Uma jolie

Uma jolie

Uma jolie

Uma Jolie is a blogger focused on fashion, beauty, and business.


In the past, Uma Jolie was a self-described prude, but that changed when her mainstream modeling agent got her a gig in an erotic photoshoot. Uma had long been accustomed to beauty pageants and commercial shoots, but this was different. It invigorated the sexual being that had been stirring within her from her first furtive fumbles, and she leapt at the opportunity. After the spread, the real Uma was awakened, and decided to embrace her seductive new life, setting up a cam channel and beginning to dabble in hardcore. Now, this deliciously lithe and lusty babe has the entire porn world beating down her door. But Uma still keeps it real, taking hikes to clear her head and traveling to historic destinations to expand her mind. Meanwhile, her deepest loves include "getting lost in the stars" and listening to "dirty grimy rap music that kills it." That's just Uma for you. She's truly one of a kind! (Source: www.twistys.com)

Growing up between California and Florida, Uma Jolie describes her family as "party animals." Needless to say, Jolie had a fun upbringing. Having appeared in pageants and done modeling work in her youth, her agent found her over Facebook and saw that she had real potential in the adult industry. Jolie, being bisexual and open with her sexuality, decided to give it a shot.

After her first scene, Uma Jolie says that she fell in love with performing and became very comfortable with it. Jolie began her career as a girl-girl performer only, but has since added boy-girl to her repetoire. She can be found in scenes from popular studios like Filly Films, Wicked Pictures, and Girlfriends Films. (Source: www.hotmovies.com)

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