Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone Season 4

Yellowstone - Season 4 - Tv Series

Amid shifting alliances and a growing list of enemies, the Dutton family's legacy is jeopardized like never before, and retribution is certain.

When Will Season 4 Premiere?

After months of anticipation, Paramount Network finally announced that Yellowstone season 4 will premiere with a two-hour special event on Sunday, November 7 on Paramount Network.

Is Season 4 the Last Season?

So far, no additional seasons have been announced for Yellowstone, but there also hasn't been any indication that season 4 will be its last.

It's Also Getting a Prequel and a Spinoff.

During the 2021 Super Bowl, Paramount+ launched a teaser trailer announcing a spinoff prequel show, 1883, that will tell the story of the Dutton family in the late 19th century as they make their way westward to establish their Montana homestead. The show will star Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliott.

Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date, Trailer, Cast and More

Yellowstone season 4's premiere is here. The next chapter of the Dutton family saga has arrived, and fans are poring over all the latest trailers and promos for clues about the fates of Kevin Costner's John Dutton and his children.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 From Anywhere, Release Date, Preview, Cast, Episode 5, Under a Blanket of Red

Yellowstone season 4 has arrived in style, sending Paramount Network's rating surging to an all-time high. Episode 5 of the hit western drama starring Kevin Costner – Under a Blanket of Red – premieres this Sunday, 28th November. Yellowstone is yet to find a home in the UK but that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Read on for how to watch a Yellowstone season 4 live stream from the UK and anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Yellowstone Season 4 on Prime Video From Anywhere

Stuck outside Canada? You can access Amazon Prime Video (Canada) from anywhere in the world using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). We typically recommend ExpressVPN since it offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Will There Be a Yellowstone Season 5?

Back in March 2021, Cole Hauser, who plays Rip, confirmed that Yellowstone season 5 was already rubber-stamped: "Season five is going to be wonderful. The way we ended season four—I can't give too much away, but the way season four ends, I think the audience... will be happily surprised."



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