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Vigilent is the leader in intelligent energy management systems for data centers, telcos and large, commercial buildings. Since its start in 2004, the company has pioneered the application of advanced, artificial intelligence technology to the real-time demands of energy usage, delivering significant reductions in operating costs and increased reliability. Vigilent is a privately held firm located in the technology corridor of San Francisco’s East Bay and is committed to green energy solutions that make for a more sustainable planet.

Vigilent applies AI to dynamically optimize the indoor environment, energy and carbon emissions of commercial buildings. Machine learning monitors sensor data to learn how HVAC equipment affects temperature and other environmental conditions throughout a building. Vigilent artificial intelligence then adjusts HVAC settings in real-time, ensuring that building conditions are perfectly suited for occupants and equipment (such as IT servers in data centers) while operating in the most efficient manner possible. It takes just a few weeks to deploy the platform. Results are immediate, automatic and persistent: (1) improve building health vs. SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses; (2) energy and carbon emission reductions of 15-40% depending on the type of building; (3) elimination of hot and cold spots of up to 99%, significantly reducing occupant discomfort and the risk of thermal outages to IT applications; (4) HVAC capacity increase of 10-15%. Vigilent has almost 900 deployments across six continents, and is enabling the autonomous optimization of over 2 million square meters of facilities worldwide. Vigilent technology is also delivering an annual reduction of 250 million metric tons of CO2. (Source: solarimpulse.com Our unique, open-architecture software and patented drone technology work together to help you assess, analyze and act using real data in real-time. Whether you’re on the go or working inside a command center, we can provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions in a secure environment. (Source:vigilent-inc.com))

Vigilent is a provider in intelligent energy management systems, an essential solution for data center infrastructure management (DCIM). The company applies advanced Intelligent Analytics technology to address the real-time energy demands of data centers, colocation providers, telecommunications facilities, and large buildings. Vigilent protects uptime through dynamic management of cooling resources, while delivering significant, immediate reductions in cooling energy costs and carbon emissions through automated 24/7 monitoring and control of mission-critical facilities. A privately-held firm located in San Francisco's East Bay, Vigilent is committed to green energy solutions that reduce and inform energy use, making for a more sustainable planet. (Source: www.cbinsights.com)

Advantech announced that it is showcasing Vigilent , the leading provider of dynamic cooling management systems, as an early success of its Co-Creation IoT program at the Advantech Co-Creation IoT Global Summit on November 1-2 in Suzhou, China. A first for Advantech, the Co-Creation IoT Global Summit has attracted more than 6,600 attendees interested in domain-focused solutions from partners all over the world. A long-time partner of Advantech, Vigilent uses IoT sensors and artificial intelligence to dynamically optimize cooling and manage airflow in hundreds of data centers and other mission critical facilities, saving on average 40 percent of cooling energy. Vigilent uses Advantech wireless hardware as a key component of its infrastructure that leverages IoT technology and software to control complex thermal environments. “Vigilent is a great example of the cooperative power of this Co-Creation program,” said Jerry O’Gorman , global business leader, iConnectivity Group, Advantech. “We leverage each other’s strengths, while advancing IoT technology with an application that helps the environment – and the bottom line for data centers.” “Our deep participation in the Co-Creation program allows us to benefit from ongoing wireless and security innovations and speed our time to market with software that takes advantage of those advances,” said Dave Hudson , CEO of Vigilent. Hudson is presenting a workshop on “Advanced Energy Optimization Using Machine Learning” and participating in a panel discussion on “Harnessing the Power of IoT for Service-oriented Energy and Environment” during the conference. (Source: www.cbinsights.com)



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bigger picture and respond quickly when you need to most. (Source: vigilent-inc.com Established in 2015, Vigilent provides next-generation solutions to significantly enhance your defense, security and public safety capabilities through advanced data and communications technology. (Source:vigilent-inc.com v

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