Yonaguni song Lyrics

Yonaguni song Lyrics

Yonaguni Lyrics



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Bad Bunny

Yonaguni is the word used to refer to ancient ruins found on Yonaguni Island, part of the Ryukyu Islands. It is the name used to describe the islands in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan that was already inhabited by the Aji people. The ruins found on Yonaguni simply describe its history and serve as the main attraction to tourists in the Far East. Since the island has its own folklore and story, it is also a popular subject for local artists.

In the song, Bad Bunny tells his love interest that he will travel to Yonaguni for her if she wants and names a list of things that he is willing to do to get back with her, putting aside the guy she is currently dating. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


To me, that's what I always love, and find so fascinating, about Bad Bunny's music. He makes club bangers with a real emotional heart to them. As he described the song to Zane Lowe last week: “It's a balance is what people want. But that's the idea, make a balance, give the people (what) they want, like the street fire street bang, and also like a chill, sweet rhythm to dance and enjoy for the summer." (Source: www.esquire.com)


Translated to English, Bad Bunny is singing about a woman he loves moving to Yonaguni, a small island off the coast of Taiwan (his song is in Japanese at some points on the track). He layers his sadness with little jokes, like saying he will get her ass tattooed on his face. And the same goes for the video—a series of vignettes of a melancholy Bad Bunny moving through life. (Source: www.esquire.com)


“Y yo te compro un Banshee/Gucci, Givenchy/Un poodle, un frenchie/El pasto, lo’ muchie’/Te canto un mariachi/Me convierto en Itachi.” Bad Bunny even wraps up the song by singing some of the lyrics in Japanese. In the music video, during that section, he’s portrayed in anime form. (Source: remezcla.com)


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