Walking dead georgie

Walking dead georgie

Walking dead georgie

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Georgie is an intelligent woman who believes that the future of the world can be found through humanity's past achievements and skills which have been mostly forgotten in the present day due to the onset of modern technology. Georgie has believed in this for so long, that she was working on putting together a book containing this knowledge even before the Apocalypse. Georgie possesses a great enough knowledge of these matters to create plans and schematics by hand to put in the book. (Source: walkingdead.fandom.com In the post-apocalyptic world, Georgie has a personality that is rarely seen amongst the survivors. Instead of being violent, mean and demanding, Georgie is calm, kind and seemingly genuine. When faced with three suspicious women, Georgie immediately recognized their suspicion and did nothing but speak calmly with them. When frisked at gunpoint, Georgie simply stated that she was not armed and offered no resistance, even when she was forcefully taken to the Hilltop. In conversing with Maggie's group, Georgie expressed a belief that the dead have brought out the best and worst in humanity, but the worst is outpacing the best at the current time. However, Georgie feels that that will eventually change and the knowledge she offers can help the best of humanity to build a brighter future in the hard times they are experiencing. Georgie shows a desire for people to believe in people again and to form trust with one another, something that she acknowledges is in short supply in the world.

Georgie shows the ability to make judgments about people's natures simply by interacting with them briefly. Just by speaking to Maggie, Enid, Rosita, and Michonne, Georgie could tell that they were fine people "manners notwithstanding", something that she admitted to having seen very little of since setting out and not for a very long time. After seeing the desperate state of the Hilltop, Georgie was willing to alter her deal to the Hilltop's benefit as an act of kindness and faith. Though she knew she wasn't leaving with everything she had originally wanted, Georgie was willing to help by donating a sizable portion of her own food stores alongside her book to give Hilltop the chance to survive and become what she knew they could be. Georgie doesn't like phonographs with spoken word on them. She only likes ones with music and refuses to listen to any others.Not much is known about Georgie's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she used to work as a professor. At some point in her life, she began writing a book that she called "A Key to a Future", where she put handwritten plans for windmills and watermills as well as hand-drawn schematics which act as guides to refining grain, creating lumber and aqueducts. Georgie also created photocopies of the book over time. (Source: walkingdead.fandom.com)


Ever since she first popped up out of nowhere in Season 8, “The Walking Dead” fans have been speculating non-stop about what Georgie’s (Jayne Atkinson) role will be in the future. Even though she has not appeared again since, Georgie’s impact has been felt — especially when we discovered that Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has made her exit from the show by joining up with Georgie’s quest to bring civilization back to the world. There has been no indication, meanwhile, that Georgie has a similar relationship with any of the other settlements we spend time with on “The Walking Dead” — Alexandria, the Kingdom or Oceanside. This is, as far as we know, exclusively a deal for the Hilltop The letter said that Maggie was happy, for what that’s worth. She also, according to Siddiq, was “somewhere far” away with Georgie, though that’s a vague enough descriptor to be unclear. If anybody who is still on “The Walking Dead” knows exactly where Maggie is right now, it would be Jesus and anyone else who reads her letters.Our first big clues, however, might not come on “The Walking Dead” itself, but rather the Rick Grimes-focused movies that are probably coming next year.

Fans also generally expect that the helicopter that took Rick (Andrew Lincoln) away two episodes ago is also from the Commonwealth, because we don’t know of anybody else who might have a helicopter. But with the first of those movies aiming for a spring start on production, it’s going to be a while before we get to that as well. There’s a new face in town, and she’s wearing a pantsuit. In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “The Key,” the decidedly non-violent Georgie comes bringing “gifts” to Maggie, Michonne, and Enid. Played by Jayne Atkinson, who may be familiar to House of Cards fans as Secretary of State Catherine Durant, Georgie is the affluent leader of a separate new group making themselves known for the first time. (Source: www.inverse.com For comic book fans, Georgie may remind them of Pamela Milton, who was just introduced a short month ago in issue #176. In the Walking Dead comics, Pamela Milton was the leader of the Commonwealth, a bustling community with stable luxuries and nearly 50,000 survivors. But Atkinson was not informed if her character was actually inspired by Pamela. “[Producer] Scott [Gimple] keeps everything close to the chest,” she told ComicBook. “And so basically when I spoke with him, he gave me a quiet overview of the kind of person she was, but no back story, no front story. But he gave me enough to create, I think, a very dynamic and interesting person.”


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