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steve lacy sunglasses

On Sunday night at the GRAMMYs, Steve Lacy dazzled the audience with his soulful performance of Thundercat's hit song "Bad Habit." Donning an all-black Saint Laurent look designed by Anthony Vaccarello for this special occasion, Steve Lacy looked incredible.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter and record producer is embarking on a 27-stop tour in support of his latest album Gemini Rights. The tour kicks off October 2 at Denver Colorado's Gothic Theater.


Lacy has quickly made a name for himself as an accomplished musician by combining his diverse interests and styles. As both a songwriter and guitarist, he's collaborated with some of music's biggest names like Solange and Vampire Weekend; additionally, his songs have gone viral, reaching millions around the world.

Recently, 24-year-old singer/songwriter and musician Gemini Rights released his album Gemini Rights which received glowing reviews and won him many fans. To support the release, he even embarked on a world tour called the "Give You The World" tour to garner additional support.

Lacy is an impressive rapper and singer-songwriter, as well as an established music producer. He's one of the highest selling artists of his generation with a distinctive style that sets him apart.

Steve Lacy is an accomplished musician and producer that is currently on tour to promote his album Gemini Rights. He will be performing in 27 different cities across North America beginning October 2 at Denver Colorado's Gothic Theater and concluding November 11 at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles California.

When Lacy isn't performing or writing songs, you can spot him wearing his fashionable sunglasses. These were similar to those he wore during his SNL performance on November 5 where he performed the songs "Bad Habit" and "Helmet."

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Lacy began his solo career in 2022 and quickly rose to become an accomplished musician. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Solange, Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, YG and more in addition to developing a diverse sound that encompasses various genres such as psychedelic pop songs. His versatility as an artist is undeniable.

Lacy's music blends rock and R&B elements together, making him a standout favorite among people who appreciate different types of music.

He is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his singular style. He is one of the highest selling artists of this generation and his captivating songs have won him widespread acclaim.

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steve lacy glasses

Steve Lacy Glasses

Lacy is an American singer-songwriter best known for his hit single "Bad Habit." He's also a self-taught guitarist, and his career has been catapulted forward through collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean, Tyler, the Creator and Vampire Weekend.

Lacy recently appeared on Saturday Night Live and performed his Billboard Hot 100 hit "Bad Habit" and song "Helmet." Dressed to impress in Bernhard Willhelm 3 C1 mask sunglasses, Lacy looked dapper during his performance! Check it out below!


At 24 years old, Steve Lacy is already a star. A genre-defying virtuoso, he represents the new wave in music with his multi-platinum selling funk supergroup The Internet and collaborations with artists like Solange and Vampire Weekend.

Lacy has been praised for his upbeat yet poignant songs, along with a songwriting style that blends the sensual and the imperious, drawing inspiration from artists such as Prince and Stevie Wonder. Lacy's fascination with gender and sexuality is both intriguing and captivating; his Tumblr page revealing that he is bisexual.

He stands out with an unconventional style: he dons braids, black sunglasses and white suits with Superman-esque S's on them. Even as his music accelerates at a breakneck speed, this approach doesn't let masculinity get in the way of him.

In July, his second solo album Gemini Rights became an instant success, rocketing straight to number one in the US and sparking a European tour to support it - full of songs that are both playful and insightful at once.

On my way back from London, I met up with Lacy at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History for his opening of "Entertainment Nation," an exhibit featuring an iPhone used by Lacy to make some of his earliest music as one of many historic cultural artifacts.

Despite his hectic schedule, the young musician took time out of his busy day to show me around the museum and looked just as cool as everyone else in a fully zipped leather motorcycle jacket and black leather pants. His rectangular eyeglasses paired with frameless sunglasses completed his classic rockstar look.

Onstage at the Showbox in Seattle, fans waited eagerly to witness Lacy perform his hits "Bad Habit" and "Helmet." At first, there was a sea of phones in the general admission area but soon Lacy encouraged them all to put them away.

Lacy took the stage and talked about his music and its emotions, encouraging his audience to feel connected during the show. He promised not to use any phones during his set and instead use his sunglasses as a means of communication with them.


Celebrating Steve Lacy's sophomore release, Gemini Rights, is best done while sipping on a cocktail in hand. The Compton-born musician has an eye for style and knows exactly what music fans want to hear - his wardrobe reflects this perfectly; from sharp tailored suits to luxe leather jackets. Most recently he added stylish YEEZY sunglasses to his collection.

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Steve Lacy is not only an accomplished musician, but also a style icon. At 24 years old, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter and guitarist has gained notoriety for his daring style which has been featured in multiple fashion magazines. His recent performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL) left us in awe with his amazing musical abilities.

The singer is currently on a world tour to promote his hit single, "Bad Habit," which has reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, he made an impressive guest appearance on Saturday Night Live on November 5th where he truly wowed the audience.

His second album, Gemini Rights, was released in July and quickly gained notoriety - earning several Grammy nominations.

Lacy took his new album to a whole new level with this one; pushing himself beyond his comfort zone and into an entirely different genre. Influenced by bossa nova music, the album features plenty of funk and soul elements as well.

His latest music video for "Mercury," Lacy is seen wearing goggle-like sunglasses as he dances around in a caged room while singing. This futuristic video showcases Lacy's versatility; it serves as an example of how he can stand out with his style.

Lacy has an amazing knack for blending psychedelic rock, soulful R&B and Latin jazz genres. His lyrical ability is equally impressive; each song tells an engaging tale.

He achieves this through his creative flair and extensive record collection. Additionally, he knows exactly how to put together his style perfectly, which has led to the success of his music.

For the singer, the color of his sunglasses isn't a major consideration since he has an impeccable sense of style. He donned a pair of YEEZY x GAP wraparound shades in a frameless design and complemented them with a black ribbed vest and blue light wash jeans for an effortlessly cool look.

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Steve Lacy Poster

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Gemini Rights Album

Steve Lacy is an up-and-coming alternative R&B singer-songwriter with an impressive list of accomplishments, including playing guitar for acclaimed alternative rock band The Internet and producing songs for Kendrick Lamar. Now, he's releasing his second album Gemini Rights - his most polished work to date.

Although Lacy has a reputation for creating music on his iPhone, he now employs a full production team to bring the songs to life. With influences ranging from funk and soul to R&B, this is an incredibly contemporary sound from Lacy.

Lacy draws inspiration from Sly and The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Prince and more for his music. This timeless sound is given a contemporary spin with the assurance of someone much older.

Gemini Rights sees Lacy revisit the narrative he began with his debut record Apollo XXI: it was an album where he sought to discover himself and prioritized pleasure over self-assurance. Here, Lacy's edgy pop is much better polished; not just its lyrics have improved; the production itself seems much more assured now as well.

At times, the tracks can drift into coffee-table politeness; however, when they do, there's a slinky rhythm that never feels too easygoing. With horns swaying in 'Mercury' and rising R&B star Foushee's vocals on 'Sunshine' providing plenty of pop-heavy hooks.

The album also benefits from producers DJ Dahi (Kendrick Lamar's 'Money Trees') and John Carroll Kirby (Blood Orange's 'Freetown Sound' and Solange's 'When I Get Home'). These additions give the songs a polished edge, which helps balance out some of its more energetic moments.

In addition to the song titles, Lacy chose the name 'Gemini Rights' with its words "gemini" and "rights." Lacy admires this astrological character, so it's no surprise why he chose such an inspiring title for this album. Lacy's lyrics focus on love and life - evidence that the lyrics are just as important to him as the music itself.

Lo-Fis Album

Steve Lacy's The Lo-Fis album is a compilation of sound bites, leaks and unreleased demos made while still in high school.

This album boasts an eclectic mix of funky and romantic songs. It also has a lively bass-line and an enjoyable loop, making for an enjoyable listen.

Atomic Vomit by Lacy is an uptempo tune with a bass riff and drums that makes for great listening. It also has a psychedelic vibe to it with some guitar strums. Finally, Lacy adds her melodic vocal for an almost romantic vibe.

Another song on the album, Jars of It, has a jazzy sound and exudes an uplifted vibe. With its groovy tempo and slow guitar strums, it makes for a very pleasant listen. Finally, Infrunami is another gem; regretful yet romantic all at once - making this track sure to become a hit among those who appreciate it.

This song is one of the best on the album and it offers a truly relaxing experience to listen to. It should definitely be part of any music collection; whether you're feeling down or just lying in bed listening to some relaxing music, this tune will do wonders.

With the release of his album, Lacy has demonstrated his versatility as an artist. His production skills allow him to craft sounds that will fit any genre of music - making him a truly great musician and producer.

Steve Lacy is a young artist who has quickly made himself popular since producing Kendrick Lamar's DAMNback in 2017. Now one of the hottest artists worldwide, his productions have been heard by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Denzel Curry and even The Internet. His sound fuses Alternative R&B/Neo-soul with Psychedelic influences, guaranteeing him longevity in this industry.

Lo-Fis Remixes

Steve Lacy is the singer-songwriter from California's alternative R&B band The Internet. He has released multiple albums, including his debut, Apollo XXI.

He has since released several EPs and singles, as well as collaborations with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Denzel Curry. Currently, he's working on his newest project entitled The Lo-Fis.

This album consists of songs he's written on SoundCloud and range in length from a few minutes to several minutes. However, the overall sound is much more cohesive than his previous works.

Atomic Vomit- is an intriguing track with a great bass-line and drums. Lacy sings about being at a party while under the influence of alcohol in this song, giving off such an upbeat vibe with sweet lyrics.

Another song on the album, Infrunami, is a more poignant track that expresses Lacy's longing for someone who is leaving him behind. It features some lovely guitar strums throughout and provides an enchanting atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.

This song may be short, but it still packs a powerful emotional punch. It depicts Lacy dancing with someone he adores - wanting to keep on going and not stop.

He then goes on to sing about how much he loves them and that they are worth everything. At one point he even goes so far as to describe them as his family, which is quite romantic.

This song has the potential to be truly great, but Lacy still needs to hone his vocal and songwriting abilities. Unfortunately, many of Lacy's previous releases have been disappointing.

Lo-Fis Live

Steve Lacy's Lo-Fis Live concert was an experience for his fans that they will never forget. It was filled with surprises and the close proximity between stage and audience made it even more special for both Lacy and his supporters. Throughout the entire venue, Lacy was able to engage in meaningful conversations with his adoring fans, making the evening even more unforgettable for them all.

The concert began with an energetic opening music interlude that got fans pumped for what was to come. Lacy kicked off his setlist with "Buttons," sending everyone into a frenzy as everyone sang along to it enthusiastically.

After the song ended, Lacy brought his friend and close friend Foushee back onstage to sing some of her songs for the fans. Her voice was so powerful that people screamed her name in awe.

After her song was over, Lacy bowed down to Foushee in what his fans thought was a sweet gesture. Following that, Lacy went on to perform "Sunshine" for their encore.

Fans were in for an unforgettable night! Not only did they get to see one of music's hottest up and coming artists, but it was also an opportunity for them to network and network even further with other industry insiders.

Since his initial success as a member of The Internet, Lacy has been able to craft albums that his fans enjoy listening to. So far he's released two albums: Gemini Rights and Apollo XXI.

In addition to his music, Lacy also has an established social media presence that many are familiar with. He maintains multiple Instagram accounts and even hosts his own podcast on occasion.

He is one of the most sought-after up and coming artists, with many fans eagerly awaiting his tour to come through their area. His newest album Gemini Rights has been a major success with fans, receiving many glowing reviews from critics as well.

After releasing his new album, Steve Lacy is embarking on his "Give You The World" tour. Stopping in multiple cities including Houston where they will perform at Warehouse Live on Tuesday night.

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