Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

46 Best Tribal Braids Ideas

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21 Tribal Braids for Super Trendy Appearanc

Today fashionista girls and celebrities are seriously obsessed with the Iconic 90’s hairstyle that is “Braids.” The braids are the easiest to do hairstyles for everyday work routines. Even celebrities like to tie their hair into braids for that elegant, simple as well trendy look at the same time. (Source: www.hottesthaircuts.com)

101 Chic and Trendy Tribal Braids for Your Inner Goddess

Black girl magic is all the trend nowadays with Lupita Nyong’o, Solange and the venerable Ms. Janet Jackson rocking the tribal braids with absolute confidence and uber-style. (Source: www.styleinterest.com)

How Long Does Tribal Braids Last?

Tribal braids should last for four to six weeks. It depends on the size of the braids. For the jumbo tribal braids I would suggest four weeks and for the medium tribal braids four to six weeks. It is also up to how well you take of your braids. (Source: honestlybecca.com)

What Are Tribal Braids?

)Tribal braids were used in the olden days in Africa to show one’s status in society, age, marital status, wealth, and religion. But now in the present times, tribal braids are considered cool, trendy, and a great protective hairstyle for black women. We have different types of tribal braids like the Fulani braids (this is the most popular tribal braid), middle part tribal braids, and the most recent one goddess tribal braids.

Tribal braids are plaits done in a “template” design or pattern according to the area or tribe they originated in. Examples of tribal braids include Ghana braids, which have their origins in pre-500 BCE Africa and have been depicted in ancient hieroglyphics. 

30 Stunning Tribal Braids Hairstyles

The African culture has been associated with braids for 5000 years, and tribal braids are the traditional hairstyle preferred by black women for years, but with the advancement in the era, the hairstyles have taken a modern look.

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101 Stunning Tribal Braids You Can Wear for a Badass Look!

Are you in need of a new hairstyle? Then you have landed the right article. You can wear these tribal braids in ponytails and buns and updos as well. You can also add on some vibrant shades and get them to look popping! There is no limit to these hairdos, and that is why we love them so much! Add on details as you go along. And there are options of adding on yarn and rings on the hair as well. You can do what your heart desires and decide on a style that makes you look and feel lovely. Here we have a collection that will force you to book an appointment today! 



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