What is inoculum

What is inoculum

What is inoculum


"I have been here twice but just stopped in even in early December they still have a good array of shrubs and great selection of Christmas decor. Very helpful staff will help with plant selection and they offer a one year plant warranty. They can also do more robust design work. Also they can do hard scrapes."


Located off State Road 26 in Kokomo is the Salsberry Garden Center. Serving the Kokomo area for the last 40 years, Salsberry Garden Center has an amazing assortment of flowering plants, hanging baskets, trees, shrubs, and more! The customer service is fantastic, and the selections are incredible. You’ll find everything you need for your next project here at Salsberry. Be sure to ask about their landscaping services as well as if you aren’t sure what direction to take!.

Dammann’s Garden Centers are all locally owned and operated throughout Indiana. Each plant is American made, grown in Indiana. They believe in helping other local businesses throughout Indiana, something you don’t see in most businesses, making them unique. Dammann’s also has one of the largest selection of trees, shrubs, plants and more! The best thing about Dammann’s is they help you care for each plant as if it were a person, from the amount of light to the amount of water each plant should receive. They believe in helping customers grow and care for the plants to the best of their abilities. The owners and employees provide fantastic customer service, and make each experience worth coming back for! (Source: bestthingsin.com)


Rosie’s Gardens in Indianapolis was born from a dream in 1982, and originally started as a Christmas tree farm during the winter months. For over 20 years, Rosie’s Gardens has been providing the residents of Indianapolis and surrounding cities with beautiful landscaping, fabulous plants, and beautiful flowers and other foliage. The focus of Rosie’s is to provide customers with high quality selection of plants and other garden materials, while helping their customers to become better gardeners in the process.

Native plants play a vital role in capturing stormwater, supporting native bee and pollinator populations, and beautify our city. Most foreign plants, while providing nectar to pollinators are not food sources for their young. Native plants are the first step in ensuring that our native birds and butterflies can survive in our city. Plus, they come back every year! (Source: www.kibi.org)


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