What Is Postal Code

What Is Postal Code

What Is Postal Code

Now imagine trying to call your friends and family without being able to find the right address and postal code. Things would be difficult. This is the situation that many people find themselves in when they relocate or travel abroad.

Pakistan Postal Codes

in Pakistan PostCode is a 5 digits code that is normally written at the end of an address which allows automated sorting of mail to a particular post office or Address. A postcode also knows as Postal code and zip codes.Jum to : A–B–C–D–E–F–G–H–I–J–K–L–M–N–O–P–Q–R–S–T–U–V–W–X–Y–Z Complete following list of Pakistan postcodes

List of Postal Codes in Pakista

Postal Codes were introduced in Pakistan on January 1, 1988 to speed sortation and delivery. These codes are for the delivery post office in whose jurisdiction the address falls. Moreover, Pakistan Post Office is one of the oldest government departments in the South Asia. In 1947, it began functioning as the Department of Post and Telegraph. In 1962 it was separated from the Telegraph & Telephone and started working as an independent post offic

Postal Code

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Aitcheson College54030Lahore GPOAlflah54020Lahore GPOAwan Coloney54780Lahore GPOBaghbanpura54920Lahore GPOBahria Town (Lahore)53720Lahore GPOBallokipaktive.com55210Lahore GPOMap of BallokiBarki53200Lahore GPOMap of BarkiChah Miranpaktive.com54900Lahore GPOMap of Chah MiranChuhang53800Lahore GPOMap of ChuhangJallo53500Lahore GPOKohinoor Energy55160Lahore GPOLahore54000Lahore GPOLahore Allama Iqbal Town54570Lahore GPOLahore EME Society PO53710Lahore GPOLahore Engineering University54890Lahore GPOLahore Multan Road54500Lahore GPOLahore New University Campus54590Lahore GPOLahore Pmg Punjab Post Office54560Lahore GPOLahore Pt & T Auditpaktive.com54550Lahore GPOLahore Punjab Governor House54880Lahore GPOLahore Secondary Board54650Lahore GPOLahore Shadman Women Model PO54610Lahore GPOManga Mandi55270Lahore GPOMap of Manga MandiMansoora54790Lahore GPOMoghalpura54840Lahore GPONaulakha54010Lahore GPOMap of NaulakhaNiaz Beg Thokar53700Lahore GPORaiwind55150Lahore GPOMap of RaiwindShah Alam Market54100Lahore GPOShahdara Bagh54950Lahore GPOMap of Shahdara BaghShahi Mohallahpaktive.com54110Lahore GPOTimber Market54120Lahore GPO

What's My Zip Code? 10 Sites to Find Postal Cod

Do you know your exact address? What about a zip code? For me it’s always a problem to remember these impossible figures! That’s why someone often search for my area zip code on the Web when he or she need to buy something online or just register a new account. Here are several good zip code sites we discovered, which are quick to provide a postal code for any location. (



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