David Dontoh Abasob Ne Anuonyam

David Dontoh Abasob Ne Anuonyam


Whether you're a fan of comedy-drama or not, you've probably heard of Ghanaian actor David Dontoh. The popular actor is known as the "Ghanaman" in the hit series "Obra." The following information will help you learn more about this talented actor and his varied interests. You can also read about his relationship with Grace Omaboe, a model.

David Dontoh is a Ghanaian actor

Born in Cape Coast, David Dontoh is a Ghanaia actor. He is also a former host of the popular Western Union programme "Agoro" on Ghana Television. Dontoh attended Apam Secondary School from Form One to Upper Six, where he studied Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. He also briefly worked for his father at APPLE, a subsidiary of USAID.

As an actor, he has performed in a number of local television series. The character of "Ghanaman" appeared in the hit local comedy-drama series "Obra", which was aired on GBC in the 1980s and 1990s. The show was produced in small theatres and broadcast on television by Ghana's state-owned broadcaster. Dontoh also starred in Ghana's award-winning television series Agoro, which featured dance and music.

Aside from acting, Dontoh also enjoys painting. While he was living with his aunt, the director of USAID noticed that the young David had a talent for drawing. The young actor agreed to draw 70 illustrations for the book, Agriculture in the Tropics. It was an honor and a privilege to be asked to do so by a foreigner. But Dontoh's success in the acting world did not end there; his talent in art helped him to establish a lucrative career.

Dontoh's career began when he was working with USAID in the 1980s. He was recommended by Dr. Olean Hess, the director of USAID in Ghana, as someone who had artistic talents. He liked to paint, draw, and watch films. The director suggested acting as a way to express himself in an artistic way and be seen as a creative individual. In the end, he was one of forty out of 150 applicants who auditioned for the Ghana Film Industry Corporation (GFC).

He plays "Ghanaman" in the popular comedy-drama series "Obra"

David Kwame Dontoh is a veteran Ghanaian actor. He has starred in international and local films, as well as theater and stage productions. His work has been influential in the development of drama and television in the country. He also teaches drama and plays the role of "Ghanaman" in the popular comedy-drama series "Obra."

He has a wide range of interests

Actor David Dontoh has a diverse range of interests. He credits everyday social situations for his success. He was very interested in various subjects when he was in school, and became the best geography student of his class in 1975. He could sketch the world's map by memory, and he also read many influential classical works during school holidays. His parents encouraged him to pursue formal qualifications in drama, and he majored in playwriting.

Aside from acting, David Dontoh is an accomplished artist. He studied art at Art Center College and later attended the National Institute of Design in New York. He has an interest in African and international affairs, and has written a number of books on topics such as African politics and the environment. David is also a successful businessman and has been a member of several successful companies.

He has dated Grace Omaboe

Ghanaian actress, Maame Dokono, has responded to rumors that she dated veteran actor David Dontoh for over ten years. The couple was reportedly together for a decade but Omaboe never gave Dontoh a child. Despite their closeness, Omaboe did not disclose the name of her children. In a recent interview with United Showbiz, Maame Dokono admitted to dating several men along the way. During this time, she shared her life with veteran actor David Dontoh, and the two even toured together.

David Dontoh - PAM Africa Sinitwa Afahy

David Dontoh PAM Africa sinitwa afahy

Agoro is a Ghanaian quiz show that starred dance and music. In 2011, it started to wane in popularity, and David Dontoh rebranded the show as Agoro Fie. The show became immensely popular again, but a few issues have plagued the show. Read on to find out more about this Ghanaian actor and PAM Africa sinitwa afahy.

David Dontoh's childhood

David Dontoh is a Ghanaian actor. He gained popularity as "Ghanaman" in the hugely successful local comedy-drama series "Obra." The show started as a small production that was broadcast on the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. In this documentary, David recounts his childhood growing up in PAM Africa. He was a child actor.

His relationship with Grace Omaboe

David Dontoh and Grace Omaboe have been linked for over two decades. However, their relationship has been in a sour note since he has recently slashed his social media posts. They had been inseparable for many years and were engaged for more than a decade. While their relationship is not public knowledge, the former XYZ Legends TV star and the media practitioner met during their time at the 'Obra' television show.

While some measure success by their net worth, other people measure success by the number of awards they have won and their net worth. While money cannot buy happiness, it can make life a little more comfortable. Several celebrities have built successful careers and amassed impressive amounts of money. However, their sources of wealth are often unclear. It is not clear exactly how much money Omaboe has earned, but it is certainly impressive.

Omaboe began her career in acting as a teenager, appearing in the state-owned GBC TV series Keteke. Later on, he went on to star in the Akan drama series Obra. He also appeared in a number of Ghanaian movies. Although he has been involved in politics for many years, he recently quit the position to concentrate on his acting career. Grace Omaboe is a talented actress who has had a colorful and successful career.

His relationship with Grace Omaboe has been an emotional rollercoaster. She has fought against male domination and social injustice, and has resisted countless men. Throughout her career, Grace Nortey has consistently challenged male dominance. Grace Nortey's feminist legacy is undeniably impressive. She has created a new role for women in Ghanaian film and television. Grace Nortey has become a role model for women who are looking for success.

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