What are Silly Bands?

What are Silly Bands?

Silly Bands


Silly bands are elastic bands that loop around and around the fingers of an individual. The person then works all their fingers to get a better grip on the band. This creates a rolling sensation on the fingers as you work your fingers or while doing strenuous work. Silly bands are characterized by their large and colorful dots. This creates a slight illusion. When it is pulled with all 10 fingers, the effect will seem as though you are surrounded by dots.

These are rubber bands made of silicone rubber formed into shapes including animals, objects, numbers, and letters. They are distributed by BCP Imports and are normally worn as bracelets. Silly Bandz retail in packages with themes, such as princesses or animals, and fashion accessories. Similarly shaped silicone bands are also available under other brand names from a variety of companies. Silly Bandz are often considered an iconic piece of pop culture and were especially popular in the early 2010s. (Source:en.wikipedia.org)


Silly Bands are a type of bracelets sold by Silly Bandz at a very affordable price. This is quite popular these days because of the intense popularity with parents and kids who are into everything that is wanted by their parents. They tag the elastic band with a message to the other kids and even have different styles and designs available on their website.

Check out the multiple ranges of silly bands at Alibaba.com and grab these products within your financial requirements. These products are customizable and the luminous toys are also available with radio control options. Get them now from the leading silly bands suppliers and wholesalers on brilliant deals. (Source:www.alibaba.com)


Silly bands are a type of elastic band that are color-coded with silly phrases and are often used as gag presents. They often have whimsical sayings on them, sayings that can make people laugh and take away the stress of the day. They are also often given out as party favors during celebrations because they can be used as a gag present. They can be worn as a costume- which also provides a fun photo idea.

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