Yamashiro los angeles

Yamashiro los angeles

Yamashiro los angeles

The Yamashiro Los Angeles opened on May 15th, 2005 in downtown Los Angeles. It quickly became an established destination for craft beer enthusiasts and has since won the James Beard Award for Outstanding Bar (2010), Best Bar, North America (2011), Best Cocktail Bar (2012), Best Bar in the Americas (2014), and Best New Restaurant (2015). The Beer Revolution is the beer event at the Yamashiro in Los Angeles, CA, which brings together a host of breweries for a weekend of beer


While the new Yamashiro will certainly carry some of the Hollywood site’s design elements and menu items, don’t expect a full do-over at the secondary site in San Pedro. The original building, built over three years beginning in 1911 as a sprawling private home that looks out over Hollywood, is simply too old, historic, and kitschy to fully replicate. Instead, the Yamashiro brand will update slightly while still offering nods to the original; reps for the restaurant tell the Times that they also plan to expand Yamashiro to Miami and the Middle East eventually. More recently, the Hollywood Yamashiro has been open on and off over the past 16 months, even bringing in popular breakfast restaurant the Griddle to use the kitchen and patio space during the pandemic.

Yamashiro Hollywood is one of the most iconic restaurants in all of Los Angeles, simply by virtue of its fantastic location and decor. Set above Hollywood Boulevard in a gorgeous pagoda with stunning views of the whole city below, Yamashiro also boasts a beautiful Japanese garden and classic interior. What began as a private home in 1911 has long been a classic Japanese restaurant serving up everything from sushi to shoyu-glazed black cod, with some seafood tempura, seaweed salad and Asian baby back ribs thrown in too. After changing ownership in 2016 (and a moment when it looked like Yamashiro was going to be shuttered for good), this romantic restaurant is happily back and better than ever. (Source: www.10best.com)


For those unfamiliar, the new West Harbor is a multi-million-dollar replacement of the aging Ports O’ Call Village, a faux East Coast seaside village built in the 1960s in Los Angeles County’s sprawling harbordside area near Long Beach. While once popular, the attraction had been worn down over the years, leading to the $150 million makeover — though not everyone has been happy with the transition so far. Some older businesses have been evicted from their spaces to make room for new tenants, while others have been made to move nearby.

San Pedro is due for the sort of economic resurgence that has lifted other Los Angeles neighborhoods such as Hollywood and Venice in recent decades, he said. It could draw visitors from adjacent Long Beach and the Palos Verdes Peninsula as well as more faraway points as the harbor becomes an entertainment destination again and other businesses move to the area, drawn by opportunities such as ocean research center AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles. (Source: www.latimes.com)




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