Chris Rock's Netflix Special - Selective Outrage

Chris Rock's Netflix Special - Selective Outrage


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Chris Rock's Netflix special has divided opinion. While some viewers found his comments hilarious, others are outraged by his decision to assault Jada Smith.

Chris Rock responded to the infamous slap Smith received during last year's Academy Awards with Selective Outrage, and also addressed wokeness and brands that sell expensive products without taking customers' wallets into account.

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Twitter users have been commenting on the 'Slapgate' incident between Chris Rock and Will Smith, in which the comedian was accused of hitting him while on stage at the Oscars for making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's short hair.

The comedian is renowned for his satirical humor and has often faced backlash over controversial remarks. But his recent tweets have divided the internet into two camps: supporters and detractors.

People were outraged by Rock's remarks regarding the incident, and Twitter has been abuzz with reactions. While some found his special humorous, others were disappointed by his lack of sensitivity when dealing with such sensitive subjects.

In Selective Outrage, Rock confronted both the Oscars slap and his own physical differences with Will Smith by emphasizing how much smaller he is in comparison to the actor. It was the first live comedy special on Netflix which gave the star a platform to express his thoughts about the incident.

Though his jokes about the Oscars slap were widely praised, they drew harsh criticism from Twitter users. Some questioned why Rock would use an onstage moment to take aim at Jada Pinkett Smith - who has struggled with alopecia - when she has dealt with excessive hair loss. Others thought Rock was trying too hard to be funny but failed miserably.

Rock's attempts to defend his comments failed, as many users were outraged by them. One XXL Freshman alum, CHIKA, called Rock's remarks "disgusting" and claimed he held an "off-stage grudge against Jada."

Uju Anya, another user, questioned the legitimacy of the slap in the first place. She mentioned that Rock had a "long history as a coon" and thought the Oscars slap was "unnecessarily harsh."

Some users compared Rock's tweets to his past performances, calling it "disgusting to see him trying to be funny while attacking his own race." Others were outraged by Chris' comment about white people "clutching pearls."

On Twitter, a man with the same name as Will Smith has been widely mocked after being mistaken for the Hollywood actor who famously slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. This verified Twitter account has been targeted by numerous users since Sunday night.

It's difficult to tell whether the red-haired podcaster is really Will Smith or not, but he sure does have a large following on social media! In fact, his followers number over 4,000!

Since Sunday evening, the man has been the target of abuse on Twitter. Yet he appears to be unaware of what's occurring. On Twitter he defended himself with the statement: "Real talk: I'm not the person you're upset/happy with."

Some users have noted that the special was more about expressing one's emotions than it was a stand-up comedy show. Some even questioned if it was worth investing time into watching it.


Twitter has been abuzz with reactions to comedian Chris Rock's latest special, Selective Outrage. While some have found it funny, others have found it lacking. One user even noted that the special is more about complaining than actual comedy.

In addition to his usual criticism of the Oscars, Rock also took aim at Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith during his Netflix special. The 58-year-old comedian opened up with an array of jabs directed at them since last year's Academy Awards, as they have been embroiled in an unpleasant public feud.

At various points during the night, Rock took aim at Will and his wife, making reference to her July 2020 admission that she had an "entanglement" with singer August Alsina while on their break. Not only that, but Rock also poked fun at their marital issues in his new special by suggesting Smith was responsible for Smith's Oscar slap.

The comedian has a history of taking shots at his opponents, such as the 2016 tweet in which he declared his admiration for Will Smith's wife and joked that her hair is so short it's like "an afro on steroids."

People were certainly eager to see Rock take on The Smiths, as they have been one of the most talked-about subjects on social media for a year. After all, these two highly accomplished actors have had an edgy relationship for years.

However, when Rock brought up the infamous incident at last year's Oscars, fans were understandably furious. Some social media users took offense at his suggestion that it was all due to Jada's alopecia.

Some of the tweets directed at Andrew Garfield were quite offensive, while others simply found them humorous. One user quipped that he was a "loud ass black individual," while another asked whether Andrew Garfield has "fat people hands."

His recent Twitter account has been filled with disparaging remarks directed at critics and fellow comedians, such as George Clooney, Halle Berry, Brian Cox and Salma Hayek. Additionally, he often responds to those who post racist or vulgar tweets which he reads out on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

His followers have taken to Twitter to voice their disdain for him and the comments he has been making. Many are particularly indignant over his decision to perform in Baltimore instead of other U.S. cities, where many felt more comfortable.

Twitter users have expressed their displeasure with Rock's new special, but they're far from alone in their criticism. Many others are even more incensed that he made jokes about Jada Smith's alopecia condition during his stand-up routine.


Chris Rock has found himself embroiled in an internet feud over a joke made about Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith's loss battle at last year's Oscars. This remark ignited an on-going conversation about Rock's relationship with Smith, the Academy Awards' handling of the incident, Will and Jada's marriage, as well as their standing within Black communities.

On March 4th, comedian Kevin Rock's Selective Outrage went live on Netflix and has already divided fans in regards to their reaction. Some are delighted that Rock addressed the matter publicly while others are disappointed in his choice to mock Smith in such a public forum.

At various points during the show, Rock took aim at Will Smith's wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, calling her a B*itch and making fun of her husband's alopecia. He even referenced their marriage in a joke about entanglements.

However, a verified Twitter account with the same name as Smith has been the target of abuse on social media since Sunday evening. People were offended that Rock made fun of Smith's wife, who has openly discussed her struggles with alopecia - an inflammatory condition which causes excessive hair loss - on Twitter.

Some of those who were upset with Rock on Twitter didn't realize he wasn't actually the actor himself. He's a podcaster who has been verified on the platform, and unfortunately some users mistakenly assume his account belongs to King Richard himself.

This man's tweet has quickly become the trending topic on Twitter in the hours following the release of Selective Outrage. He defended comedian Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's comments in his special, insisting he had no intention of using their names again and did not apologize for making a joke about their marriage.

He even claimed he tried to talk to Will Smith after the incident, but the actor never responded. Many who were disappointed in Rock tweeted that he was hypocritical for making light of his wife's loss while others labeled him a "bitter man" and insisted he must move on from it.

No matter your opinion on Chris Rock's remarks, he made history Saturday night by being the first artist to broadcast a live stand-up comedy special on Netflix. The one-hour special broadcast from Baltimore, Maryland was no joke!

In his special, Rock tackled a range of issues including racism, Meghan Markle, fatherhood and raising rich spoiled kids, the Kardashians, dating and being single. He also touched upon hot-button topics like abortion and the infamous Oscars slap.

Chris Rock's Netflix special is definitely worth watching if you're in search of a good laugh. It has received mixed reactions online, with some hailing it brilliant and others disappointed in his decision to lampoon Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Fortunately, other stand-up comedians are joining in the fun by standing up for him.

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ESPN Writer and Grantland Editor Bill Simmons Fights Over Twitter

Sports fans may have come across ESPN writer and Grantland editor Bill Simmons recently in the media due to his critical remarks about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Recently, ESPN suspended him from their network due to these remarks.

Now you may be curious to see what the sports-obsessed author is up to on Twitter. Unfortunately, he's been temporarily suspended from tweeting after violating ESPN's social media guidelines.

ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons From Twitter

ESPN is a subscription-based sports channel that provides viewers with a wide variety of sports programming. Its highly produced content focuses on major league sports like hockey, baseball, MLS, NFL and NBA; plus ESPN has several corporate citizenship initiatives designed to use sport's power for good to address social issues and uplift human spirit.

Recently, ESPN has been mired in controversy due to their relationship with the NFL. This has caused many people to believe that ESPN is more concerned with protecting their brand than doing what's right. This sentiment seems shared by many sports fans who are dismayed with how ESPN has handled this situation.

The biggest controversy is ESPN's decision to suspend Bill Simmons, its most renowned writer. This has caused an uproar on Twitter, with users taking to the platform to vent their rage against the company.

Deadspin reports that ESPN suspended Simmons from Twitter for a few days after he labeled last week's Skip Bayless-Richard Sherman First Take meltdown as "awful and embarrassing." An ESPN source confirmed these tweets violated ESPN's social media guidelines.

But this is not the first time Simmons has broken the network's rules. In 2009, the Grantland founder was suspended for two weeks after making a Twitter comment about Boston-based sports radio station WEEI.

Simmons has long been seen as an outsider in the world of sports journalism, but his self-deprecating humor and unique writing style have earned him widespread popularity. Sports Illustrated even dubbed him "the most powerful man in sports media". Simmons is known for taking on controversial topics other reporters would overlook.

However, he has come under fire this week for calling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a liar on his podcast. This sparked outrage on Twitter and resulted in the trending topic #FreeSimmons becoming one of the top trending topics on the platform.

Simmons' suspension comes at a time when ESPN has been embroiled in controversy regarding its relationship with the NFL, with many reporters calling for Roger Goodell to resign. This isn't the first time ESPN has chosen to stand behind its broadcast partners over their own reputations, and it appears that this suspension of Simmons was done solely to salvage their relationship with the league.

Bill Simmons’ Twitter Feet

Bill Simmons is undisputed king of sports coverage. For years, ESPN's most popular writer has provided them with millions of page views from his columns and produced hit documentary series 30 for 30. His expertise also extends beyond sports news; he's written several books that have become bestsellers around the world.

Within the past year, Simmons has created his own multimedia company which has received widespread coverage. Additionally, he's ventured into television with HBO's Any Given Wednesday and The Ringer website, both receiving critical acclaim.

Last week The Hollywood Reporter published an insightful profile on Simmons that provides some fascinating insights into both him and his new company. It's no secret that Simmons loves social media, yet he doesn't shy away from using it himself - a self-described "social media junkie" who regularly updates his feed with sports news and events.

He's even managed to make money on his Twitter feed by hiring an agency to monetize it. He pays them a few hundred dollars monthly for two posts and receives a percentage of sales if someone subscribes to his newsletter. This is huge for him since it means he's finally getting paid for all those hours spent online - though exactly how much has been made remains unknown.

Bill Simmons’ Tweets About Ballghazi

In the early 2000s, Bill Simmons was undisputed king of sports media. He ran a blog called Sports Guy and spearheaded Grantland website featuring long form sports writing. Additionally, he penned popular book 30 for 30.

His fan base grew with each passing year, culminating in one of the largest Twitter followings in the industry. Most importantly, Simmons has an ability to make people laugh - something he excels at doing particularly well on his podcasts.

He recently made the switch to HBO, hosting "Any Given Wednesday," a show featuring interviews with celebrities and sports figures. This week, he joined actor Ben Affleck for an appearance.

On the show, Affleck and Simmons discussed NFL quarterback Tom Brady's suspension for his role in the Ballghazi disaster. They compared Deflategate to the Patriots cheating in the Super Bowl and discussed the NBA Finals. Though Affleck spoke with some difficulty during his appearance, he had a firm defense of the Patriots regarding their handling of Ballghazi.

Later, Simmons retweeted an article alleging ESPN had a story about the Patriots allegedly cheating before Deflategate. Unfortunately, that report has since been removed from the web, but it did garner him some attention.

The article mentioned Simmons' recent dismissal from ESPN, where they cited his habit of blurring the line between journalism and personal attack as a factor in their decision.

The company also issued a one-week suspension to ESPN on-air personality Stephen A. Smith for making a less-harsh but still controversial comment about women not being provoked into violence against their partners. It was the most egregious act of bad behavior by an ESPN employee since Grantland closed down in 2015. This move serves to further damage Simmons' reputation and online following.

Bill Simmons’ Tweets About Keith Olbermann

Bill Simmons is no stranger to Twitter feuds. In fact, he's been suspended multiple times from ESPN for making disparaging remarks about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. But this latest dispute stands out in that it involves a sports journalist who also writes for Grantland magazine.

Olbermann, who's been suspended twice from ESPN in the past, took to Twitter to denounce Simmons for making a JFK assassination joke. He even went so far as to engage in an argument with the sports reporter over it.

In case you weren't aware, Olbermann is a former ESPN anchor who left to host a political talk show on MSNBC. Additionally, he served as commentator for both the NFL and Fox Sports, earning three Emmy awards along the way.

Olbermann was suspended from Twitter for making disparaging remarks about Roger Goodell, the head of the NFL. In one comment he called Goodell a "liar" and has also been suspended for criticizing former MLB commissioner Bud Selig.

The sarcasm in Simmons' tweets may be humorous, but it also points out a deeper issue for both media personalities: his inability to understand when to stop talking. Not only is his joke about assassinations funny, but he's an arrogant blowhard who struggles with knowing when to stop talking.

ESPN recently severed ties with Colin Cowherd and Keith Olbermann for making offensive comments on their shows. That move is especially significant because ESPN had recently cut ties with both of them due to their past behaviors.

ESPN is making a wise decision by opting out of certain programming in order to focus their resources elsewhere. But what does this mean for viewers?

ESPN remains a dominant force in media, but it's no longer the only choice for viewers. There are now competitors like National Geographic Channel, Jimmy Fallon and Bleacher Report as well as digital outlets like Adult Swim.

ESPN's decision to part ways with Cowherd and Olbermann may save them money, but it also leaves them open to competition from rivals. That was precisely the risk ESPN took when it severed ties with PBS in 2013 over a joint project to examine head injuries among NFL players.

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