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tina fey comedy movies

Tina Fey Comedy Movies

Tina Fey, star of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live, has a knack for taking on complex roles that balance comedy with drama. As an accomplished actress, Tina can carry a film by herself but truly shines when surrounded by talented others.

Baby Mama (2008)

Tina Fey is one of the smartest, most talented comedy actresses working today. She should be able to portray Kate Holbrook, a woman who experiences pregnancy fever and desires a child.

Kate, VP for an organic grocery store, decides to pursue IVF and hires Amy Poehler as her surrogate to carry her egg. But things take an unexpected turn when Kate makes friends with Angie Ostrowski (Poehler), the trailer trash Gwen Stefani-wannabe with money-drunk boyfriend Carl (Dax Shepard).

Michael McCullers' directorial debut as director of this film - directed by former Saturday Night Live writer who also scripted the Austin Powers sequels - features plenty of laughs but is overstuffed with tired gags that lack social relevance and edginess. Furthermore, it fails to capture the social relevance and edginess of recent comedies.

It's impossible not to admire the chemistry between Fey and Poehler, especially when they share scenes together. Their performances are often quite funny, making for an entertaining movie experience.

In addition, the cast is excellent: Steve Martin from "Austin Powers" stars as Barry, an eccentric boss at a natural foods grocery store; Greg Kinnear plays a health food store owner who hates Jamba Juice; and Holland Taylor portrays Rose - Kate's mother.

McCullers' script, however, falls flat; it seems to have jumped from Saturday Night Live straight into rom-com territory. Though it is billed as a comedy, it only really gets going in the last quarter of the movie and leans heavily on slapstick and hysterical gags with no meaningful takeaway to offer.

Mean Girls (2008)

Tina Fey's teen comedy Mean Girls (2008) follows Cady Heron (Linday Lohan), a home-schooled girl who moves to suburban Illinois. As she attempts to fit in and make friends, Cady finds herself drawn towards The Plastics--three popular rivals led by Regina George--whose antics become increasingly dangerous as time passes.

Cady struggles to overthrow her rivals, but quickly discovers that crossing a Queen Bee will result in being stung. Fortunately, with the support of Janis and Damian, Cady is able to achieve her objectives.

The film was inspired by Rosalind Wiseman's 2002 novel Queen Bees and Wannabes, which depicts female high school social cliques. Additionally, it examines the damaging effects of bullying on teenagers.

Mean Girls is not only a fantastic film, but it's also an award-winning musical. An adaptation of the movie will hit Broadway in 2018, and viewers can't wait!

Not only has Mean Girls been modernized for today's digital world, but it also includes songs from the original film. This hilarious production will surely have your kids laughing out loud.

Other than some minor issues, the musical is an enjoyable and sassiest show that will have you singing along. Its premise is completely accurate, while its songs are catchy and clever.

Parents would enjoy watching this show with their kids because it has plenty of sassiness and an encouraging message about bullying. You don't have to be mean in order to have a good friend, and calling someone ugly only serves to make them look worse.

Furthermore, the cast is highly talented and they all possess amazing voices. They sing and dance beautifully together, making for an entertaining watch on Broadway. Hopefully this musical will become a major success!

Date Night (2010)

Date Night is a comedy that follows two people as they embark on an intimate night at a luxurious Manhattan restaurant. Although it may not be Tina Fey's funniest movie ever, the film still provides plenty of laughs.

Steve Carell and Tina Fey's chemistry in this film is excellent, as they have some hilarious banter and a lot of fun together. Even if the plotline doesn't always make sense, it makes for an enjoyable movie nonetheless.

This film is PG-13 comedy that has some humorous moments. There are some thrilling car chases and an engaging Mexican standoff, plus both leads do a great job performing their roles.

However, the film has several issues with its plot line. Written by Josh Klausner, the script isn't particularly strong. The slapstick moments are hilarious and both leads do a great job; however, things take an unfortunate turn when characters find themselves in hazardous situations.

The movie was shot with digital cameras, giving it a grainy appearance. Although not particularly poor quality, I can understand why some people might find this objectionable.

This film lacks a great storyline, but there is some humor and an important message about keeping your marriage intact. There is some sexual humor which is quite crude, plus plenty of profanity throughout.

Date Night's Blu-ray disc is presented in its original 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio and offers some decent picture quality, even if some heavy grain areas are not as clean as desired. I highly recommend the extras included with the package; my favorite being Disaster Dates which features interviews with the stars about their most difficult dating experiences.

Office Space (2010)

Office Space is the definitive critique of corporate inefficiency. It blasts through mindless bureaucracy, forced office parties, and jargon-filled memos that no one reads. Despite its age, Office Space remains essential viewing today.

As Office Space celebrates its two-decade mark, it's evident that much of what was mocked in Office Space still applies today. Companies still prioritize profit over all else and remain fixated on financial success; however, other aspects of working life such as sustainability, wellness and community have become more essential than ever before.

Fey has come a long way since her first movie in this genre. She's now an established writer-actress who regularly stars in her own comedy movies and is one of the most visible women in entertainment. Her performances are usually hilarious and well received, but also contain deeper messages.

Through her career, she's taken on issues which aren't always easy to discuss with audiences or fellow comedy professionals, such as race relations and women in the workplace. A passionate feminist, she speaks her mind without apology about what she believes - often taking a countercultural and anti-establishment stance.

She's also a woman of principle and often takes aim at the patriarchy and its biases. In her fictionalized version of being head writer on SNL, she had an intense confrontation with Colin Quinn over being labeled as "c*nt." Her perspective on sexism in the workplace has become something of a cultural catchphrase.

Recently, there have been some positive shifts in how offices and work environments are perceived. With coworking spaces and other alternative workspaces becoming more commonplace, employees now have more autonomy to set their own hours. But while these innovations offer a welcome break from the repetitive and often dull office culture of years past, they won't completely solve all problems associated with modern office life.

Parks and Recreation (2011)

Parks and Recreation is a humorous mockumentary comedy series set in a small town government. It follows Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), her assistant April Adams (Rashida Jones), their friends, as well as Paul Schneider, Rob Lowe, and Adam Scott who play various fictional city officials.

Michael Schur and Greg Daniels, who previously served as executive producers on The Office, are joined by Mike Scully who served as consulting producer during its initial two seasons. Additionally, Alan Yang, Harris Wittels, and Katie Dippold serve as writers for the show.

Parks and Recreation had a difficult start, but ultimately found success on NBC. Its 2009-10 season was one of the greatest comebacks in broadcast comedy history, earning several Emmy Awards as well as becoming an integral part of Comedy Night Done Right's line-up.

Its realistic mockumentary-style cinematography and hand-held camerawork made it similar to other comedy shows of its era, such as The Office and Modern Family. But what set this show apart was that it was filmed on set of Pawnee city hall.

Unlike those comedies, which were shot on green screen, Parks and Rec's producers treated each episode like a genuine documentary. Each day they would film approximately nine pages of script using improvisational acting and hand-held camerawork to capture additional footage.

In addition to its comedic nature, Parks and Recreation frequently incorporates social commentary into its plotlines. For example, "Pawnee Zoo" featured a parody of same-sex marriage, while "Practice Date" followed suit with South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's sex scandal.

tina fey book cover

Tina Fey Book Cover Revealed

No matter your opinion of Tina Fey, her new book Bossypants is a must-read. It's an entertaining yet poignant memoir that follows Fey from her early days to her current career as a comedy writer/performer.

She covers a range of topics in this book, such as motherhood and her career in show business. Her witty and humorous writing style truly sets this book apart.

1. It’s a double-take

Tina Fey's Bossypants cover is visually arresting, featuring a double-take effect reminiscent of live action or animation where an actor glances at something without much emotion, then looks back as if to ask "Wait, what?"

Fey was a child growing up in suburban Philadelphia who enjoyed watching comedy sketch shows with her family. Additionally, she wrote her own satirical newspaper column and studied acting and writing.

After graduating from the University of Virginia, she relocated to Chicago and started working at a YMCA. There she met many people who shared her disillusionment with the power structure and lack of real job opportunities for women. Later that night, she attended improv classes.

Fey was hired as a writer for Saturday Night Live in 1997 and soon after became the first woman to lead 30 Rock. During her time on SNL, Fey created many memorable sketches and formed an unlikely friendship with Lorne Michaels - who served as its creative director during Fey's tenure there.

Fey's memoir provides a witty and often insightful account of her career. She discusses her early days in theater (where it was an ideal place for a half-Greek girl with lots of gay and lesbian friends), Second City ("it was cultish, hard, unbelievably fun"), her work on Saturday Night Live, as well as becoming an actress and stand-up comic.

There's a recurring theme throughout the book, and that is the double standards women face in the workplace. Chapter after chapter, Fey politely points out these unfair expectations with an ironic smile - all done with her signature voice of humor and sincerity!

It's an inventive, nuanced and eloquent way of underscoring the reality that women still face many double standards when it comes to employment opportunities. One such double standard is that they aren't considered funny when performing alone on stage or in a comedy scene.

2. It’s a sexy portrait

Tina Fey's Bossypants: A Memoir cover is nothing if not seductive. She's renowned for her quick wit and keen observational abilities, so it's only fitting that she would use them to promote her book.

She's known for her confident, unflappable attitude toward life, so it's no shock that the book cover depicts this trait. The sexy pose is an obvious nod to her role as the thinking man's sex symbol, but also offers a humorous take on the traditional book cover design.

Fey is renowned for her comedic timing and ability to craft characters that are both hilarious and relatable. Her work on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock has cemented Fey's place as a household name, but she's also made waves in film and television production.

Her career has been shaped by a long journey that began in her hometown of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. This journey eventually led her to write for Saturday Night Live and eventually launch her own comedy show: 30 Rock.

In her memoir, Fey chronicles her journey to becoming the successful woman she is today. From working at a summer camp for actors to writing sketches for Second City comedy company, Fey shows how she evolved from an awkward girl with smart mouth to someone who doesn't hesitate to advocate for herself.

She also addresses the discrimination and double standards women endure in the entertainment industry, asserting these barriers are caused by society's unrealistic expectations for them.

She illustrates this point with a story about Amy Poehler, one of her fellow cast members on Saturday Night Live. When Poehler was seen doing something "dirty, loud and 'unladylike'" in the writers room, she was instructed to stop.

Fey's comedy serves as a poignant reminder of why she pursued writing and performing: to create characters who felt authentic. Her comedy has an ability to move people emotionally, prompting them to consider the meanings in their lives.

3. It’s a sexy book cover

Fey has made a name for herself as one of the most successful women in comedy, co-hosting its popular Weekend Update segment with Jimmy Fallon and star of 30 Rock. On top of that, her look on Elle magazine's November 2014 cover was especially eye-catching: an oversize Max Mara camel coat paired with a sleek black lace Josie Natori slip.

Fey's glamorous book cover may give her the appearance of being an all-American beauty who takes time for herself, but in reality she works hard for what she wants. Making it in comedy requires dedication and perseverance despite some questionable haircuts, after-school jobs and nachos becoming a cultural phenomenon - but Fey has made it happen regardless.

Her latest memoir Bossypants shows she's not afraid to tackle some controversial topics with humor and candor. However, sometimes the jokes distract her from what really needs her attention - her husband and daughter.

Tina Fey's joke structure in her latest novel is well-worn territory, but the way she presents it here stands out. Instead of the standard yearbook pose, Tina poses with hands (the hands!) behind her that add an uncanny layer of surreality to the look.

You'll notice the cover model's head is framed by a blue background, while her body is gray. While this design choice has some visual interest, it can make it difficult to read the title and author's name due to blue text not standing out against all the grays of her hat and suit, as well as having it set in an unfitting font size.

If your book is a romantic comedy, this style of cover might be ideal. It's an eye-catching way to grab people's attention and make them want to read your work. On the other hand, if the subject matter of your work involves more serious matters, keep the theme neutral so readers can focus on reading the text itself.

4. It’s a sexy book

Tina Fey's Bossypants is an entertaining memoir about her career. It takes readers through the events leading up to her success as well as those who have inspired her. Additionally, there are chapters dedicated to Tina's childhood, family life and work as both writer and actor.

It's the kind of memoir you can read quickly in a few sittings, but it may not always have the enticing cover effect like other books do. At times it may even feel rather anticlimactic with too many one-liners and jokes that don't quite land.

On the other hand, there are moments in this book which are truly funny, with some great, smart essays you'll remember for days later. For instance, there's an insightful chapter on her father that you won't soon forget.

There's an insightful and well-written chapter on photo shoots. It serves as a timely reminder that those featured on magazine covers may not be what they seem, and that Photoshopping has its place.

Fey concludes the book with a heartfelt chapter dedicated to her daughter, which shows just how much she cares about her. It's an incredibly touching way for Fey to end the book.

She concludes the book by contemplating whether she'll have another child. Although she believes it's likely, it will be a difficult journey.

Fey is an accomplished writer with a great sense of humor. Not only does she know how to make readers laugh, but she also conveys emotions without making anyone uncomfortable.

As an actress, she has starred in various sitcoms such as Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. Additionally, she's written many successful scripts and earned several awards for her efforts.

What truly sets her show apart is its ability to reveal the humanity of its characters. Her writing style often recalls Nora Ephron and Jean Kerr, two influential early female authors who were highly articulate about their thoughts and styles of expression.

michele morrone website

Michele Morrone Net Worth - Facts About the Italian Actor, Model, Singer, and Fashion Designer

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, model, singer and fashion designer best known for his role as Mike in the Netflix erotica drama series 365 Days.

He also has a successful YouTube channel with over one million subscribers and 104 million overall views on his videos. On August 2, 2020 he launched his own clothing line called Aurum Roma.

About Michele Morrone

Morrone is an Italian actor and singer best known for his role as Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 erotic romantic drama 365 Days. He has also featured in other movies and TV shows such as Medici and The Trial. Additionally, Morrone is a fashion designer who launched his own label AurumRoma in 2020.

He is an acclaimed social media personality with a large Instagram following (immichelemorroneofficial), boasting more than 9.8 million followers as of August 8, 2020.

Morrone has a successful acting career as well as his design career. Recently, he launched AurumRoma - his women's beachwear clothing line designed with Chiara Pollano - which he also models for brands such as Falconeri and Dolce & Gabbana. With such an impressive portfolio, it's no wonder Morrone continues to gain recognition in the industry.

Michele Morrone was born on October 3, 1990 in Reggio Calabria, Italy to Angela and Natale Morrone. Growing up with his siblings and an interest in acting since childhood, Michele always sought success on stage.

At the age of 11, Morrone began his career as an actor after enrolling in an after-school program for acting. He quickly gained popularity on stage and appeared regularly in theaters. Additionally, Morrone performed in a three-episode web series entitled Second Chance directed by Piergiorgio Seidita in 2011.

In 2014, Morrone married Lebanese designer Rouba Saadeh and they welcomed two sons: Marcus and Brado. However, in 2018 the couple divorced, leaving Morrone living alone with his two sons. When not at work or playing horse riding, Morrone enjoys going horse riding as well as being an accomplished guitarist and believing in mermaids. Additionally, he enjoys collecting expensive watches which he owns; plus, he's an accomplished writer too!

Michele Morrone Bio

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor and singer renowned in the entertainment industry. He developed his craft through performances in local theaters before making it big with roles in several successful films and TV shows.

He is a tall, muscular man with an athletic physique. To maintain his perfect body shape, he works out four hours daily and follows a carefully tailored diet.

The 31-year-old actor hails from Reggio Calabria, Italy's southern region. He began his acting career as a teenager and has since featured in multiple movies and television shows.

In 2020, he made his international debut with the movie 365 Days, which marked his international success. Released in Poland and then available to stream on Netflix, Il Processo and Duetto followed the following year.

When not working on his films, Michele enjoys painting and music. He has his own art studio where he follows a creative process in both areas; additionally, Michele shares his love of art through social media outlets.

His wife is Rouba Saadeh, a Lebanese fashion designer and artist. The couple wed in 2014 and became parents to two sons before divorcing in 2018. Unfortunately, their union came to an end in 2018.

He currently resides with his children and hasn't remarried. Despite their divorce, he still loves Rouba and does not want her to move on. They remain close, however; they stay in contact and he continues taking photos of them on Instagram.

Michele Morrone Age

Michele Morrone is an Italian actor, model, singer and fashion designer born on October 3, 1990 in Reggio Calabria. He is the youngest child of Natale and Angela Morrone.

Morrone is an acclaimed actor and musician, having earned numerous awards for his work. Additionally, he owns a luxurious line of women's swimwear.

He began his career playing minor theater roles before moving onto bigger parts in movies. He has starred in a number of acclaimed Italian films, such as 365 Days which became the best-selling film on Netflix.

Morrone had struggled with mental health issues and depression throughout his youth. After divorcing Ruby, he fell into deep despair; however, in 2021 he resolved to return to acting and reignite his love affair with the craft.

His acting career was spurred on by his love for cinema and his parents' movie preferences. Growing up watching classic films like The Lord of the Rings and The Princess Bride inspired him to follow in their footsteps; thus, he decided to pursue what he truly wanted to do.

He began his acting training at Teatro Fraschini Di Pavia and after landing several minor roles in theatre plays, he eventually took a more significant role in a three-episode web series called Second Chance. Subsequently, he began auditioning for movies.

Morrone's role as Massimo Torricelli in 365 Days launched him into fame and success. Since then, he has starred in multiple Italian movies and series and released an album.

Morrone married Rouba Saadeh in 2014 and they have two sons together: Marcudo and Brado. Although they divorced in 2018, Morrone remains close friends. Aside from acting, Morrone also plays guitar and sings live at events; he maintains a muscular physique while adhering to an organized diet plan.

Michele Morrone Height

Michele Morrone is an acclaimed Italian actor, singer, and model. He has starred in numerous films and television series as well as releasing an album. Most notably for his role as Massimo Torricelli in the erotic romantic drama 365 Days that will be released on June 7th 2020.

Michele stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 80 kg. To stay in shape, he follows a balanced diet and hits the gym four hours daily. Additionally, Michele enjoys smoking cigarettes and wearing stylish earrings for fun.

He is an accomplished guitarist and singer. At 25, he began learning to play guitar by watching YouTube videos - now boasting one million subscribers and 104 million views on his channel.

He was born in Reggio Calabria, Italy and grew up with his siblings in the Apulia region of Italy. From childhood on, his interest in acting developed; he enrolled at his local high school before attending Teatro Fraschini di Pavia for theatre studies.

After graduating from his education, Morrone began appearing in several movies and television shows. He also featured in a music video for Italian girl band Makay, was featured in numerous short films, and was cast as the lead actor in two films: Il Tempo di Una Sigaretta and E la Vita Continua.

In 2014, Michele tied the knot with fashion designer Rouba Saadeh in Italy at a small ceremony attended by only 20 guests.

Their marriage lasted four years, until its dissolution in 2018. Following their split, he suffered from depression and also faced a financial hardship.

Michele Morrone Net Worth

Michele Morrone, 32 years old Italian actor with a net worth of approximately $5 million, derives most of his income from his career as an actor and singer. Additionally, his successful business ventures enable him to travel in style as well as enjoy luxurious living at home.

Morrone is an internationally acclaimed celebrity who gained notoriety for his roles in 365 Days and Bar Giuseppe. Additionally, he's an accomplished singer-guitarist with a large YouTube fan base.

He began his acting career in 2011 with a role in the web series Second Chance. Additionally, he has appeared in a music video for Italian girl band Makay.

Morrone spent his formative years in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Additionally, he spent part of his childhood in Apulia, southern Italy.

As a child, he enjoyed reading books and playing with his siblings. Additionally, he watched the Harry Potter movies with great interest, developing an interest in acting.

At the age of 11, he decided to pursue an acting career and began taking acting classes. Later, he earned a degree in professional acting from Fraschini da Pavia.

He then appeared in several television shows and films, such as Come un Delfino (released 2011), Provaci Ancora, Squadra Antimafia, Sirene, Renata Fonte, Il Processo, Medici, and Bar Giuseppe.

Morrone's breakthrough role as Massimo Torricelli in the 2020 erotic romance drama 365 Days marked a career milestone. Critics praised him internationally for his portrayal of the mafia crime boss.

After four years of marriage to Lebanese fashion designer Rouba Saadeh, the couple divorced in 2018. They are parents to two sons together: Marco (or Marcus, born in 2014) and Brando (born in 2017).

Morrone and Saadeh remain close despite their divorce, as she looks out for their children. He often leaves encouraging comments on her Instagram posts in support of her.

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