Who is Angela Peralta?

Who is Angela Peralta?

Angela Peralta


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Thanks to Los Altos resident and composer Roger Bourland, the renowned 19th-century Mexican singer Angela Peralta will finally star at her eponymous theater in Mazatlan, Mexico, an opportunity she missed more than 130 years ago when she died of yellow fever. (Source: www.losaltosonline.com)


The woman who spurred a colorful artistic renaissance in Chicago

Soon after, Peralta utilized this successful momentum to found her own opera company. On their final tour in 1883, Peralta's troupe traveled to the coastal Mexican city of Mazatlán. Here, her legacy is preserved in an opera house named in her honor: the Ángela Peralta Theater. (Source: www.devdiscourse.com)


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In Milan, Peralta's 1862 performance of the romantic "Lucia di Lammermoor" so impressed the audience that standing ovations brought her back to the stage 23 times! She sang Bellini's La sonnambula before King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy at the Teatro Regio in Turin where she received 32 curtain calls. (Source: www.devdiscourse.com)


An opera singer, Angela Peralta is now a Ph.D. candidate in Music at Columbia University. She debuted her act with the Milwaukee Opera, then continued her rise to international acclaim. At the same time, she is established as an artist with stage performances and albums. Angela is, as she says, "very hyperactive". Angela is determined to use her position to help the world, especially Latin America and Puerto Rico, overcome its challenges through her art.

The opera has been a long coming, and not just for Peralta. Bourland first stumbled on her story in 2003 on a trip to Mazatlan. He thought the story perfect fodder for opera. (Source: www.losaltosonline.com)

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