Warframe Market:

Warframe Market:

Warframe Market:

Warframe Market can give you a quick and accurate report of your Warframe arsenal and Warframe Market stats. This way you can equip with the most powerful weapons and the stats of which Warframes to be most careful with. Warframe Market: Warframe Market can help you to save a lot of time and money on your next Warframe.

Why Warframe Shouldn't Have an Mmo-Style Marke

Why Warframe Shouldn't Have an Mmo-SEvery time something vaguely related to trading comes up in Warframe, someone always shouts that we need an MMO-style market. Or an auction shop, or whatever you want to call it. The idea being that users just throw up what they want to sell and buyers can just click a button instantly and get their item. After all, an auction house works great in other games, doesn’t it? Surely it’ll work in Warframe and it’ll make trading so much easier! (Source:tyle Marke

I Actually Think an Auction House Will Make Trading Worse.

Now, that’s a rather bold statement for me to make. I’m not an economic specialist. Funnily enough, I don’t have that much experience with online, MMO-style markets. But I do have a basic idea of how these things work and I’ve seen a few real life examples for my thoughts to have some merit at least.

Anyway, on With the Actual Topic.

The problem with an auction house is that it makes trading far too easy. And while that does sound like a “platinum riven key mafia” sort of thing, there’s a reason behind this. Digital Extremes make money from Warframe because not everyone is willing to wait patiently, farming relics and things like that. The idea is that players buy what they need with Platinum. But unlike most MMO-like games, you can also trade Platinum directly with other players. Being able to trade means you create an in-game economy and you can have a genuine free-to-play experience if you trade. (Source: spuf.org)

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