Mens Hairstyles Indian

Mens Hairstyles Indian


mens hairstyles indian

Mens hairstyles indian are an excellent way to add some flair and freshness to your style. From buzz cuts to man buns, there are plenty of stylish options for you to choose from!

For guys with thicker hair, opt for a quiff that is slightly shorter in the back and gradually longer on the sides.

Buzz cut

If you want to stand out in a crowd, the buzz cut is an ideal style. Not only is it low maintenance and versatile, but it works for various hair types and face shapes as well.

A buzz cut can be styled in many ways, or you could go au-natural if desired. However, many men prefer using styling products to add volume and texture.

Some men even like to combine the buzz cut with a beard. This can be achieved either with a short buzz cut and wild beard, or with a longer buzz cut and shaved beard.

Another way to rock a buzz cut is with fade haircuts on the sides and back. This will create an eye-catching contrast, plus you can add spikes at the top for added personality.

This cut offers plenty of texture, making it ideal for Indian hair. It features an almost spiky part on the left, swooped part on the right and fuzzy taper at the sides.

The swooped part and the spikey part can be styled with gel, pomade or wax depending on your preferences. You could also use a brush to create some interesting textures and patterns which will set your style apart from others.

A razor line can be added to a buzz cut, creating sharper lines around the temples and nape. Barbers typically use a trimmer for this effect; however, you can easily achieve it yourself using regular razor or clippers.

Finally, if you have a widow's peak, consider getting a buzz cut to enhance it further. This will make your hair stand out more and provide you with either an urban-chic vibe or something casual and trendy.

Indian boys of all ages often sport the buzz cut haircut. This low-maintenance style can be worn to work, parties and weddings alike and styled using a variety of products such as sea salt spray, gel or pomade.

Man bun

Indian men can effortlessly achieve the classic man bun, which is both stylish and low maintenance. This hairstyle works especially well for guys with long locks who don't want to use too much product when styling them.

The man bun is an ideal style choice for everyday wear and special occasions when you need to look polished and professional. Not only does it keep your locks out of the way, but it looks great on almost anyone!

The man bun is one of the most sought-after hairstyles for Indian men, and it's easy to understand why. In an age when breaking away from tradition is harder than ever before, this style serves as a symbol of courage and individualism.

The man bun is an effortless hairstyle for guys with wavy or curly locks. Not only does this style show off your locks' texture, but it also brings out your personality!

Another popular hairstyle for guys with long locks is the top knot. Similar to the man bun, but more stylish, this hairstyle works great even if you have thick hair.

Indian men with long hair often opt for the half-up bun hairstyle. Similar to the classic man bun, but more textured, this hairstyle can be styled in various ways.

For a unique style, why not try spiking your man bun? Spiking your hair is an enjoyable way to add some flare and pizzazz to any ensemble.

Spiking your hair is easy! Use gel or wax, use a comb, and straighten with a blow dryer for the perfect style!

Spiking your hair successfully requires using the appropriate amount and method. Only use products specifically tailored for your type of hair.

Messy hair

Messy hair is a widely beloved men's hairstyle in India. Not only is it easy to maintain, but also allows for bold statements with your locks. Plus, this style can boost volume and conceal receding or bald spots on the head.

There are a few ways to achieve this look, but the most stylish is by tying your hair into a man bun. This timeless style works for both formal and casual events alike.

An alternative way to achieve this look is by using a brush up style with multiple textures. This style features an almost spikey part on the left, swooped portion on the right and fuzzy taper at the sides.

Men with curly or wavy hair have many great options for styling products and tools that add natural bounce back into their locks, without needing extra products or tools for styling. This type of option works great to add natural bounce back into your locks without needing extra styling products or tools.

Indian men with curly or wavy hair have several great styling options to choose from, including textured hairstyles. Not only is this style unique, but it adds an element of texture that sets you apart from others in the crowd.

It's essential to use the appropriate hair products for your locks. Some great choices include pomades, waxes and gels with all-day hold.

Additionally, you should limit the use of heat or synthetic hair products. Select products based on your hair type, texture, style and length for best results.

When selecting an Indian mens hairstyle, Hrithik Roshan's wavy mop is unbeatable. This cut is ideal for tall men with chiselled jaw lines and heart-shaped faces.

This hairstyle is perfect for women who want a stylish and eye-catching style. Not only will it make you stand out in the crowd, but also keeps your locks healthy and glossy.

Long hair

India offers an array of hairstyles to suit every man's lifestyle, age, face shape and hair type. Additionally, external influences like fashion trends, celebrities or sportspersons can influence these hairstyles too.

Indian men looking to express themselves can opt for long hair. It has become one of the most sought-after and fashionable haircuts among men.

This style is ideal for men with thick and wavy hair. To complete the look, add a beard or mustache.

Another popular hairstyle for Indian men is the quiff. This modern haircut can come in several styles, from short and choppy to tall and long depending on how you style it.

Quiffs require minimal upkeep and can be done from home with ease. Simply wash your hair, comb through, or use gels or waxes to keep the style in place while styling from the sides.

For a more texture-driven style, try applying texture with your brush up. This is an easy way to achieve an effortlessly stylish yet casual look that's great all year long.

This style will give you the look of a man who enjoys life to the fullest. It's an incredibly versatile cut that looks great with any outfit.

Men with thick or wavy hair who want to add volume can benefit from this hairstyle. It is ideal for casual occasions and pairs well with a shirt and jeans for men of all ages.

Indian men looking for a unique hairstyle should try adding side parts. Not only is this style easy to maintain, but it looks great with beards or mustaches as well.

Create this style using a good brush, or you could even trim your hair and side-comb it. Either way, this style is sure to leave an impression on everyone you pass!

Add volume to your long hair by curling it or using hot hair spray - a popular look among Bollywood actors! This will give you an effortlessly chic yet seductive appearance!

mens hairstyles in 1920

Mens Hairstyles in 1920

In the 1920s, men took pride in their hair and strived to keep it neat yet fashionable.

The sleek, effortless styles from that decade are back in fashion! If you're searching for a dapper look, you've come to the right place!

This style is ideal for guys with thin short hair. Simply add some styling gel, comb it back, and you'll have a classic 1920s style!

Slicked Back

For men with short, straight hair, the slicked back hairstyle is an effortless way to achieve a polished appearance. All it requires is combing back your locks with some product; no curling or straightening tools necessary!

Men who want to look their best and make a statement should definitely try this style. But there are some things you should keep in mind before making the plunge.

To achieve the slicked back look, begin by washing your hair with shampoo that has a strong hold. Next, blow dry it using a blow dryer before brushing back any loose hairs and fixing with pomade or gel for extra hold power. Finally, spray on some hairspray to make sure your style doesn't stray during the day and fall apart.

Slicing back your hair can be tricky with curly or thick hair, but with practice you'll be able to master this style in no time. You could also try this style on shorter locks for an added dimension and convenience.

Slicked back hairstyles are often associated with corporate life, but they can also be donned by rockabilly actors and musicians to add a rebellious flair. Men who want to express themselves more masculinely and stand out from their peers are increasingly turning towards this look as time passes.

For a modern take on the classic slicked back style, consider trying out a fade haircut. This style features tapered sides and an upright back, giving off the appearance of a classic slick back while still expressing your individual taste in fashion.

If you're not a fan of the traditional slicked-back hairstyle, consider trying out a combed-back style instead. This easy hairstyle requires minimal product and effort to maintain, making it perfect for busy men on the go.

A comb-over is a trendy hairstyle that has gained popularity in recent years. Similar to the classic slicked back, this style utilizes a comb to create a small quiff at the front of the head.

Side Part

The side part is a timeless men's hairstyle that has been around for some time. Its clean, classic aesthetic makes it suitable for many special occasions.

Easy to maintain, minimal styling is needed and the right products will keep it in place all day long. This makes a great option for those wanting something simple yet stylish and modern - especially if they work in an office environment.

Another great choice for a clean side part is to go with a fade haircut. This type of style takes the sides and back relatively short, leaving the top hair longer for an updated aesthetic.

In the 1920s, this hairstyle became increasingly popular among men. Paired with a tapered cut, it required minimal upkeep since there was no side shaving involved.

This side part with this style of cut is highly versatile and works well for thick or coarse hair. Men who want to add texture without overdoing it will find this style ideal.

This style can be achieved using a comb and some hair gel, or by creating texture in the strands with your fingers. It's an interesting alternative to slicked back hairstyles and will make you stand out in a crowd.

For a sleek and masculine style, try pairing your hairstyle with a side-swept quiff. This is an ideal option for when you're heading out to dinner or an elegant event.

To achieve this type of hairstyle, you will need a short length of top hair and some quality product for your locks. Use strong hold gel to keep the style in place throughout the day.

Although a side part can be flattering for all face shapes, certain facial features might lend themselves better to this style. These include square, oval and triangle faces; they may pull off this hairstyle easily but should avoid high Fades that will expose their jawline.


In 1920, men donned the iconic greaser hairstyle to express their masculinity, attitude, and style. Inspired by the iconic movie Grease, this hairstyle became a popular choice during that era and set the stage for many slick combovers and pompadours that would follow it into modernity.

Men used hair pomades in the early 20th century to keep their slicked-back hairstyles looking neat and tidy. But as men began opting for more natural-looking styles in the 1960s and 1970s, hair pomade use began to decline.

If you're searching for a way to add volume and flair to your greasy strands, try the side bun. This sleek and sassiessy style can be achieved by prepping your roots with hair gel like L'Oreal Paris Studio Line Clean Gel before brushing tresses towards both sides of your head.

A side braid is an easy way to add some pizzazz and flair to greasy hair, especially when accessorizing with a dapper-looking hat. Simply brush your locks toward either side of your head, gather three equally-sized strands, and weave them away. When you reach the ends, secure them securely with a hair tie before adding a glitzy headband of your choice on top for the finishing touch!

Another great solution for oily hair is the classic half bun. This simple style masks any greasy roots by framing your face nicely, and it's easy to maintain by spraying with dry shampoo (we suggest Emerge Style Goals Gel).

Our pick for greasy hair is the sleek slicked back braid, as it offers an effortless elegance that leaves strands feeling clean and polished. Stylist Justine Marjan recommends prepping the roots with hair spray or gel to achieve a matte finish and polished appearance.

This style is particularly flattering for those with long, curly hair, like actress Yara Shahidi who donned it with long strands parted down the middle and styled into tight finger waves. The texture of her tresses adds to its glam factor and helps it stand out from other messy hairstyles.


The quiff is a timeless men's hairstyle that has been around for centuries. Not only does it stand out from the crowd, but it's also very versatile and easy to style.

The hairstyle has evolved considerably since its inception and remains an adaptable concept that appeals to people of all ages, professions, hair types and face shapes. Due to its low maintenance requirements, people can choose whether to leave it almost completely natural or trim it for a more polished and groomed appearance depending on personal preferences.

A quiff is a timeless hairstyle that incorporates elements of pompadours, fauxhawks and fades. It features longer locks at the front while shorter ones in the back and sides.

This classic cut can be an ideal choice for older men with receding hairlines. It also flatters men with fuller cheeks and wider faces, adding volume to the upper portion of their heads and helping to balance out a round face.

Modern-day styles can feature a range of textures and features, such as spikes or a pointed peak. They may also be paired with handlebar mustaches, shaved lines or quiff fringe to create unique looks.

Another variation of the quiff is known as a rockabilly quiff, which features a slightly shorter pompadour style with traditional side parts and fade-in from the sides to the top. This look has been popularized by figures such as Elvis Presley and James Dean but it's also an up-and-coming trend today.

A quiff can be an ideal style choice for men looking to add volume and drama to their look. It can be styled in various ways, such as slicking back on the sides and back, which gives it more texture and makes styling easier.

In the 1920s, this hairstyle was a popular choice for both women and men. It featured several texturising techniques that created strong yet slightly damp-looking ringlets and bends.

One popular texturising technique was the finger wave, which involved molding your hair in a zigzag strip along the forehead with a fishtail comb and finishing off with some pomade.

Mens Hairstyles Professional

Mens hairstyles can make a significant impact on your image. That is why it is essential to select a style that complements both your personality and tastes.

Fortunately, there are plenty of men's haircuts suitable for the professional setting. Whether you want a contemporary take on classic business style or simply need an easy update to your appearance, we've got plenty of options to choose from.

A side part is an adaptable haircut that works on any hair length. It's ideal for businessmen who want to appear sharp, as well as men looking to dress more casually. Furthermore, those with thick or curly locks often opt for this style.

To achieve an ideal part, start with freshly washed hair and apply styling product. You can choose from various options like pomade, gel, wax or clay and massage it into your locks until evenly distributed. Finally, comb through all your locks into one parting.

Once your hair has been combed into a defined part, style it with the aid of either a brush or comb. If your locks are thin or fine, you may require creamier products to maintain the style throughout the day.

Your ideal side part will depend on your hair growth pattern and the shape of your face. Round faces look best with a straight or squared-off side part, while heart and oblong shapes benefit from a less extreme fade.

For the ideal side part, consult with your barber about the ideal style. A classic side part will give off a formal and authoritative vibe, while bolder cuts allow for greater individuality in crowds.

When selecting a side part for your face shape, you have two options: shorter sides for guys with narrow faces and longer ones for those with wide features.

Create the ideal side part with ease, but it's essential to get the style right. For a businessman look, opt for minimal volume in your cut with no additional product; adding volume will make your cut more suitable for an evening out on the town.

Popular hairstyles include the wavy top, comb over fade and taper fade. For something edgier like a French crop, you can opt for more elements of your style by mixing and matching components of your style to achieve an individual appearance.

Short Hair

One of the best ways to look professional is by having your hair cut short. Whether you have naturally wavy or thick textured locks, a business haircut can help tame those locks and give you confidence when entering the workplace.

When selecting a haircut, there are plenty of styles to consider. Your barber can advise which cut works best for your face shape and lifestyle.

The classic Caesar cut is one of the classic men's haircuts that has stood the test of time. This style features shorter back and sides with longer hair on top, giving you room to customize its length according to personal style and work environment.

For men with straight hair, this cut is an ideal option as the longer section can be twisted and pulled into a man bun or ponytail. It's low maintenance and versatile enough for any face shape - oval, square or triangular!

Another popular short haircut for men is the textured crop. This style features very short hair in the back and sides with up to an inch-and-a-half long on top. It's a great way to add some texture to your locks while looking ruggedly handsome.

Spiky short hair was all the rage in the '90s, making it an ideal option for a cool take on the classic mullet haircut. To achieve this retro hairstyle, separate strands into spiky sections and then use styling paste or clay to give them a matte finish.

George Clooney has brought back the comb-over, making it a go-to cut for guys with early signs of thinning or balding hair. You can wear this style either high or low and keep your locks in control using some product.

A fringe with a fade is an assertive, masculine style that's sure to leave an impression on those around you. This men's hairstyle will boost your self-confidence and showcase your individual sense of style.

Long Hair

As a businessman, it's essential that your hair looks professional so that clients and bosses take notice. There are plenty of professional men's hairstyles to choose from for this purpose.

Starting off is a great place to begin when choosing your hairstyle. Experimenting with different short haircuts will give you an idea of which type works best for your face shape and personality.

For instance, if your face shape is round, a comb over style may look nice. This style helps control the volume of your locks and transform it into an effortlessly stylish aesthetic.

Another classic hairstyle that works well for any face type is the side part. This hairstyle is ideal for professional men since it can be styled with short, medium or long locks on top.

Add texture and dimension to your professional hairstyle by applying pomade to the side part with a natural finish. This will give it an updated, edgy look that's still timeless.

Finally, a buzz cut is one of the most versatile short professional hairstyles and looks great with either a trimmed beard or mustache. Additionally, this men's style has a clean and tidy aesthetic that would fit well in an office environment.

For guys with thick or curly hair, a fade is the ideal professional style. This style will help control those unruly curls and keep them looking neat throughout the day.

A textured comb over is a stylish men's hairstyle that flatters many face shapes. Round faces especially benefit from this style due to the extra height, which helps draw attention away from your facial features and create an oval-shaped profile.

For a classic men's hairstyle, opt for a crew cut with short sides and longer hair on top. This classic option is popular among many men and looks professional in any setting.

Messy Hair

Messy hairstyles offer a casual aesthetic without compromising comfort, making them the ideal choice for men who like to keep things simple. Not only that, but they're easy to maintain too - making them an ideal choice for those who are always on-the-go.

No matter your hair type or face shape, a mens hairstyle professional can style you into an attractive and stylish messy style with just some products. It is important to select the correct product for your style in order to achieve optimal results.

Aside from gels, pomades and matte-effect products, texturizing clay is another great option for creating a more organic look. This type of styling aid works best on medium length messy hairstyles because they help keep the style in place while adding some texture and movement.

For optimal results, begin by washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that contain natural ingredients. Afterward, apply a light-to-medium hold product from root to tip.

Once you've achieved your desired style, use a back comb to create a side part and pull your hair up into a quiff. For added hold, run some sea salt spray for men or styling mousse through your locks to secure it in place.

This classic men's hairstyle can suit most face shapes and hair types, but it may require some practice to perfect. Consult your salon about how best to achieve the ideal look for you.

Be mindful when styling a loose, messy style to avoid tight ponytails or dreadlocks that might ruin the desired effect. A loose top knot can help keep your hair out of your face while still creating that desired relaxed, messy aesthetic.

If your hair is long, a messy side part can give off an effortlessly chic style that's sure to stay in fashion. Men with thicker locks may find this trend especially appealing since it allows them to experiment with funky looks while still appearing sophisticated.

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