Men's Hairstyles From the 1980s

Men's Hairstyles From the 1980s


80s mens hairstyles

The 1980s were an amazing era to be alive, filled with pop culture, music and fashion that defined the decade.

The 80s saw the birth of some iconic hairstyles for men - from mullets to long curly mops. Now these timeless 80s mens hairstyles are making a comeback in modern times.

Long Comb Over With Texture

The long comb over with texture was a popular hair style in the 80s. If you have straight or curly locks, this simple style is ideal as it requires minimal styling and time to create.

Men with short or medium hair length can look especially stylish sporting this haircut. To soften its overall effect, add a side part for added definition.

To achieve this look, you need to take care of your hair before styling it. Use a quality shampoo and conditioner which will keep your locks healthy and shiny.

Next, apply a hair styling product throughout your locks. This could include pomade, wax or putty. We suggest using a brush if you have thin or thick hair to keep the product in place.

After you finish combing your hair, move it forward and find a natural part that can be combed over the rest of your locks. Alternatively, you could comb up for added volume.

Once you have a nice, neat comb over, you can start to shape your hair into the desired style. Use either a brush or pomade to help achieve that sleek and wet-looking finish.

For a more textured style, use a teasing comb to tease your hair's roots and apply styling products for added volume and dimension. Try adding mousse or foam for additional volume as well.

You can even comb your hair up and pull it back for a quiff or spiked style with this haircut. Just be mindful not to overdo it.

To get the ideal style for this haircut, consult a stylist who knows how to do it well. They will create the ideal shape for your face and ensure it looks sharp and contemporary.

This haircut is both fashionable and timeless, making it the perfect choice for formal events. Pairing it with a suit will further enhance your overall aesthetic.

Punk Mohawk

In the 1980s, young men loved sporting punk mohawks. It's an edgy and wild style that can be paired with either a taper or braided sides for an eye-catching ensemble.

Though this style may not suit everyone, it's an excellent option if you want to experiment with colors or bleach for a unique look that speaks to who you are.

One popular hairstyle from the '80s is feathered hair. Created for mid-length hair, it involves cutting layers and center-parting them before pushing strands back. This can give wider faces an even wider appearance and is great for men with angular features.

Give a pompadour a punk makeover with hair gel and some brushes. This style is simple to achieve and looks awesome.

Men who want to stand out from their peers and express their rebellious side should consider getting a long shaved Mohawk hairdo. This hairstyle has an aggressive military vibe and can be tailored for various work settings.

This Mohawk style features less extreme spikes than some of its counterparts, yet it still gives off an edgy punk rock vibe. Add some funky colors like pink or orange to give it a unique, eye-catching style that stands out from all others.

You'll need to refresh your hairstyle often, as the texture and dye may fade quickly. You can purchase shears and dyes for this task on your own or visit a hairstylist who specializes in doing these type of touch-ups.

If your hair is thicker or coarser, you may need to add more product or use different shampoos and conditioners in order to maintain its vibrancy. Furthermore, avoid using certain products such as bleach on your locks since they can damage them.

Shaggy Layered Hairstyle

This season, the shaggy layered hairstyle from the 80s is back in fashion. This easy yet sophisticated style works for men of all face shapes, hair lengths and textures alike.

The classic shag hairstyle for men can be styled with or without bangs, depending on your preferred look. Bangs add some definition to a wide forehead or an oblong face shape.

Shaggy layers can also be great with wavy or curly hair, adding texture and giving curls extra bounce so they stand out from the rest of your mane.

If your hairstyle is straight, shaggy layers can add volume by framing each side. Layers may also be beneficial for men with thick locks that are difficult to manage.

Another way to add dimension and thickness to your shaggy haircut is with color. There are many shades available, from vibrant pinks to neutral browns and blacks. These hues will give depth to your locks for a look that's truly unique.

Shaggy hairstyles can be challenging to pull off, but with the right cuts and layers you can make it work. In fact, short shaggy hairstyles may even be ideal for guys who don't want their heads covered in long locks but still desire this style.

If your goal is to recreate an iconic shaggy hairstyle from the '80s, it's essential that you select the correct color. While it may be tempting to go for something bolder, opt for classic hues that will complement your natural skin tone and emphasize any heavy textures in your locks.

A light dusting of pinks or golden striations can help bring out the smoothness of your upper layers, giving off a softer overall aesthetic. Furthermore, this cut provides additional length if your hair is on the shorter side.

Fringe and Angled Combed Back

The 80s marked a period of dramatic transformation in popular culture. From music to clothing, this decade saw numerous fashion advances that would influence generations to come. Nowadays, some of the most beloved hairstyles from the 80s are enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

One of the iconic haircuts for men during this decade was the fringe and angled comb back. This style is ideal for those who want to add some personality and flair without committing to a full-blown hairdo.

This hairstyle is ideal for guys with naturally straight or wavy locks. The short fringe and angled comb back can help frame your face and showcase your personality.

A side part is ideal for this style as it softens square and oval face shapes, especially if you want to draw attention to your chiseled features.

To achieve this look, either brush your hair back or tie it into a bun. Either way, make sure to use dry shampoo on the bangs to keep them from becoming oilier than the rest of your locks.

Another great style to try is textured fringe. This hairstyle allows you to show off your beautiful curls while looking sophisticated and polished. Additionally, it's perfect for those who aren't confident enough to grow out their locks long.

Textured fringe is one of the simplest styles to achieve, making it perfect for those with curly locks. The soft ringlet curls add subtle dimension and provide soft texture without taking too much time to maintain.

Create the perfect fringe with just a touch of gel or some wax. Your curls can then be twisted or shaped to achieve the perfect style.

This 80s hairstyle is ideal for men who want to add some flair to their locks. It looks good on men of all hair types and can be paired with a variety of outfits. Furthermore, this slick style works perfectly when wearing suits.

mens hairstyles medium long

Sexy Mens Hairstyles For Medium Long Hair

Once your short hair has grown out, it's time to explore some sultry medium length mens hairstyles. These cuts can work on either straight, wavy, curly, or thick locks alike.

For optimal results, keep your strands smooth and glossy. Apply some wax to each strand before blow drying for a touchable sheen.

Spiky Haircut

Spiky hair styles are an excellent way to add some flair and masculinity to your ensemble. Plus, they're easy to keep up with and can be worn at any length.

Men often opt for this style due to its suitability. Additionally, those seeking a more casual or unruly aesthetic will find this cut ideal.

First and foremost, select a haircut that flatters your face shape and hair texture. Consult a hairstylist to determine which spiky haircut works best for you.

Another essential consideration when styling your locks is the type of product you use. Select a pomade, clay, hairspray, powder or wax that complements both your spiky cut and thickness of locks for best results.

Once you have the hair product, work it into the part of your hair you wish to spike. You can do this either with your hands or a comb/brush.

It is recommended to use a product with strong hold so your style stays put all day long. This is especially critical for those with spiky hairstyles, which can be difficult to keep in place without an effective hold.

Depending on the thickness of your locks, you may need more product than for short spiky hair. Experiment with different amounts of conditioner so that you can find what works best for your individual style.

Therefore, it's wise to bring a picture of the spiky hairstyle you wish to achieve when visiting your hairstylist so they can create a cut that flatters both your features and personality.

Shag Haircut

The shag haircut is an effortlessly cool and casual men's hairstyle that works well for business or social gatherings. It looks great on men of all ages and hair types alike.

Shag cuts can be either shaved or layered, depending on your preference. Layering gives your hair volume and movement, making it more captivating than a straight cut.

Shags can also be made to appear more natural, especially if your locks are already naturally wavy or curly. To enhance the texture, work some curl cream or got2b(r) glued spiking wax through your strands for softness and dimension in your style.

Shag haircuts can be great fun for men of all ages and hair types, but it's essential to consult your stylist first about the right type for you. They will advise on the ideal length, layers, and thickness suited to your particular locks.

The shag haircut is an edgy style that can be worn either short or long. It's perfect for men who want to express themselves creatively or possess a strong sense of fashion.

Men with blonde or light blonde hair may want to consider this hairstyle, as it helps conceal any split ends that may appear on your locks. Actor Owen Wilson has been sporting a very similar hairstyle for years, and it looks fantastic!

Layered shag hairstyles are great for all hair types and give you the opportunity to try different looks. Pair it with a side part for an interesting twist on the classic slick shag.

Bro Flow Haircut

The Bro Flow Haircut is a trendy men's hairstyle that features medium to long locks flowing backward. This style works best on men with either wavy or curly locks, but can also be used to create an elegant look for other hair types and textures.

The bro flow is the ideal option for men who want to look relaxed yet professional at the same time. It requires minimal styling and upkeep, making it a great choice.

Many celebrities are known to appreciate the bro flow hairstyle, such as Keanu Reeves, Bradley Cooper and Dev Patel.

Celebrities love this style because it flatters a variety of face shapes and hair types. Dress it up or down for any special occasion to suit your individuality.

Another reason why many celebrities favor the bro flow style of hair is that it offers them a simple and convenient way to style it. It requires minimal upkeep, plus can be layered or styled differently for different looks.

If you want the look of a Bro Flow, the first step is to grow out your hair to your desired length. This may take some time, so be patient and use quality shampoos and conditioners to promote follicle growth.

Once your hair is at the desired length, styling becomes much simpler. For optimal results, use a high-quality brush to thoroughly comb through your locks for smooth results.

The benefit of the Bro Flow Haircut is its ease of maintenance compared to other shorter styles. This makes it a great option for guys who don't have enough time or energy to get their locks cut regularly.

Straight Haircut

Men with medium length locks have many styling options to choose from, including the straight hair cut which can be tailored to create any look imaginable. Whether you prefer something casual or more professional, your barber can assist in finding the ideal style suited for your face shape and hair type.

No matter what option you select, make sure to take time regularly for hair care and stick with a shampoo schedule. This will keep your locks looking their best while preventing them from getting oily or greasy too quickly, which could lead to damaged strands.

If your hair is thick and luscious, there are many ways to style it. Try wearing a half-up style, braid your locks, or tie your mane in an elegant ponytail.

To avoid becoming too monotone, add some highlights to your strands. This will add depth and contrast, giving your new style a red-carpet vibe.

Add some flair to your hair by sporting bangs. Though bangs may be eye-catching, they may not be suitable for everyone so be sure to consult with your stylist before adding them in.

When you're ready to try this popular style, rake a small amount of pomade or gel through damp hair and then smooth with a fine-tooth comb and edge control brush. For an even sleeker finish, use either a blow dryer or straightener to give your locks more body.

To finish off your new haircut, add a side-swept fringe to balance out your face shape and create some movement in your strands. Use a soft-hold hairspray to hold it in place without making it appear too rigid or pointy.

Side-Swept Comb Over Haircut

The side-swept comb over hairstyle is a popular men's haircut that can be styled to any length or texture of hair. This cut works especially well for those with wavy or curly locks.

The comb over is a timeless style that's become modern and trendy. It makes an excellent choice for office or casual wear, and styling it with the correct product is easy.

For a flawless comb over, use either pomade or hair wax that provides maximum hold and slight sheen. You may also opt to use a blow dryer to give your style extra definition.

A comb over haircut is ideal for long and thick hair, but it's also a popular choice for short haircuts. To achieve an elegant and stylish comb over, part your hair on one side and use a comb to brush the other half up.

Comb over hairstyles require less maintenance than other styles, making them the perfect low-maintenance choice. Mikal Zack from Lefty's Barbershop left some length at the fringe to add some pompadour flair to this natural look.

For a modern take on the side-swept comb over hairstyle, try an undercut variation. This hairstyle has short sides cropped very short with clippers and longer hair at the top combed to one side.

Is luka doncic playing tonight

Is Luka Doncic Playing Tonight Against the Sacramento Kings?

If you are a Dallas Mavericks fan, then you will be eager to see if Luka Doncic will play tonight against the Sacramento Kings. This game has huge significance for both teams as they both remain in the playoff race.

Doncic has been ruled out of this game due to a heel contusion, but coach Jason Kidd expressed optimism that he may be able to play Friday or Saturday night.

What is Luka Doncic’s injury?

On Saturday night, Dallas Mavericks fans may get to witness their new star duo of Kyrie Irving and Luka Doncic playing together. After joining forces in a major trade with the Brooklyn Nets before the trade deadline, it's expected that they will take turns controlling the offense and being the primary ballhandler in their backcourt.

Fantasy points could be plentiful for Doncic, who is averaging 33.4 points and 8.9 rebounds per game this season. The Mavericks have been performing well since Doncic's acquisition, but they must keep an eye on his health going forward.

Doncic has not played in any of his team's past four games and is expected to miss at least one more against the Sacramento Kings after suffering a right heel contusion Thursday night against the New Orleans Pelicans. While trying to drive to the basket, Doncic collided with New Orleans big man Jonas Valanciunas and forward Brandon Ingram, falling awkwardly onto his back before hitting his heel on the floor.

Doncic's impressive performance was cut short due to an injury, as he scored 31 points in 23 minutes while adding eight rebounds and four assists for the victory over the Pelicans.

Due to Doncic's injury being ruled out for Friday's matchup against the Kings, we can anticipate Jaden Hardy and McKinley Wright taking up most of the minutes. It appears unlikely any other players will move from their usual spots on the bench; however Josh Green and Reggie Bullock could potentially have to increase their workloads.

If Doncic decides to play against the Kings, he's likely under strict minutes restriction and could become a major target for defenses, potentially impacting his value in fantasy basketball. On the other hand, his presence could also help boost Mavericks offense if he plays plenty of minutes; thus it's best to monitor his status prior to Saturday's game.

Doncic has been working diligently to recover from his right heel contusion, and ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski and Callie Caplan report that Doncic is considered "day-to-day". According to Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, Doncic is making progress but it could still require him to miss some games before being fully healthy.

Will Luka Doncic play tonight?

Luka Doncic is an exciting young basketball player who has quickly earned the admiration of basketball fans. He was named one of the NBA's top prospects and looks set to remain a staple in the league for years to come.

Doncic is averaging 33.4 points, 8.9 rebounds and 8.4 assists per game this season, which has become a major reason why the Dallas Mavericks are in fourth place in the Western Conference. His game has also improved dramatically this year; making him one of the favorites to win the NBA MVP award.

He was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and began playing basketball at a young age for Union Olimpija's youth teams. Later he joined Real Madrid's youth academy where he became their youngest ever player.

As a teenager, Doncic was selected to play for the Slovenian national team and has earned himself a place on the All-Tournament Team in all of his country's competitions. Additionally, he became the youngest European-born player ever to start an All-Star Game when he participated in All-Star 2020 in Chicago.

After joining the Mavericks in a draft-day trade, Doncic has quickly made himself a star in Dallas. In his first season with the team, he averaged 24.9 points and 8.3 rebounds per game; currently his season-high is 33.4 points, 8.9 rebounds, and 8 assists per game.

Doncic has been on fire this year, averaging 11.3 free throw attempts per game and boasting career highs in field goal percentage (50%) and 3-point shooting (35.3%).

Doncic has had an impressive season so far, but he's still young and has yet to reach his full potential. Even with all this success, Doncic continues to improve every game.

He's been impressive in his first few games with the Mavericks, averaging 23 points, 8 rebounds and 7 assists while shooting 50 percent from the field and 40 percent from deep. Plus he's playing excellent defense which is starting to show results for Dallas.

Is Luka Doncic ready to play?

On Saturday night, with two games against the Sacramento Kings set to be played, many are eager to see if Luka Doncic will return from his ankle injury. After missing three games earlier in the month due to it, Doncic is expected to suit up against the Kings on Saturday night.

Doncic has already amassed an impressive portfolio in his time in the NBA, potentially positioning him to become one of the game's greatest players ever. This season he led the league in both scoring and assists, while also showing his ability to elevate his team when called upon in big ways.

Doncic, 23, has only appeared in 47 games this season but his play already showcases the potential that could make him one of basketball's biggest stars. Already boasting career highs in scoring, assists, rebounds and steals, Doncic is on track to be a force throughout years to come.

As the season nears its conclusion, Doncic is averaging over 30 points and shooting at an impressive rate that places him among the leaders in three-point shooting. His stellar statistics have dispelled any doubts about his elite potential and propelled him to the top of his position in fantasy drafts.

He's been hitting the free throw line at an impressive rate, averaging 11.3 attempts per game. This has helped him break the all-time scoring record in the NBA and put him ahead of Giannis Antetokounmpo as the only player to accomplish this milestone in three seasons.

His incredible numbers have earned him a place among the top five for Rookie of the Year voting and Kia Most Valuable Player voting this season, as well as being named to this year's All-NBA First Team. Just a few seasons removed from being considered one of Europe's top prospects, he's already built an incredible reputation that will only grow stronger over time in the league.

Will Luka Doncic play against the Kings?

Luka Doncic was the leading scorer in the NBA this season, but hasn't played since February 1st due to a right heel contusion. He's likely to miss at least one more game before returning to action; however, head coach Jason Kidd remains optimistic that Doncic can return on Friday or Saturday against Sacramento Kings.

Doncic's return will be instrumental for the Mavericks, who have scored a league-high 112 points per game in their two games since trading Kyrie Irving to Dallas earlier this week. With Doncic and Irving together on the court together, Dallas will have two primary ball handlers capable of tallies against any opponent.

Doncic has been an incredible force this season, averaging 33.4 points, 8.9 rebounds and 8.4 assists per game while shooting 50.4% from the field, 35.3 percent from three-point range and making a career-high 11.3 free throw attempts per contest. With Doncic joining forces with the Mavericks this season, Dallas could be in for an exciting journey ahead.

With 82 games left to play, the Mavericks are on track to break their franchise record for most points scored in a season. With Doncic and Irving back, they will have an even stronger duo that can propel them to new heights and compete for the title this year.

Doncic was an integral part of Real Madrid's team that won the EuroLeague championship in 2018. Throughout that tournament, Doncic averaged 20.3 points and 7.6 assists per game while leading his country to victory over Serbia.

Since joining the Mavericks in 2018, Doncic has quickly blossomed into a star player in his early NBA career. His skill and European flair have cemented him as one of the league's most sought-after players, earning him numerous awards and endorsement deals along the way.

Doncic is one of the most promising young players in the NBA and has much to look forward to. He could potentially become a future superstar for Dallas as they aim for another championship this season; currently ranked third among NBA scorers.

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