Video Editor Resume

Video Editor Resume

Video Editor Resume

When applying for a video editor position, you need to submit a professional resume that's properly formatted and effectively highlights your strengths as a job candidate. In this article, we explain what a video editor resume is, list the steps for writing one and provide you with a video editor resume template and example to help you write your own.


At the bottom of your resume, include a section to highlight your video editing skills. Make sure to refer to skills requested in the job post and include these same skills on your resume if you have them. You can include a combination of both hard and soft skills. Some common skills for video editors include animation, transcription, logging clips, communication skills, attention to detail and time management.

Consider active language: To keep your resume concise, focus on active language and reducing extra words. For example, instead of saying ”I received the achievement of video editor within five years of working for the company," say, "Achieved editor within five years." Not only will this help keep your resume brief, but it also looks more appealing to a hiring manager who may not have much time for reading. (Source: www.indeed.com)


As you can see on our Video Editor resume example, the applicant Derrick has an extensive academic background on film studies. In addition to his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies, he also took short courses in cinematography, audio recording and editing and screenplay writing. These are all important components of film making. As a Video Editor, he knows he has to work with different people involved in production. Developing a keen understanding of what they do will help him edit videos according to what the producers, writers and directors want. Derrick also took the time to be certified in popular video editing software.

To embark on this interesting career as a Video Editor, some key characteristics and skills are deemed necessary, like hands-on experience in editing, a strong portfolio, creative mind, storytelling skills via video, familiarity with all video editing apps, and time management. To secure this role, the minimum education required is a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies, cinematography, or any relevant field. Several years of work experience in the relevant field is also expected. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


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