaning your feed is a simple way to view your profile and accounts settings. Clear chat messages are easy ways to remove any of the usernames you have left on your phone or send something to a friend.

How do I delete a conversation on Snapchat?

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Deleting your chat does NOT erase any messages you saved only deactivates your chat on your screen. The way to get Snapchat's data is to clean up the conversation you'll be watching but that would be a great solution. To see if Snapchat has disappeared from the conversation, you just start and go to your inbox. There should be no indication of it. It takes your phone out because all other users get the phone. When you exchange chat messages with the same person and then you can see their saved conversations again. It's quite easy to delete the conversation. I've deleted the conversation.

How do I delete saved messages?

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The application allows users to save messages that expire within 24 hours or over 30 days. These messages will be saved because the grey background appears. By clearing your conversation that chat will be removed. In this case, open your app and find the chat from your saved Chat. Long press the message and tap on unarchive in chat. Unsaved in Chat is easy to do so a friend can’t do it without knowing. Unlike other Snapchats messages expiration every 24 hours or 30-days. In the case of Snapchat, messages expire every 24. See the site or go to this [link] webpage.

The final word

The lack of bulk delete features in Snapchat is probably simply a problem with the application's original purpose. Snapchat's lack of deletion features likely won't change in a long time. If you learn any trick that allows someone to get rid of all their messages from Snapchat at once, feel free to share it in the comment section below. We have a lot more tools on Snapchat for anyone to peruse and find out how to permanently erase my messages on Snapchat and how to disable this app. There are a few Snapchat resources you can check out.

Block the recipient: It just might work.

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Snapchat users can block users from sending messages. Blocking someone will remove you from your friend's list. No proof blocking a user will effectively "display" your snap. If the person blocking you is faster, they might still see it if they block. Snapchat keeps adding more versions to its application and this blocking scheme could not work with future versions. You'll have to add both if you want to continue snapping how you're last. You will need also to create a new user to keep snapping as you did before.

How do I delete a saved Snapchat message?

If you want to save a message in conversation press and hold on to the message button. The method of saving messages is as easy. If you reopen Snapchat your message will be automatically removed. Sometimes you might do this when you come back to Snapchat but the message stays. If you unprotected the message, it may still exist. How can I get the message permanently removed is to also request the user who sent the message to delete it? The background will become gray, and the background will go to the normal setting.

How do I delete Snapchat messages?

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How do I delete my Snapchat message? It says, "Delete Chat", and the deletion is not the whole dialogue deleted. Following you, through this process, there will be a note for deleted messages. This letter can be seen from both parts of our chat so that even though recipients won't learn what you wrote they can remember that you sent what the recipient deleted. You can also Learn More to see this message on two sides of the Snapchat conversation and see how it deletes a message. If you see this message, then.

Deleting local information

Umate Pro is a third-party app created to delete your Snapchat conversation. You can also delete all data that you don't want to see anymore but that is not limited to Snapchat. How Can Eliminate All Privacy Information in an iPhone is easy. Keep everything updated for backups before using these programs to erase data that is lost from other apps. If you want all your data deleted, then a backup should do and the fastest way to do it is to do it all from an app as well. For more info visit iFone.com.

Final thoughts

All users need to remove this conversation. To make a message inaccessible to others, use our delete chat feature. But you have that possibility they will have seen the message or saved it before it's there. It's useful but you need to not worry too much about messaging people. What other Snapchat-related tips are you sharing? Post the message below or in the social comment section below. Has anybody used Snapchat yet?

Delete Snapchat permanently

If you already deleted your account, you have another 30 days to delete all messages in there. If you wish to delete your account because all your messages are taken away from another person's view, then these procedures are not possible. You may still need to follow all the following tips to Delete your deleted messages. The next time you delete an account you should still do this. You can also delete messages by using the removal process.

How do I delete saved chats?

But there stays the message stored even as the conversation is deleted. What happens if someone saves a specific message? When messages become unaware it disappears like all Snapchat posts. After you left the dialogue, the message will disappear forever. If you want to delete the messages you save here is how you can do this. If a message you saved is deleted from the conversation screen you may then delete that message.

Clear all conversations

You can delete all Snapchat messages simply using one click. Tap an ‘X’ next to the individual X will be checked again and confirmed. Keep in mind it won't delete saved messages. How easy do you delete all your messages? click here. For confidential support contact Samaritan Support 08457 909090 or visit [link] for details. Call the National Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-273-7255 or go to [link].

How do I erase saved Snapchat messages?

If there is an unread text message from your friend, you can erase it without it being saved. You can delete stored messages but do not delete them if they have been sent to someone and/or deleted already. There are 2 types of Snapchat messages and the third is the snaps you send friends that are images or videos and the second is the Snapchat messages if you are receiving them.

How do I set Snaps to automatically delete?

In most cases sending a picture will notice that the long press and delete option is not available - That's because unlike in messages which are automatically deleted with a specified period. You can see whether they delete after viewing. Keep in the same steps as above by long pressing the touch and 'More'

How do I clear Snapchat conversations?

If you delete a conversation from the friend list, you cannot see the conversation history. It helps save valuable information in conversations so that you don't delete everything. Snapchat would tell you if you've recorded a conversation. Remember however Snapchat will know whether you're in a chat room.

Message Blocking and Snapping

If you have not removed an email or message that you send before blocking someone, they can still find out what message you posted. You won't see the message or get any notifications. If someone blocks you block someone's conversation history is cleared.

How do I delete Snapchat messages that will not be deleted?

Snapchat users report some cases of messages not being deleted even once unsaved on their ends. Possible causes include having saved the emails presumably to an individual in the conversation. How do you delete Snapchat messages?

What does a clear conversation do?

Removing conversations will not delete any account of the person who is using the app or Snapchat app. Clearing conversations brings more interaction and productivity to the user's Friends page. Unnecessarily much data could be taken advantage of to make the app fail. If your phone keeps lagging in the background your conversations should have been cleared up. Using clear chats to be removed from your display screen you will see other users view the conversation while you are deleting it from your feed. The other user doesn't see the conversations f.

Will the other user be able to delete the conversation?

By clearing conversations instead of waiting to expire them they remain on the end of all the users for that allotted time. The only exception is deleted messages before the recipients open them. Just long-press the message in question and tap ‘Delete’. A warning message will appear saying if the user sees something that had been deleted the user. You can then confirm if you want the message and at both ends. Snapchat offers the ability of the user to recall and erase messages when the message is sent.

How do I know if someone saved my messages?

Snapchat messages are generally disappeared within a set time interval. When your messages remain in their current locations for a longer period you will have saved them. The message which is stored has a gray background rather than a blank one. So, if you delete them a Snapchat buddy may still have copies of each. Snapchat messages disappeared after 24 hours and disappear within 24 hours.

How do I erase Snapchat saved messages?

Snapchat has a unique way to save and remove a message. While the conversation thread is grayed out the current messages are still saved. When it doesn't leave any trace, it will be deactivated on your android device. If you do not need to archive or have decided to archive your conversations, you can simply follow these steps on how we can do this:

Can I delete my account to get rid of my saved messages?

The only way to take messages is first to delete them using the method described therein. Yes, it's fine permanently deleting your account remove messages. But you won't be able to remove the message from others. Your profile is not still visible, but your message will still be displayed.

If I delete a message that someone has already read, will it delete the message?

Deleted content will be deleted on the account of both registrants. These functions are working even when another user saved the chat to one message thread. It's not necessary to remove it if someone took a screenshot of it.

Will my account be deleted if I delete it?

No, unfortunately deleting accounts doesn't delete your text or the message that you emailed. It removes personal profile information. In addition, when sending photos someone won't delete them until their original is gone.

My friend knew that I deleted a message. What happened?

Snapchat has a feature that lets recipients know that you send a message and retracted them. A small gray message will notify me when they check a conversation and say that you delete the conversation.

Do chats disappear after 24 hours?

The time it takes for your chat to fade depends on your options. If you continue to press the chat, you'll find an option to delete when watching and delete in 24 hours.

What to know

This article explains how to clean up Snapchat activities. On Snapchat, conversations occur often. Sometimes it's too soon.


Is This Facebook? Video Scam Steals Your Login Info

Facebook IS THIS YOU Video Scam Steals Your Login Info

Getting hacked on Facebook is not something that you want to happen. However, there are some steps you can take to prevent this from happening. There are also ways to get back in if your account has been compromised.

Apps that attempt to steal your login info

Whether you have a Facebook profile or not, you may have noticed that your friends are posting scam videos on your timeline. These scams are designed to steal your login information. If you think you've been a victim, you'll want to change your password and other sensitive accounts immediately.

Some of the scam videos are sent through direct messages from friends. The sender may have a cloned account. In the message, the fraudster will ask if you're in the video. When you click the link, you'll be redirected to a spoofed website that will install malware on your device. The scam will claim that your account has been disabled for security reasons.

The scam may also come through an email. When you open the message, you'll be redirected to an spoofed website that asks for your login information. If you enter the wrong login information, you'll be redirected to another scam.

Lastly, scammers may try to get your credit card information, bank information, or other personally identifying information. They're most likely using a cloned Facebook account to send the message. This allows the scam to spread further.

Fortunately, you can help prevent Facebook scams by changing your password on all of your accounts. You can also use an anti-virus with a built-in web filter to help prevent scams. You may also want to turn on alerts. If you do, you'll receive a message if someone attempts to log into your account using an invalid username. You can also report a scam to Facebook online.

It's also a good idea to use two-factor authentication, which is a good security measure. Two-factor authentication means that you'll have to answer a security question when you log in. This will prevent you from losing access to your account in future phishing scams.

Lastly, you can report the app to Facebook. You can also search for negative app reviews online. It's important to keep in mind that a lot of scam apps are still on the market, so be aware of apps that have negative reviews.

If you think you have been the victim of a Facebook app scam, you should change your password right away. And if you're worried about your other accounts, you should also consider two-factor authentication.

Signs of malware on your computer

Detecting signs of malware on your computer can be tricky. Aside from a quick look at your hard drive, you will have to be on the lookout for clues in the form of pop-up ads, software updates, or random programs running in the background.

If your computer is slow to respond, you may have an infection. A slow PC can also cause the Blue Screen of Death, which is a common warning indicator. If you have a computer that doesn't respond to simple clicks and mouse movements, you should consider getting a professional to clean it out.

The best way to combat malware is to use an antivirus software solution that is designed to detect and remove malware. This will protect your PC from malicious programs, while also alerting you to any malicious websites that try to sneak their way onto your computer. Some antivirus software solutions offer rescue disks to clean your PC after it has been infected.

Another indication that your PC is infected is a sudden spike in internet activity. This could be a result of a botnet or a DDoS attack. A bot or botnet is a network of enslaved computers. If your PC is part of a botnet, it may be waiting for instructions from a command and control system.

The best way to detect signs of malware on your computer is to make sure you run antivirus software and use a good anti-malware program. These solutions will update your security software to the latest version as soon as it becomes available. They also have the technology to scan your PC for suspicious activity and let you know when it is time to upgrade. They can even help you find the best anti-malware software for your PC.

If you have been reading a lot about malware, you probably know about the latest malware threats, and the fact that some of them evade detection. This is why it is so important to stay on top of the latest malware news. If you haven't done so already, you'll want to make sure your PC is in top condition.

How to prevent a hacked Facebook account

Having a hacked Facebook account is a serious problem, but there are steps you can take to prevent it. You can check your account for traces, change your password, and monitor your privacy settings. You can also run an antivirus or malware scanner to protect your account.

If you notice that your account has been hacked, you can contact Facebook to report it. They will send you a message with instructions to resolve the issue. You should also notify your friends and family. They may be able to help you get your account back.

If you know your account has been hacked, you should immediately change your password. You can also set up two-factor authentication to protect your account. Two-factor authentication requires you to use your mobile phone as a second security factor. Activating two-factor authentication will automatically generate backup codes, which you will need to keep in a safe place.

You can also check the activity log to see if there have been any changes to your account. These changes may include changes to your name, email address, or password. You should also be wary of friend requests from people you do not know.

You can also set up a private window to prevent your browsing history from being tracked. Almost all web browsers have this feature. If you have a Mac, you can open a private window by going to File > Private Browsing.

You can also set up a password manager to help you keep track of your passwords. You can choose from different types of passwords, such as letters, numbers, or both. Remember to change your passwords regularly. You should never reuse your password. Also, keep your software and applications updated.

Hackers will also try to get access to your account by using key loggers on your computer. If you're using a mobile device, you should set your screen lock. This will prevent hackers from accessing your account.

When you're worried about your account being hacked, you should log out of Facebook whenever you're not using your own computer. You should also log out if you use a shared computer.

How to get back in to Facebook

Whether you're dealing with a scam video or an unsolicited link, be careful. These are all phishing schemes that aim to steal your login information. There are several ways to protect yourself from these types of scams. The best way to prevent them is to be skeptical.

Scammers can use Facebook to send messages to you that are fake. They may also use a cloned account to friend you. The message may be poorly written, asking you for personal information.

If you receive a scam video on Facebook, it's best to avoid clicking it. The video may contain malicious software that will infect your device and spread to your contacts.

Besides that, be careful with friend requests from people you don't know. These are often a common tactic of scammers. You may be asked to confirm your information, or you may be asked to confirm your location.

If you get an email from someone asking you to reset your password, make sure you verify the email address. It's also important to be careful with text messages. Some criminals will use text messages to try and trick you into giving them your password.

If you've gotten a scam video on Facebook, the first thing you should do is contact your friends to let them know. You can also visit the Facebook help center. If you think your account has been compromised, Facebook will offer you instructions on how to recover your account.

In addition to that, you can also try two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication uses a one-time code sent to your phone via text message or authenticator app. This is one of the most effective ways to protect your Facebook account.

It's also important to check your Facebook log-in history. These can include comments, photos, "likes", and other public data. If you think your account has been compromised, you can download this information to see if there are any changes to your profile.

You can also check all of the devices you've logged into Facebook. If any of these devices are logged into your account, then your account has been compromised.

How to Avoid Facebook Phishing Scams

I think you appear in this video Facebook phishing scam

Hopefully, you won't be phished on Facebook, but if you are, there are some steps you can take to make sure you don't get scammed. Read on for some tips on how to avoid phishing scams on Facebook and to get back in the game if you've fallen victim to one.

Getting back into a Facebook phishing scam

Getting back into a Facebook phishing scam requires a bit of common sense. Facebook users should always be cautious of unsolicited links and messages, and never accept friend requests from people they don't know.

Some scammers will ask you to visit their fake website to verify your account. They will also ask you to provide personal information. This information is used for identity theft and for selling on the dark web marketplaces. If you believe you are being swindled, report the scam to Facebook. They will then investigate and possibly ban the scammer from targeting you.

Another way to detect a Facebook phishing scam is to check the "from" field in your official Facebook email account. It should be a valid email address that is associated with your account. If it is not, the scam is likely fake.

Another way to avoid a Facebook phishing scam is to keep tabs on all of your logged-in devices. If you suspect that a friend or family member has been logging into your account without your permission, you can delete them from your friend list. You can also set up two-factor authentication to protect your account. This can be a physical security key you can tap on a device, or a login code from a third-party authentication app.

If you are suspicious about a friend's account, you can also check their contact list. You may also want to look at their recent Facebook messages. This is a red flag, since real friends wouldn't send a message to a friend that isn't from that friend.

Another way to detect a Facebook scam is to watch for links that lead to websites that claim that your account has been disabled for security reasons. These websites can contain malware, and will often spread it to your contacts. It's also important to check whether the account has been cloned. This means that the account was created from a hacked account.

If you believe you are being targeted by a Facebook scam, you can contact Facebook's support team and report the scam. Facebook will then investigate and ban the scammer from targeting you.

Avoiding phishing emails and private messages from a friend

Luckily, there are some tricks you can do to minimize the risk. One of the best ways is to put important email addresses on a whitelist. Another trick is to use a spam filter. A spam filter will prevent spam from entering your inbox, but that won't stop phishing emails from hitting it.

As far as phishing goes, the biggest mistake people make is responding to messages they don't believe. You should take the time to read a message in its entirety, even if it seems like it is just an email. If you are unsure of its origins, you may want to forward the message to a friend or colleague. That way, you can verify its legitimacy before you send it on its way.

One of the best ways to minimize the risk is to set up a two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication means that even if the perpetrators have your password, they will need something else to unlock your account. Luckily, most banks and financial institutions will allow you to use a fingerprint reader or a password to make that happen. Another trick is to use a spam or virus filter. This will reduce your chances of being the victim of phishing, while also adding an extra layer of security.

The true-folks number of phishing emails that are in your inbox can be hard to spot, but you can minimize your chances by using a spam filter. Another good rule of thumb is to never open attachments from a phishing email. Clicking on them may install malware or spy software on your computer. The most common method of phishing is to get you to transfer money to an ill-conceived account. One way to combat this is to call your bank or financial institution and tell them what you found.

There are other ways to minimize the risk of phishing, like using two-factor authentication, changing your account information, and using antivirus software. There are many other tricks you can use to keep your personal information safe, but the best way to minimize the risk is to be educated.

Avoiding bogus links from spam and compromised accounts

Taking the time to avoid bogus links from spam and compromised accounts on Facebook is a wise move for anyone looking to protect their identity. The social networking site is inundated with trolls, fake news and unverified sources, making it a fertile ground for malicious coders. While some organizations block Facebook, many still use it to connect with clients and customers. The social network has over 2.85 billion monthly active users, making it a prime target for cybercriminals looking to extract personal information.

Among the most popular scams is the Facebook friend request. Scammers send out malicious messages that look like they're sent from a real friend. When a recipient clicks on the bogus message, it installs malware on their device. While Facebook has a few nifty security features to prevent this kind of abuse, it's best to avoid the temptation.

Another way scammers get a piece of the Facebook pie is through social media quizzes. These are cleverly designed to extract personal information from a victim. These types of questions are especially useful if a fraudster manages to get ahold of a user's account credentials.

The social network also has a dedicated support inbox to help a user identify a scammer. If a scammer has targeted you, Facebook's support will likely ban them from your account. If you're unsure of the legitimacy of a friend request, you can ask your friend to send you a private message with their Facebook username.

The best way to avoid getting duped by bogus links from spam and compromised accounts is to keep up on the latest news about the social networking site. Check in regularly and be alert to emails that appear to be coming from your friends. Aside from the usual spam, scammers will also try to trick you into installing malicious software on your device. The best advice is to be vigilant and avoid clicking on unsolicited links in the first place. The best social network is a great place to meet friends and connect with family and colleagues, but it's best to keep your personal information as secure as possible.

Detecting a phishing scam

Detecting a Facebook phishing scam is not easy, but there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. Facebook is one of the most popular places for fraud, so you can expect to be targeted if you don't keep your information secure.

Typically, phishing attacks on Facebook will come in the form of an email or message. The message may ask you to click a link or download an attachment. If you receive a strange message, it's best to avoid clicking any links and contact Facebook directly.

A Facebook phishing scam can take several forms, but there are a few telltale signs to look for. These include:

When you receive a message from a friend or contact that seems unusual, check their Facebook profile. If the profile is empty, you may be dealing with a fake account. You should also check to see if they are sending you strange attachments.

If a friend or contact asks you to log in to their account to get a discount, it's probably a scam. A reputable company will never ask you to login to their account via email or messenger.

If a stranger asks you to transfer money, you're likely dealing with a bait-and-switch scam. They lure you into the transaction with a low price, but then try to sell you a more expensive item.

A phishing email usually comes with an ID number in the subject line. This is a common sign of a scam, but you can also tell by looking at the email address. If the email address looks suspicious, you may want to consider reporting the user. This will help Facebook take action against the scam.

If you're looking for work, it's best to use a reputable job website. You should also submit your CV. Never give personal information to strangers on Facebook.

There are also plenty of giveaway scams on Facebook. Generally, these involve a company or a website promising a prize. These offers aren't legitimate, and they often have spelling and grammar mistakes. If you find a giveaway you're not sure about, you should contact the company directly to confirm.

LiL $kale - Cookie Jar Official Video

LiL kale  Cookie Jar official video

Whether you're a music fan or not, you have to admit that the video for LiL $kale's "Cookie Jar" is pretty impressive. After all, it features the rapper's own unique style and it's also fun to watch. Hopefully this video will help promote the artist, and help get some people to download the song.

How to Make a Video Where Someone Else Draws It

Someone else drew it shorts shortsvideo tiktok tiktokvideo reels reel

Almost every single one of us has had the experience of seeing a short video that has been drew by someone else. Sometimes it's an embarrassing situation, and sometimes it's not. Regardless, there's no denying that it's fun.


Unlike TikTok, Instagram has decided to embrace the short form clippie. The company recently upgraded its reels from 30 seconds to 60 seconds of video fun. Its A Reel feature is a must-have for anyone with a social media account. For starters, it allows you to post music-related videos. Using a song from your favorite artist isn't a bad idea, but it might be worth the effort to score a copyright free track.

It's also worth noting that the Instagram mobile app allows for multiple short video clips, allowing users to combine their best content into a single video. The company's latest update also enables users to share these videos on Facebook and Twitter. The latest version of the Instagram mobile app also adds a new feature, the Instagram Stories, which are a great way to reach a larger audience.

The app also enables users to add a small amount of post-production polish to their video clips. Users can also trim videos manually if they so choose. Lastly, users can also download third-party video editing software such as Adobe Premiere and Photoshop. This is a great way to further personalize your videos and make them stand out from the crowd. The app also rewards users who upload vertical videos. You may also want to check out the Instagram mobile app's new sticker pack, which lets users add stickers to their posts. As of the writing of this article, there are still more updates afoot, so stay tuned for more. Despite the changes, the company's mobile app is still a hit with users. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned veteran, Instagram is worth a try. You might even come across some interesting new friends. Those who are in the know can even get a free one-on-one demo. This is a great way to test the water before investing in a full-fledged video editing service.


Creating a YouTube video of someone else drawing shorts is a cinch if you have the time, a little bit of patience and a lot of imagination. While YouTube does provide its own suite of editing tools, there's also an external tool that's been on the market for years. The tool is called YouTube Clips, and it's a great way to repurpose long form content.

The YouTube Clips tool is designed to work with any channel's opted-in content. There are two main ways to play with the tool: converting an existing video to a short, and trimming the footage from the beginning or the end. It's worth noting that you'll have to scroll down to the correct timestamp in the original video before converting. It also supports the full Shorts suite of editing tools, including the aforementioned video emulation and filter opulence.

It's worth noting that the YouTube Shorts tool only works with video content that you own, not repurposed content from other channels. While the tool has its perks, it does limit you to the usual suspects. That's why YouTube recommends that you have at least one video on your channel before you start using the tool. The new tool is also useful for driving traffic to older content.

The YouTube Video Import tool is a good way to get your channel in front of more people. In addition to creating shorts from your own content, it can also help you leverage the Shorts feed, which may help you generate more video views, monetization opportunities, and subscribers. Considering YouTube has over one billion users, the tool is a great way to bring your brand to new eyes. It may also help you save $670 on your next video subscription, which is a hefty discount considering the price of admission.

The YouTube Video Import tool is also a great way to see which of your own videos is the most viewed, which is important because that's when the most eyeballs are on your content. It may also help you get to the top of the YouTube ranking heap, which can help you monetize your content in the long run.


Whether you're looking to make a video that's fun, funny or serious, YouTube Shorts and TikTok both allow users to create and share short-form videos with their friends and followers. YouTube Shorts will allow you to upload existing videos, whereas TikTok requires users to make new content.

YouTube Shorts has an advantage over TikTok, however, since it has an audience that's already accustomed to watching short videos. TikTok, on the other hand, has been around for less than five years, and has quickly grown into a powerful pop culture force. As of last year, TikTok announced that it has over one billion users. And TikTok is expected to surpass Snapchat in 2023.

YouTube Shorts offers users a way to earn money from their videos. The YouTube Partner Program was launched in 2007 to give creators 55% of their ad revenue. Over the past three years, YouTube paid out $30 billion in ad revenue to creators. TikTok has also been paying creators through a $200 million pool. The company plans to increase that pool to $1 billion in the U.S. and to double it internationally over the next three years.

TikTok also offers users an ad placement program called TikTok Pulse. This program allows brands to pay to place ads next to the top 4% of TikTok videos. Only creators with over 100,000 followers can participate.

TikTok has been downloaded over two billion times, and is a major player in pop culture. However, its algorithm is often fickle. It's not always easy to make money on TikTok, and many top creators have complained about the low payouts.

If you want to create a TikTok video, you have to think about special features. TikTok has a vast library of filters, and it's possible to make your videos look exactly the way you want them. However, don't try to act like a famous star. Instead, create a video that fits your personality and goals.

YouTube is also launching a revenue-sharing program for Shorts, which could attract TikTok creators. Creators can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month by submitting their videos. YouTube also plans to share 45% of its ad revenue with creators.

Facebook Reels

Using the new Facebook Reels feature, you can record a short video and add text, filters, stickers and music. This helps you share short content and monetize it. However, it's important to remember that you need to create high quality videos. You should also try to add creative filters and fun transitions.

You can record up to 60 seconds of video. If you want to monetize your Reels, you can add an overlay ad to your video. This will show ads that are interesting to your viewers. It will also help you expand your reach.

There are also a few tips to help you get more viewers on your Reels. You should make your videos shorter. They should also be in focus. Try to have catchy music to boost the chances of your video going viral. Also, keep in mind that people have short attention spans. You should also make sure your video is well-lit.

You can also add a timer to your Reel. If you're not using the overlay ad, you'll need to click on the camera icon at the top right of your screen. After clicking the camera icon, you'll be taken to a recording page.

You can also save your Reels in drafts. This allows you to share your Reels to other people, post them directly to your page, or add them to your wall. You can also save your favorite effects. You can also link your Reels to a service page or product page.

You can also use Facebook Reels to promote your business or products. If you're selling products, you can create a Doodly video. This type of video is fun, but can be used for personal use as well. You can also add music and a timer.

You can also add captions and stickers to your Reels. These can be added manually or using a font. You can also customize the color of your text. This feature is designed for third party applications.

You can also team up with other creators and share your video with them. If you have similar audiences, you can create a Reel together. This could include you and your friend filming your video and starring in each other's.

Quavo & Takeoff - Hotel Lobby Official Video

Those who are into hip hop will know of the duo of Unc & Phew. They have recently released their first album and have become very popular. In this article, you will learn about the pair's influences, their families, and their career. You will also learn about their latest release, "Hotel Lobby."

Quavo's acting career

Throughout his years in the music industry, Quavo has been able to achieve great success. He has won numerous awards including a Teen Choice Award for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song and a 10x Platinum-certified album, Strip That Down. He has also been able to earn a great deal of money from his rapping career. He has also been able to appear in films and television series such as Narcos: Mexico, Black-Ish, Ballers, and Star. He has also been able to make his acting debut in the film Savage Salvation.

When Quavo and his cousin Takeoff released their first single, "Hotel Lobby," it was with the hope of creating a new musical collaboration. It was released on May 20 and was produced by Murda Beatz. The visual for the song was co-directed by Keemotion and Quavo. The video pays homage to the cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The film starred Benicio Del Toro and Johnny Depp.

In the Hotel Lobby video, Quavo and Takeoff assume the roles of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo in the film. They also pay homage to Hunter S. Thompson, whose novel the movie is based on. The video also includes psychedelic trap madness.

The two rappers are now focusing on their acting careers. Quavo has a role in upcoming Robert De Niro-led drama, Wash Me in the River. He also has roles in the heist film Cash Out, starring John Travolta. He also has a role in the action thriller Takeover, which is based on the takeover culture.

Quavo and Takeoff are planning to perform without Offset later this month. They will be interviewed on August 18. They have a new song coming out this month, too, called "Hotel Lobby."

Quavo has a big future in the entertainment industry. He will be featured in two films coming out later this year. He will also be starring in the new Takeover film. He will be portrayed as a former criminal in Atlanta. The film will be written by Jeb Stuart, who is well known for his work in action movies.

Quavo's familial ties

Earlier this month, Migos released a new single, "Hotel Lobby," featuring Quavo's new musical side project, Unc & Phew. The song features a cool video that demonstrates the duo's familial ties.

The video features a couple of comedic performances and a cool juxtaposition of psychedelic drugs and triplet-flow chemistry. The video also references the cult classic film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Hotel Lobby is produced by Murda Beatz and Keanu Beats. The video features the duo as Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo in the same hotel. It's available on all major DSPs.

The song is a tribute to the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and the video is a great example of the Migos' familial ties. In fact, Quavo's new side project is named Unc & Phew, which means "uncle" and "nephew" in Latin.

It's no secret that Quavo and Takeoff are blood-related. The pair grew up together on the Northside of Atlanta. During high school, they focused on football. In fact, Quavo holds the record for the most passes in a game. At one point, he was even the starting quarterback for the Berkmar High School football team. However, he dropped out of school months before graduating. Eventually, he ended up focusing on music.

The group recently performed at DJ Khaled's NBA All-Star performance in Cleveland. They also released an official mixtape, Juug Season. The group also appeared at Kanye West's 'Donda Experience' event in Miami in February. Their last album, Culture III, was released in 2021.

The new single is available on all major DSPs. Fans can check out the accompanying video for "Hotel Lobby" on YouTube. It's also worth mentioning that the song was released in conjunction with a "Hotel Lobby" t-shirt. The t-shirt is splotchy and resembles a Louis Vuitton shirt.

It's no secret that Quavo is a talented rapper. He also loves football. In 2009, he set a school record for passing in a game. During that season, he passed 28 times. He's also a great quarterback. He threw 19-of-25 passes for 201 yards and three touchdowns in the first game of the season.

The song's inspiration

'Hotel Lobby' is Quavo & Takeoff's new song and music video. The song was released via Quality Control Music Group/Motown Records. This song is a homage to the cult classic film, 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. The video features the two of them playing the roles of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo in the film.

In the video, the two rappers travel through the desert and get high. The video traces their journey and juxtaposes comedic performances with psychedelic drugs. Throughout the video, Quavo and Takeoff also spend time with ladies in a hotel room.

The 'Hotel Lobby' video was directed by Keemotion and Quavo. It was shot in Las Vegas and features a cinematic production. The video also pays homage to the film, 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', which was based on the novel, 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', written by Hunter S. Thompson.

This song is a perfect summer anthem. The song is produced by Fabio Aguillarr, Keanu Beats, and Murda Beatz. The song features a psychedelic trap beat. This song is available on all major digital streaming platforms.

This track comes after the recent release of the Migos track "Crypto" with Rich The Kid. The track was a smash hit on Spotify, with over 6.5 million streams. The song also amassed over 4.7 million YouTube views.

The Migos trio has been in the spotlight lately. They've released the Culture trilogy, and singles "Need It" and "Straightenin'" with Justin Bieber. They've also collaborated with other artists, including Juice Wrld, and released solo albums. However, the trio has been rumored to split. Offset has been unfollowed by both Quavo and Takeoff on Instagram, and Cardi B has also unfollowed Takeoff. After these rumors emerged, fans began asking whether Migos were done as a trio.

Despite rumors that the trio was over, Quavo and Takeoff have released the new single "Hotel Lobby" under the new duo name, Unc and Phew. 'Hotel Lobby' is a homage to the cult movie, 'Fear and Loathing' in Las Vegas, which was based on the novel by Hunter S. Thompson.

Unc & Phew rap duo release album

Earlier this week, Migos members Quavo and Takeoff debuted a new collaborative song titled "Hotel Lobby." Their debut album as Unc & Phew was released earlier this month and includes a number of guest appearances. In addition to "Hotel Lobby," the project includes "Nothing Changed," "Us vs. Them," and "YoungBo Boy Never Broke Again." It is also available on all major streaming platforms.

The song is produced by Murda Beatz, who nods to modern cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The video also pays homage to Terry Gilliam's film, which stars Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro.

The two ATL rap superstars took the name Unc and Phew to pay tribute to their familial ties. They are cousins and uncles and have also collaborated with Summer Walker. The pair started working on a project two years ago. After announcing the project, they performed their first song together, "Unc & Phew," at the Grammy Awards. They released four other songs before releasing their first collaborative album.

"Hotel Lobby" is a two-and-a-half minute song. The video combines comedic performances and triplet-flow chemistry. It also pays homage to Terry Gilliam's cult film. The song was released on May 20th. The song is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

The song's video, directed by Keemotion and Quavo, also pays homage to the film. The two rappers are dressed as Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo, respectively. They also drive through the desert, drink, and smoke into oblivion. The video is also available on YouTube.

The duo hasn't shared a full-length album trailer yet. However, fans are curious to see what the new lineup has in store for them. After all, their last album was Culture III, which came out in 2021. They have also been in the spotlight for the past few months, as their name and Twitter profile became trending topics. Some fans have been wondering if Migos will be calling it quits.

Fans may be disappointed that their favorite rappers are no longer working as a trio. However, they aren't the only ones who have questions about the new Migos lineup.

Quavo & Takeoff - 'Messy Official Video'

Quavo  Takeoff Messy Official Video

'Messy Official Video' is the debut single from Quavo and Takeoff, and it's a perfect example of why the two have become a force to be reckoned with in hip hop. Taking a lyrical cue from the likes of Drake, Migos and Tyga, the duo has crafted an enticing record with a solid chorus and clever wordplay that will have you dancing along to the beat in no time. 'Messy Official Video' was released on May 27th, and has already garnered over a million views.


Earlier this month, Quavo and Takeoff released a collaborative album called Only Built For Infinity Links. The album features appearances by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Birdman, and Mustard. It is available to download or stream through digital platforms.

The duo released the music video for their song "Messy" a few hours before Takeoff's death. The music video has now received over 1.5 million views on YouTube and has reached the top of the Trending Music charts.

The song features Quavo and Takeoff going through a haunted house. They encounter various chaotic scenarios while they are rapping. The video ends with a grim reaper.

The song, which was written by Quavo and Takeoff, is thought to be about their breakup with Saweetie. It also references their private parts. However, many listeners are assuming that the song is about Offset sleeping with Saweetie.

The song was released in September of this year, and it has since gone on to become one of the most popular tracks on the album. It has already sold over 30k copies in its first week. It was released on Quality Control/Motown's imprint. The song also features production work from Murda Beatz, DJ Durel, Budda Beats, and Money Musik.

In their video, Quavo and Takeoff are seen reliving an old drama from their past. They also encounter gossip in a cobweb-filled house. However, they don't get involved in the drama.

The song has stirred up a lot of chatter in the beginning. Some thought it was an homage to Saweetie, and others speculated that it was the reason why the Migos broke up.

The music video was released on Monday, the day before Takeoff's death. It was promoted on social media channels that day, and was one of the last posts on Takeoff's Instagram account.

"Hotel Lobby"

'Hotel Lobby' by Quavo & Takeoff is an anthem for the summer. It has garnered praise and controversy alike. The song features Quavo's ethereal triplet flows and a trap beat from Keanu Beats. 'Hotel Lobby' is also a tribute to the cult classic film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The song is a collaboration between Quavo and Takeoff, who are members of the hip-hop group Migos. The two Atlanta rappers grew up on the Northside of Atlanta. They are cousins and uncles. Their debut single "Hotel Lobby" was released earlier this week.

In addition to releasing their song, Quavo & Takeoff also released a music video. The video was directed by Keemotion and Quavo. It features various characters having arguments. The video also features a house that is decorated for spooky season. It also features a scene in an elevator where Quavo and Takeoff have a heated argument.

"Hotel Lobby" is the first single from the duo's album. It was released on May 20th. It also features guest appearances from 21 Savage and Travis Scott. The song is also a platinum-certified RIAA hit.

The song's lyrics are a nod to the classic 'fear and loathing in las vegas' film. Quavo and Takeoff take on the roles of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo in the film. Their video gives a modern twist to the original.

The video is also a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson's drug-fueled novel which was adapted into a film in 1998. It features a number of other celebrities including Johnny Depp and Robert De Niro.

"Hotel Lobby" was produced by Murda Beatz and Fabio Aguillarr. The song is also the first release under the duo's new name, Unc and Phew.

"Fight Night"

Earlier this week, Migos rapper Takeoff was fatally shot in a Houston, Texas, street brawl. The news was met with shock and grief by the hip hop community.

Takeoff's passing was a huge blow to the hip hop community, especially in light of the tragic death of rapper PnB Rock earlier this year. Although Takeoff's death was a tragedy in and of itself, there are many factors to consider.

Takeoff was not a household name when Migos came together. The trio met in Atlanta and began laying the groundwork for the group. In 2013, the group hit it big with their single "Versace," which peaked at 99 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was released on the band's Young Rich N*ggas mixtape.

After a successful career with Migos, Takeoff launched a solo career. His last album, The Last Rocket, was released in 2018. It reached 189th place on the Billboard 200 chart. It also racked up 26.5 million YouTube plays.

Takeoff met Quavo in Atlanta, and he would later travel to Texas. They released a song together in July. They also released a joint album, Us vs. Them, in October. It reached number 12 on the Billboard 200 chart, and climbed up the trending list on YouTube.

Takeoff's last Instagram post was a short clip from a new music video. It was posted a few hours before he was killed. The song, titled "Fight Night," felt like a departure from their previous hits. It was about taking control.

During the video, Takeoff and Quavo were celebrating the release of their new single. Takeoff was wearing a white t-shirt and white jeans, while Quavo was wearing a red shirt and a striped suit. A tall man was standing behind the two. He was holding a handgun.


Earlier this week, American hip-hop trio Migos released a new music video for their track "T-Shirt," from their upcoming album C U L T U R E. In the video, the trio is taken on a wild and secluded journey. They are dressed like Arctic hunters, complete with heavy fur coats. They also wear white t-shirts, just like the Migos themselves.

The video features a bearded old nomad, and it's reminiscent of T**he Revenant film. It also features Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset.

The track features a vicious beat, and the production is slick. But it's the chorus that makes the song a winner. It showcases Quavo and Offset's incredible flow. It's also a testament to the quality of Migos' cocaine, which is as white as the t-shirts they wear.

The song isn't all that new. It's been on the Billboard Hot 100 since February 14 and has received over 325 million views on YouTube. In fact, the song has been credited with 415 million streams on Spotify, so it's a pretty safe bet that it's going to get a lot of listeners.

The video features lots of gold chains and designer sunglasses. It also takes place in Alaska, where the three members wore Aztec print loungewear. It's also a nod to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The song is an easy earworm, and it's a great reminder of why Migos are the hip-hop trio to watch in 2017. The song features a great verse from Takeoff, and it might be one of the best verses from all three members.

The song also features Takeoff and Quavo, and the video features the three of them performing together. The song was also produced by Keanu Beats and Murda Beatz.


Earlier this month, Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston. According to the medical examiner, Takeoff was shot several times, including in the head and torso. Several others were injured, including two other people who were transported to the hospital in private vehicles. The Houston PD said there was no apparent motive for the shooting.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the police have prepared the body for a funeral. Several celebrities and fans attended the funeral, including Justin Bieber, Mustard, Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid, Cardi B, City Girls, and Russell Simmons. In addition, Takeoff's cousin, Offset, was present. He was not involved in the shooting, according to the police.

At the memorial service, Quavo talked about his childhood with Takeoff, as well as the rapper's passion for music. Takeoff was a member of rap trio Migos, which was formed in 2008. His cousin, Offset, was also a member of the group.

Takeoff's funeral will take place on November 11 in Atlanta, Georgia. The ceremony will be held at the State Farm Arena. Tickets are free for Georgia residents. The event will take place at 1pm. Fans can get two (2) tickets at Ticketmaster starting today.

Several celebrities attended the funeral, including Justin Bieber, Takeoff's cousin, Offset, Gucci Mane, Cardi B, City Girls, and Russell Simmons. In addition, Takeoff's cousin, Offset, was present. He was not involved in the shooting, according to the police.

A funeral service will take place on November 11, with Pastor Jesse Curney III giving the eulogy. Nani Kidane traveled from Gwinnett County to attend the funeral. She was also a cousin of Takeoff.

Migos - Casper Official Video

Takeoff  Casper Official Video

Whether you love Migos or not, you are sure to love this music video for their song "Takeoff." Featuring Drake, the lyrics to the song are filled with words of passion and love. Watch the music video for the song below and find out why this song is the perfect summer song.

Music video

Earlier this month, Takeoff released his debut solo album, The Last Rocket. The album is available via Universal Music Canada, Quality Control Music, and Motown Records. The album features twelve songs written by Takeoff, including "Casper." The song is the third single on the album.

Takeoff also released his music video for "Casper," which was directed by Gabriel Hart. The video is set in 2092 and shows Takeoff as an astronaut. He is on a quest to find Selene. During the journey, he encounters a squad of beautiful women, a Rolls Royce Wraith, and an army of scientists on Earth. Takeoff is also seen wearing a futuristic space suit and hovering above the planet with modified sneakers. The video ends with Takeoff making his way home to Earth with a white Rolls Royce Wraith.

The song is produced by Cassius Jay and Nonstop Da Hitman. This track is part of Takeoff's debut solo album, The Last Rocket. The album was released earlier this month and debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200. The album also earned a platinum certification from RIAA. It has already been streamed over 8.1 billion times.

Takeoff released the official music video for "Casper" earlier this week. He appears in the video at minute 3:54. The video was shot outside of a private party in Houston, Texas. The music video is in line with the overall outer space theme of The Last Rocket. Takeoff's video also features CGI graphics and expensive whips. It is similar to Drake's "Controlla" video.

Takeoff also participated in the Carpool Karaoke episode with James Corden earlier this month. He also performed his song, "Last Memory," on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. His performance still receives views years later.

Takeoff is expected to release a solo project in the near future. The upcoming album will feature Offset. Currently, Takeoff is the only member of the group with a solo album. His upcoming album is expected to drop in December. Currently, Takeoff's single is sitting at 17M views. It is a very impressive debut.

Takeoff is one of the best lyrical members of Migos. He has had an action packed solo career.


Earlier this summer, Migos teased a collaboration with Takeoff. They appeared on DJ Khaled's "Party" and performed the Migos' latest single, "Stir Fry." The duo also released a track on SoundCloud called "John Wick." It's not available on streaming services but you can listen to it here.

Takeoff teamed up with Quavo for their Only Built For Infinity Links joint album in October. This is the third time Takeoff has worked with his uncle. Takeoff's last solo album, The Last Rocket, was released in November. A single from the album, "Last Memory," quickly became a fan favorite. "Last Memory" was a homage to Atlanta's street life.

Takeoff is a talented rapper who has released several songs over the years. He also was a YouTube star. His YouTube channel had over seven million subscribers by the time he died on October 20, 2022. Despite his popularity, Takeoff was a relatively private and reserved young man. He was born Kirsnick Khari Ball and grew up in Houston. He was 28 years old when he died. He was an avid gamer and had a very unique voice. Takeoff is considered one of the most versatile rappers of his generation. He had the ability to chop and remix his flow as well as create his own lyrics. Throughout his career, Takeoff has written many of his own songs as well as those of his cousin Quavo and uncle Offset. The latter two are credited with putting Migos on the map.

Takeoff's "Last Memory" may be his last album but it is not his last lyric. "Casper" is another Takeoff song that came out this year. The track, which is the eighth track on Takeoff's debut album, The Last Rocket, was produced by Cassius Jay and Nonstop Da Hitman. It's a bouncy trap song that plays like a mashup of Gucci Mane's "Slippery" and Migos' "I Get the Bag." This one must be added to your music collection.

The "Last Memory" is a song that will definitely stay with you long after you've listened to it. Takeoff's last lyric, "Last Memory," is an ode to Atlanta's street life, despite his celebrity status.

Comparisons to Drake's "Controlla"

Compared to its predecessors, "Controlla" is a fairly minor achievement in the context of Drake's career, but it is the song that's been making the most noise on the buzzer. The song isn't exactly new, but the video for it has already garnered more than 3,500 views on YouTube. This is a lot for a song whose production credits don't include the likes of Tyga or Boi-1da.

As one would expect from an album containing tracks infused with dancehall, Views also has its lows. However, it does have a couple of high points. The song "One Dance" is currently atop the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song features Kyla, WizKid, and Drake himself, and is one of the most popular songs of the year.

The song is produced by Supa Dups and Allen Ritter, and features an unusually obtuse instrumental. Interestingly, the song also features a synth loop which is similar to the one found on "Controlla." Compared to its predecessors, "Controlla" has a bit of a slowed down tempo.

The song isn't exactly new, and it has been remixed in many languages, but the video has been racking up the views. Interestingly, it was shot in South Philly on 7th Street, which is home to a slew of Khmer enclaves. It was also shot by a hobbyist who was reportedly a film buff. It also has the biggest loop of any of the videos we've seen.

The song has also been covered by The Human Jukebox, which features a SU Dancing Dolls routine, along with a marching band. The video has over 230,000 views on Facebook. The song has also been covered by the Southern University marching band, who add brassy punch to the track. The song is the best thing to come out of Drake's recent album View From The 6.

Despite all the commotion, there are plenty of people who would have you believe that "Controlla" is the best song on Drake's VIEWS album. But the truth is, it's just one song in a plethora of songs. As long as he keeps releasing songs, there's no reason why this season of Drake won't be around for a while.

Similarities to Migos

Among Migos, there is no member more lyrically accomplished than Takeoff. The youngest of the group, Takeoff had a distinctive voice, which he used to convey a number of important concepts. During his solo career, Takeoff has released a number of songs.

Takeoff was born Kirsnick Khari Ball. He was a cousin of Offset and Quavo. In 2011, Takeoff released his first solo album, The Last Rocket. The album went to number 4 on the Billboard 200. The album reflected Takeoff's skills as a rapper. He also contributed lyrics to the Motorsport song.

Takeoff's most notable contribution to Migos is the triplet flow. This flow was a major contributor to their breakthrough. It also echoed the style of their predecessors, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Three 6 Mafia. In fact, Migos was one of the first acts to use the triplet flow, which has since become a staple of modern rap.

Takeoff was also a co-frontman for a brief period when Offset was incarcerated. He contributed a number of tracks to the Culture series. He also served as the primary booster for the group. He helped develop their grassroots artist development strategy for other artists.

Takeoff was one of the first members of the group to release a solo project. He released his first solo project in 2011. His debut album, The Last Rocket, was a success. The album was nominated for two Grammy awards. The album also went to number one on the Billboard 200.

The album's title track, "Casper," was his most popular song. The song featured CGI graphics and exotic women. Its lyrics also featured explicit language. This song reflected Takeoff's desire to party hard and indulge in the finer things in life.

Takeoff was also a prominent figure in the Internet's meme culture. He rapped about tattooing someone's name, a love interest, and partying hard. He also referenced Nicki Minaj's private parts. Takeoff's voice also had a baritone drawl. He was sometimes referred to as "Migos' uncle".

Takeoff has a unique set of skills. He was able to remix and chop flow, which made him a very versatile member of the group. He was also the quiet catalyst of the group.

Takeoff - Last Memory Official Video

Takeoff  Last Memory Official Video

Taking a break from their rap group, Takeoff and Offset have released their first single off their forthcoming solo album. It is called Last Memory, and it is a love song. The track is set to appear on their upcoming solo album, which is expected to span ten tracks.

"Last Memory" is the first single off Takeoff's upcoming solo album.

Earlier this week, Takeoff released his first solo song called "Last Memory" as a teaser. The song is the first single off Takeoff's upcoming debut solo album, which is slated to hit the streets on November 2.

Takeoff is a member of the Atlanta-based group Migos. The group has enjoyed a huge rise in popularity in recent years. In fact, Migos has achieved triple digit success in the last two years, and have been featured on numerous chart-topping hits. They have also appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden's Carpool Karaoke segment.

In addition to their success as a group, Migos have also released several successful solo albums. Their latest record, Culture II, has been certified platinum by the RIAA. It has also topped the Billboard charts for the second time in a row.

The Migos have had an impressive year in 2018. They have toured the world, teamed up with James Corden for a shopping spree, appeared on the Late Late Show, and more. They have also released two singles and an album. They have a new single launching today, and have a new album in the works.

Takeoff's "Last Memory" video is a snazzy piece of work. It features a statue of Takeoff, surrounded by women and bad girls, expensive bottles, and a few other fancy pieces. It is shot in a royal palace, and has received over 10 million views on YouTube.

The last time Takeoff released a new song was two years ago, when he released a song titled "Intruder". He also released a single a couple months ago titled "Last Memory". His debut solo album, The Last Rocket, is set to drop on November 2.

Takeoff's first solo album features production from DJ Durel, Murda Beatz, TM88, and Cassius Jay. The album also has a number of songs that will likely be featured on television shows.

"Last Memory" is slated to appear on the Atlanta rap trio's forthcoming solo project.

Several months ago, Migos' member Takeoff announced that he would be releasing a solo album. His first single is called "Last Memory". This song is set to appear on their upcoming project.

The Migos are a group of southern hip-hop musicians who primarily rap. The group was formed in 2008 under the name "Polo Club". Their most recent album, Bad and Boujee, was released in October of 2016. This album features guest appearances from Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and Metro Boomin.

Takeoff has been a major lyrical contributor to the group's catalog. His work ethic and technical ability have impacted the genre. In fact, his verses are featured on several of the group's hits. His verse on "Slippery" is particularly notable.

In the week after Takeoff's death, his solo material logged 46.4 million on-demand streams in the United States. His single "Casper" peaked at #99 on the Hot 100. The song was also a gold plaque recipient from the RIAA.

Takeoff's solo debut reentered the Billboard 200 at #189. His song "Lead Links" was the most streamed Takeoff song in the previous chart tracking week. The album had 49,000 album-equivalent units.

"Last Memory" will be released on November 2. Takeoff's solo album will also be released on November 2. The video features Takeoff performing the song on different sets.

The album will also feature songs featuring Juice WRLD, Drake and Cardi B. Takeoff is said to have a unique body design. The tattoo on his left bicep has the words "BLESSED" on it.

The single "Last Memory" reached #54 on the Hot 100. It was also a chart-topper in the United Kingdom. The track has a catchy post-chorus. The song is available on Spotify.

"Last Memory" is expected to span 10 tracks.

During a listening party in Los Angeles this week, Takeoff took the opportunity to tease his fans with an exclusive look at his forthcoming album, The Last Rocket. The new record consists of ten tracks, five of which are live performances. A new single is expected to be released next week.

While Takeoff is no doubt a talented rapper, his selections are starting to look stale. Luckily for fans, the group has been making a conscious effort to repackage their work. With an assist from Pharrell and Metro Boomer, Offset will likely release his first solo project before the year is out.

Unlike his fellow Migos members, Takeoff is a native New Yorker. His rap style is a hybrid of the trap and hip hop genres. His style certainly has its merits, but it can be hard to shake the feeling that he has been a little too enamored with the glam life for too long.

The "Last Motion" is a decent track, and it may be the biggest single off the album, but its shortcomings aren't helped by its dated production. The track is also a slog to listen to. The song is produced by American producer and rapper MonstaBeatz. Fortunately, the track is also available on major streaming services.

Considering the track's length, it's difficult to tally the number of new fans that have shown up for the release. Takeoff's new record is certainly a step in the right direction, but there's still work to be done. One would hope that his next album would be a bit more interesting. As for "The Last Rocket," Takeoff is slated to release it next Friday.

"Last Memory" is set to appear on Offset's first stand-alone project.

Taking a break from his bandmates, Migos member Takeoff has released a new solo song. His song, "Last Memory," is the first taste of his upcoming album. "Last Memory" is produced by MonstaBeatz.

Despite his new solo single, Takeoff is still the only member of Migos to remain off of the Hot 100. He only appeared outside the group on "Eye 2 Eye" off of Quavo and Travis Scott's late 2017 Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho project. However, "Last Memory" has the potential to climb up the Hot 100 chart and even make it to the top five.

This track is off Takeoff's upcoming debut solo album, The Last Rocket. The album features production from several notable producers, including Murda Beatz, Gucci Mane, and Travis Scott. It is also expected to contain ten tracks. It is expected to land in the top 5 on the Billboard 200 chart. It is also expected to sell between 45,000 and 55,000 equivalent units.

Takeoff's The Last Rocket album was previewed this week during a listening session in Los Angeles. The album is expected to be released next week. The album will be available on all major streaming services.

"Last Memory" has already landed at number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It is also at number 23 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. The song is also in the top 20 on the On-Demand Streaming Songs chart.

The Last Rocket is expected to drop on November 2nd. It will feature "Last Memory" as well as other songs. This is Takeoff's first solo song and will likely be the first of many. The album will also contain songs produced by DJ Durel, Cassius Jay, and Wheezy.

"Last Memory" is a love song

Earlier this year, Migos' member Takeoff released his first solo single. The song "Last Memory" is the first single off his upcoming album, The Last Rocket. It's no secret Takeoff has a penchant for making music that has a touch of the old school while also embracing a modern sound. Among the track's highlights are the looped vocal synth, which recurs throughout the record.

The song also features a spaced-out backtrack, which gives it the feel of a space traveler. As a bonus, it has a catchy hook.

The song has some real star power behind it. Takeoff's lyrical abilities are on display as he makes reference to the oh so old school, the industry, and the oh so new school. The song is a standout, but the production is the real selling point. It's not that hard to see Takeoff's upcoming album The Last Rocket securing a spot in the Billboard 200 top five. This is thanks in no small part to its title.

The song's a tad short, but the production is nothing to sneeze at. There's also an impressive use of the multi-layered effects in the chorus, which creates a memorable moment.

Takeoff is no stranger to music-making, as he has been involved in a number of projects over the years. He has contributed to a number of collaborations with other artists, including Travis Scott and 21 Savage. He has also appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden as part of a carpool karaoke segment. Takeoff is also a fan of fashion, which has been showcased on his "Last Memory" video.

Takeoff's "Last Memory" is a love song in the true sense of the word, but it also has the honor of being his first solo chart-topper. It's no secret Takeoff has put out quality music for the past two years.

The Carters - APESHIT Official Video


'Apeshit' is the latest track from the rap collective known as The Carters. In this song, they tackle social and political issues in subtle fashion. While many artists have tried to address these issues with their music, this is the first time the band has done so with an official video.

Beyonce's bodysuits

Having shot their video in Paris' Louvre, Beyonce and Jay-Z's outfits are steeped in symbolism. The duo's clothing is an effort to challenge the outdated perceptions of womanhood. The video is also an example of how black women can be symbols of beauty.

The video features the famous Venus de Milo, an ancient Greek statue of the goddess Aphrodite. In this scene, Beyonce wears a pastel pink suit by Peter Pilotto. Her hairstyle echoes the one worn by the statue's creator.

Beyonce's ensembles also pay homage to some of the most iconic women in art history. Her first look, which is inspired by the Portrait of a Negress, is one of the earliest images of a Black woman who was not a slave. She also wears a barocco print head wrap by Versace. In another scene, she wears a leopard print bodysuit from Valentino. She finishes the look with matching accessories.

The video also features other works of art. In one scene, Beyonce dances in front of the painting of Empress Josephine's coronation. The Mona Lisa, one of the world's most famous paintings, is also pictured. In another scene, she and Jay-Z stand in front of the Great Sphinx of Tanis, an Egyptian statue with a lion's head.

In the video's final shot, Beyonce wears a beaded bodysuit. This is the most intricate look in the video. The bodysuit is part of a collaboration between MCM and Misa Hylton. The suit is also a modern take on a traditional power suit.

The APESHIT video was directed by Ricky Saiz. It has received over 10 million views on YouTube. The song is a statement about pay equity, Black beauty, and the power of women. The video features classic artwork from the Louvre. It is a dazzling display of Beyonce's sartorial prowess. The outfits themselves are a homage to women in art history, but also a nod to the power of women.

The APESHIT video is a great example of how the Carters are celebrating Black beauty and culture. They are challenging the outdated perceptions of Black women.

Jay-Z's posse

'Apeshit' is a clever song with a nifty video. It's the first collaboration between Jay-Z and Beyonce and has been incorporated into a slew of commercials. It's also the first music video to be shot at the Louvre, the largest art museum in the world.

The apeshit song is just one of the songs on the album. "Already Home" is a good hook, while "Real As It Gets" has some good lyricism. Also, "The Story of O.J." is a good song, albeit a relatively short one.

Jay-Z is known for his rapping, but also for his ability to write clever lyrics in his head. This has helped him earn the title of the world's best-selling music artist. His albums have sold more than 140 million copies worldwide. He also holds the record for having the most number-one albums by a solo artist on the Billboard 200.

The Blueprint 2 : The Gift & The Curse was a double album that debuted at number one and spawned two major hits. It also sold more than three million copies in the United States, and was certified five-times platinum. It is also the first album in history to have a song reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

Jay-Z has also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame. He also received the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Variety Special. Among the many awards, Jay-Z is also a recipient of the NAACP's President's Award. His first solo album, Reasonable Doubt, received wide critical acclaim. The album also earned him a place in the Billboard music awards top 20.

Jay-Z's style has evolved over the years. He's still known for his rapping, but his style has changed from his early albums. He also has a knack for writing clever lyrics and using witty wordplay. He's also a great collaborator, having worked with the likes of Eminem, Kanye West, Rick Rubin, 9th Wonder, Ty Dolla Sign, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Cudi, and Ty Dolla Sign.

He and Beyonce live in a $88 million home in Bel Air, Los Angeles. They've been married since 2008.

Gericault's The Raft of the Medusa

Located in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, The Raft of the Medusa is a monumental oil painting that is considered to be one of the most important and influential works of the Romantic movement. It depicts a moment after the sinking of the French naval frigate Meduse. This painting combines macabre realism with virtuosity in drawing.

The Raft of the Medusa shows 147 people stranded on a hastily constructed raft. The raft is tossing about in the choppy sea. A bright light from a distant rescue ship shines. The people on the raft try to catch the attention of the ship. Others sit down in disappointment.

The Raft of the Medusa was painted between 1818 and 1819. Gericault first began working on this painting after learning of the incident in newspapers. He researched the incident, interviewed the survivors, and studied the raft. He sketched the scene in oils and watercolors. He also studied the effects of refraction of light on the human body. He worked out the scene in sketched and drawn models.

During his research, Gericault found a carpenter who constructed the deck of the Medusa. He then asked the carpenter to make a scale model of the raft. This model was used as a base for the painting.

Gericault also visited a number of mortuaries and hospitals to study the flesh of victims. He spoke with two survivors. His study of the shipwreck led him to conclude that the colors of the raft had been painted in darker green hues. He thought that the colors were effective in capturing the tragedy.

Gericault worked on the painting for 18 months. The painting measures 491 cm by 716 cm. It was first shown in the 1819 Paris Salon. However, its depiction of a contemporary disaster proved controversial. The painting was criticized for being too contemporary to be considered historical. It was later hailed as the beginning of the Romantic movement in French art. The painting was later acquired by the Louvre and has been cared for almost two centuries.

In spite of the controversy surrounding The Raft of the Medusa, the painting has become an iconic piece of Romantic art. It reflects a tragic event in French history and is a landmark in the emerging Romantic movement in French painting.

Subtle political and social messages

'APESHIT' is the first single from Beyonce and Jay-Z's new collaborative album Everything Is Love. The song is a political statement, as well as an art piece. The music video was directed by Ricky Saiz, and filmed at the Louvre.

The video features a collection of famous oeuvres from the Louvre. The Raft of the Medusa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the Jacques-Louis David painting of Napoleon's coronation are all featured. They all appear at different times, and they are all depicted as iconic works of art.

The video's visual features iconic images of men and women. It also includes explicit images. At one point, the camera cuts to a contemporary scene with a black man leaning on a white woman's chest. Another image shows a group of women in the eighth century B.C.E. being kidnapped by Roman soldiers. They are then thrown between the men of their home city.

The video is meant to be a rebuttal to the rigid, exclusive power structures that dominate our society. It shows black unity, love, and strength. These images are not destructive, but are meant to highlight the toll that male violence takes. It also presents the Carters as a modern royal family.

The video also aims to challenge the idea that black art has no value. The Louvre has promoted a guided tour of seventeen artworks that appear in the video. It also calls on museums to broaden their definition of what makes up a genre.

The Carters have toured together for decades, and have made a number of music videos together. Their projects often stitch ideas together, and most of their collaborations credit artists by their respective names. They have also worked to decolonize white spaces in the Louvre.

The "Apeshit" video uses the Louvre's iconic space to critique the institutional world. It also uses classical art to define the Carters' vision of men and women. It also highlights the absence of Black people on Louvre walls outside of the imperial context. In addition, the video is meant to antagonize critics of the Carters.

Meek Mill Feat. Rick Ross - Ima Boss Official Video

Meek Mill Feat Rick Ross  Ima Boss Official Video

Earlier this week, rapper Meek Mill released a new video with Rick Ross called Ima Boss. This music video shows a very interesting story about Rick Ross.

Interesting fact about Meek Mill

Besides being a talented rapper, Meek Mill is also a social activist. He has been involved in several projects to benefit the disadvantaged, including a campaign to donate 6,000 backpacks to underprivileged children in Philadelphia. He has also distributed gifts to struggling students in the city.

While it is true that Meek Mill has been a social activist, his rise to fame has not been without controversy. After all, he has spent many months in prison for drug possession. He also has been involved in many public fights with other prominent rappers.

When Meek Mill was a child, his father was killed in an attempted robbery. Afterwards, his mother struggled to support the family, often resorting to shoplifting to make ends meet. He also grew up in a poor neighborhood, a type of neighborhood that is often associated with gang culture.

As a teenager, Meek Mill was involved in a few rap battles. He also made a few mix tapes with a group called The Bloodhoundz. One of those tapes caught the attention of a major record label. His success as a rapper would eventually earn him a contract with Grand Hustle Records. His first single, "Amen," was a hit.

Meek Mill's first record, Dreams and Nightmares, was released in 2012. It debuted number two on the Billboard 200 chart. Among the many songs on the album, the single "House Party" is an urban hit. His second album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. He also launched his own record label, Dream Chasers Records. The label, named after his mixtape series, features artists like T.I., Goldie, Louie V. Gutta and more.

In December 2012, Mill was found to have violated his probation. He was found to have not reported his travel plans to the court. He was also found to have posed with a firearm. This was a legal violation, although it is considered the lesser of the two possible evils. He was subsequently sentenced to 11 and a half months to 23 months in county prison.

Upon his release from prison in 2009, Mill had an opportunity to change his life. He received a five-year parole. During that time, he was involved in many legal disputes, including a fight with a police officer. He also received several death threats from gang members and other people. In response to these threats, Mill's probation officer was notified of them.

Despite his many legal snafus, Mill has been a shining light in the Philadelphia hip hop community. His lyrics are witty and are filled with strong emotions. He is a rapper who continues to make a positive impact on society, even after his release from prison.

Meek Mill's rise to fame and success has been a difficult one, primarily due to his drug charges and parole violations. In fact, his probation officer was notified of death threats, which led to his probation being revoked.

Interesting story about Rick Ross

Whether you are a fan of Rick Ross or not, the story of his life is a fascinating one. It started when he was just a young kid in Carol City, Florida, a poor, impoverished suburb north of Miami. Then he enrolled in a football scholarship at Albany State University, and he quickly gravitated toward rap music. As he grew older, he became a street-oriented rap artist. He also developed a strong connection to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

As he became a drug dealer, Ross was introduced to the Nicaraguan refugee Danilo Blandon. Blandon was a major cocaine supplier from Nicaragua, and he was a strong ally of the CIA. During his time as a drug dealer, Ross invested his drug profits in legitimate businesses. He also expanded his empire to New York City and Miami. He started a business with Oscar Danilo Blandon Reyes, another Nicaraguan drug trafficker, and together they formed a drug distribution network. The network expanded throughout the United States.

The first time Ross was arrested was in 1986. He was arrested for selling cocaine. In the mid-'80s, Ross made $3 million a day. He expanded his empire to include major markets throughout the United States, including Seattle, Washington, New York City, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. He also acquired a franchise in Miami and began selling drugs in the city. He later went to work as a corrections officer in Florida.

Ross later became a part of a network of auto thieves, known as the Freeway Boys. This network consisted of nine members. He also became a part owner of a chop shop, where he would deal in stolen vehicles. His business also included major Colombian drug cartels. He also started to invest in real estate. In 1983, he established crack cocaine as the most popular illicit drug in Los Angeles.

The crack epidemic destroyed urban America for two generations. The United States Government helped the epidemic by facilitating a pipeline of cocaine into the country. The CIA also played a role in this. They decided that the Black community would be the target of the crack epidemic. They also decided that Black men would be the victims.

Ross became one of the largest street dealers in the country. He built a massive empire, with over hundreds of people on his payroll. His business included major Colombian drug cartels, including Los Mochis and Los Tigres. He also invested in legitimate businesses, like the Los Angeles Trade Technical College.

He also developed strong relationships with the CIA and Contra rebels in Nicaragua. When he was released, he was given a job with the DEA. Eventually, he became a green card holder, and he continued to do business with the CIA, helping Contra rebels in Nicaragua.

He is also known for his controversial rap beef with 50 Cent. He is also known for having over 500 tattoos. Despite this, he is still a prolific artist. He has a son named Bricen.

Lil Baby - Not Finished Lyric Video

Lil Baby  Not Finished Lyric Video

Getting to know Lil Baby and his debut mixtape Drip Harder with Gunna. The early releases of the artist invoke toughness and muscle building in their lyrics and performances. His song "Hurricane" was awarded the Grammy for Best Melodic Rap Performance.

Raps as if he's being surveilled

Despite its limited number of songs, Lil Baby's "The Bigger Picture" has had a resounding effect on the nation's consciousness. It is one of the most significant artistic statements since Black Lives Matter exploded.

Several rap artists have snuck a mention into their tracks. Lil Baby's "The World Is Yours to Take" is either a Budweiser ad or an homage to the World Cup. It's also one of the most notable rap tracks of the year.

Baby has also opted to be a mascot. He owns four pockets stuffed with cash. He has a reputation for being a gambler. He has a few slick shit-talks to his name.

Lil Baby isn't shy about boasting about his accomplishments. He snagged rappers like Gunna and Young Thug. He was even a weed dealer for the infamous QC crew. He landed a number one hit with "My Dawg."

Despite his success, Baby is not a rapper in the conventional sense. He is an artist with a penchant for the aforementioned'memo' and the 'Mirror'. He's also a master at using motor learning to perform his feats.

He also has a fixation on self-improvement. Baby is a great rap writer and a good storyteller. He has the ability to write meaningful lyrics that convey meaning and a sense of humour. He is also a straight shooter. His delivery is a bit too fast for the listener's taste.

Raps about Saweetie

Earlier this year, Lil Baby and Saweetie had some hot rumors going around. Rumors were that they were dating. But they denied it.

The rumors began when Saweetie posted a photo on her Instagram page of herself sitting on someone's lap. It started a fire in the Atlanta hip-hop community. People started wondering who the man in the photo was.

Lil Baby and Saweetie have been involved with one another for a while, but their relationship was reportedly short-lived. They broke up in early 2021, and it seems as though Saweetie is now single.

Since Saweetie and Lil Baby are no longer together, fans are wondering whether this new song is about their relationship. The song, called "Not Finished," features Lil Baby poke fun at both Saweetie and Quavo. It appears to address the rumor that Saweetie slept with Lil Baby.

This song comes out right after Lil Baby released his latest album, It's Only Me, which features a lyric called "Stand On It" that pokes fun at Quavo. The album's release came just days after the Migos broke up, and fans are wondering if this new song is about their relationship.

Some fans are wondering whether Saweetie is still in love with Lil Baby. According to the song, Saweetie is not finished, and she wants to keep hustling. But she wants to find a balance between her hustle and her health.

His song "Hurricane" won him the Grammy Award for Best Melodic Rap Performance

During the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, Lil Baby's song "Hurricane" won him the Grammy Award for Best Melodic Rap Performance. He beat out J. Cole, The Weeknd, and other hip hop artists. It is the second time Lil Baby has won this award. He also won songwriter of the year at the 35th annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.

Lil Baby also received a MTV Video Music Award. He is a recording artist, songwriter, rapper, producer, and filmmaker. His upcoming documentary "Untrapped" will explore different aspects of life in "The Trap." The documentary will be released in July. It will change the perceptions of poverty and racism in America.

Lil Baby also performed "Hurricane" with Kanye West. The song charted at number one on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop, Hot Gospel, and Christian Songs charts. It also charted on the US Billboard Hot 100.

"Hurricane" also charted at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100. Hurricane also reached top 10 positions in 10 countries, including New Zealand. The song is also featured on Kanye West's tenth studio album Donda. The album is named after the late mother of Kanye West.

"Hurricane" also featured the Sunday Service Choir. The song received a generally positive review from music critics. It was named to year-end lists for 2021 by multiple publications. The song was also named the best R&B performance of the year by Silk Sonic.

His mixtape Drip Harder with Gunna

Originally slated to be released in July, Gunna and Lil Baby's new collaborative mixtape, Drip Harder, is now on its way. This ode to Baby's Drip series features melodic Gunna hymns as well as gruffer Lil Baby bars.

The album is a fun collaboration project, but it doesn't come close to putting the duo near the top of any year end charts. The album features plenty of bangers for Trap fans. The best track on the album is "Never Recover," which features Drake. It's a good sign that Gunna has found his stride.

Gunna and Lil Baby have been making waves in the hip-hop world since February. They've released songs such as "Life Goes On" and "Chanel" with Young Thug. They also released their first official album in May. The album debuted at Number Three on the Billboard albums chart.

The Drip Harder mixtape is a good example of their chemistry. These two Atlanta rappers have a knack for matching vocal patterns, instrumentals and spit. The duo also have a unique style.

The best song on the album is "Never Recover." It's a great example of their collaboration skills. The track features Gunna's trademark flow as well as some bars about success. They also introduce some piano-laden sounds that create a sweet melody.

The album is also notable for featuring guests such as Drake and Lil Durk. Drake's verse is one of the best on the project.

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