The Spiky Top of the Adam Levine Haircut

The Spiky Top of the Adam Levine Haircut


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Adam Levine is a renowned singer-songwriter and musician. He's the lead vocalist for pop rock band Maroon 5 and also serves as coach on The Voice.

Levine is renowned for his daring style, which he often showcases with various hairstyles. To help you take inspiration from this legendary figure and transform it into your own signature look, MFH has collected some of Levine's best looks that you can borrow and adapt!

Spiky Sides

Spiky sides are a popular style for men with longer hair, making the cut even sexier. Adam Levine donned this stylish side-parted look in combination with a dapper dark suit at the NBC Today Show Concert with Maroon 5 on July 2, 2010.

This haircut is striking in its simplicity. A combination of comb and styling products creates the top of his head into rigid upward spikes. If your locks are thicker, you may need to use your fingers for the same result.

At both NBC Today Show concerts and the 16th annual "Critics' Choice Movie Awards" in 2011, this spiky, sexy hairstyle was on full display. To achieve the desired result, find a comb that works best with your hair type and don't be afraid to invest in some gel for added hold.

Adam Levine haircuts are a go-to choice for any man looking to stand out in his crowd. There are plenty of edgy looks available, but you need to know what you want before you can start picking and choosing. With such a complex style, it's best to consult your local barber or stylist on which looks will look best on you.

Spiky Top

Adam Levine haircuts are perfect for anyone wanting a cool, low-maintenance style that requires no hair gel or wax to style. Plus, their spikey tops will draw attention to your face and the rest of your outfit!

This style is ideal for a casual stroll with friends or an evening on the town. All that is necessary to achieve this look is asking your barber to cut sides and back faded but not until close to skin, then trim the top portion to medium length.

You can also comb it back into a quiff or sweep it back for an elegant style. If you prefer more texture, ask the barber to trim the hair a little longer.

When attending red carpet events, your hairstyle should be impeccable. Choose something that looks great and complements your attire perfectly.

Adam Levine's signature haircut is the spiky top. This style has become one of his go-tos and will always remain in his repertoire.

Adam Levine chose this style for a red carpet event to achieve an edgy aesthetic. The sides are cropped shorter while the top features sharp tips that point slightly towards the back.

Additionally, this variation of the fohawk cut is an attractive choice for males. It offers a cool aesthetic that appeals to many different men.

This haircut is ideal for men looking to experiment with their style. It's more rugged than the standard Adam Levine cut, yet still cool enough to wear to work.

For those who like their hair short but edgy, a slick and ruffled style is perfect. Not only does it show off your personality, but it's also easy to achieve with this stylish look.

Fade Sides

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 is unbeatable when it comes to style. His signature wavy locks never fail to turn heads wherever he goes, giving him an uncanny ability to turn heads with ease.

The Adam Levine haircut is a timeless style that can be dressed up or down for any special occasion. It's ideal for men seeking an everyday hairstyle that easily transitions into formal wear.

Adam Levine's hairstyle features short sides shaved off and paired with an elegant quiff. This buzzed but scruffy style looks very attractive against his scruffy facial hair.

Adam Levine's most sought-after haircut is the fohawk cut with spikes on top for an edgy look. This Adam Levine cut is much more extreme than simply fading the sides.

For guys who want the spiked hairstyle without using any product or wax, this low maintenance hairstyle is perfect. It works great on thick hair without needing additional products or treatments.

Adam Levine's classic shaggy haircut gives the illusion of fading sides when brushed backwards. This look is ideal for anyone seeking to create a stand-out hairstyle in any crowd.

At MFH we adore this Adam Levine haircut because it is so versatile and can be styled in many different ways. Choose darker shades of blonde for this style or try a brighter version of the color.

Adam Levine's iconic haircut has become a style icon, inspiring many men to recreate it for themselves.

Fade Top

Adam Levine is an international icon when it comes to fashion, having inspired millions of men with his distinctive hairstyles. As lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam has earned widespread acclaim for his stylish looks.

His hairdos are as diverse as his music and have made an impact on the fashion industry. From his shaved head to mini foamhawk, the singer always makes a statement with his trendy looks that excite fans whenever he performs live.

One of his signature hairstyles is the shaggy style. In this cut, sides are combed backwards and then left wavy with sharp tips pointing towards the back.

This hairstyle is ideal for guys who want long, wavy hair on top without investing a lot of time or money into it. Furthermore, there's minimal upkeep required as there's no need to use hair gel or wax to keep it in place.

Furthermore, this style works great for guys with short to medium length hair who desire a spiked appearance. Additionally, thick and wavy locks can also be styled this way.

Another version of this haircut is the ruffled fohawk, which has spikes on top for a more daring, modern aesthetic.

Adam Levine haircuts have become increasingly popular among men due to their versatility; they look great on men of all ages and require minimal upkeep.

Adam Levine haircuts are an ideal choice for men who desire a casual, trendy hairstyle that will complement their wardrobes. They also suit men with various face shapes such as ovals, trilobites and round shaped faces alike.

Spiky Back

Spiky backs are an excellent way to add some character and texture to your hairstyle. They tend to look very masculine, making them a great option for men looking for extra height and volume.

Spiky back hairstyles are ideal for those who prefer low maintenance styles. Not only is it simple to style, but doesn't require much product either - making it the ideal choice for those who take their time getting ready in the morning while still showcasing their personality and individuality without appearing too overt.

If you want a spiky back, start by trimming the sides of your hair to a shorter length and then using a comb to style them into spikes. You can use either a wide toothed comb or V-shaped comb for this style; alternatively, if you don't own either tool, try using regular comb instead.

Adam Levine haircuts are ideal for people who want a short, spiky style that requires minimal upkeep and looks great. Additionally, this cut may be suitable for men who don't have much time to devote to styling their hairstyles.

Adam Levine has made his mark on music history as the lead singer of Maroon 5. He is one of music's most successful artists, having sold more than 120 million records worldwide.

Levine's career is flourishing, but he's recently transitioned away from The Voice to focus on his new show Songland. Additionally, he's been spending more time with his wife Behati Prinsloo.

Levine may be moving on, but his fan base remains strong. He remains a force to be reckoned with when it comes to trendy hairstyles and will remain an influential influence on fashion. You can borrow his trends and give them a try if you don't have the money for professional services; with products from your local drugstore you can easily create these styles at home!

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