Usps los angeles

Usps los angeles

Usps Los Angeles

The United States Postal Service, better known as the U.S. Postal Service, delivers mail throughout the country. The USPS has seen a financial loss over the past few years, which is something we all need to be aware of when sending packages.


The mail has not been delivered in our neighborhood in weeks. We have bills and other important documents that we have not received. It all started when our regular mail carrier announced to me that he was being moved to another route and no one would be replacing him. This feels like a campaign led by the current Postmaster General to destroy the reputation of the USPS so it can be privatized. How do we get rid of this guy? But more pressingly, how do we get our mail delivered? Been a month and still no package. Seller sent through Priority Mail from NC to Fresno, Ca. and been stuck at the L.A. USPS Distribution Center for almost a month now! Filed a complaint and missing mail, USPS replied they "received my complaint" but basically we all know what it means....."YOU'LL GET IT WHEN YOU GET IT!!!!" Hope seller will refund for now until I get the package, which I highly doubt!

The Postal Service’s complacency in the face of deteriorating performance must be blamed on DeJoy, whose appointment was orchestrated in 2020 by a Trump-controlled USPS board of governors. The analysis said that DeJoy’s estimate of cost savings from the changes seemed inflated and that they couldThe USPS is worthless. You can no longer PAY to send a letter or package and expect that it will arrive at its destination on time or even in a reasonable amount of time. Tracking a package is useless because the information is not updated and you can't get any information other than "it's delayed" The employees are rude and unprofessional and lack the work ethic of postal employees from long ago. I'm done with the USPS and I can understand why companies like American Express are dropping the postal service as their method of mail delivery. Last notification was it was in transit in August 29, 2020. We insured it for $1000 since we have had this kind of problem before. We are told we have to file a claim before 60 days or lose it completely. USPS Customer Service says its in the Los Angeles Network Distribution Center which has an unknown address. If anyone knows how to find this center please tell us. We will pick the package up and take it ourselves. (Source: www.postallocations.com)


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