What Makes a Great Author?
What Makes a Great Author?
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Becoming a published author can be a difficult road and understanding what sets great writers apart from mediocre ones is key when you want your writing to stand out against the crowd. If you want to make your work shine, there a few traits every great writer has that allows their work to excel past the competition. If you already have these qualities, then you’re one step closer to the best sellers list, but if you're unsure, read on to learn what you should be doing to improve your writing.

A fantastic writer has the ability to size up any and all content, whether they're identifying problems in a speech or knowing exactly where a story fails and why. They also have an instinct for words. Good writers know what will catch attention and how each and every word and sentence flows together to present a story or idea. Remarkable writers are able to connect the dots of every little detail and understand how to bring characters to life, tap into an emotion, and close out a paragraph with lasting meaning.

Writing is a lot like problem solving and requires the ability to clearly express ideas. Its one thing to get thesaurus-happy when producing a mass creative piece, but it's important to understand how to translate big words and ideas into a format that nearly anyone can comprehend.

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