Travis Scott Burger

Travis Scott Burger

Travis Scott Burger

Travis Scott Burger

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Jacques Berman Webster a.k.a. Travis Scott is one of the most famous American singers. Recently, the fast-food giant McDonald's announced that a new meal would be designated in the name of the rapper. Here is everything you need to know about the Travis Scott meal.

This was my first trip to a McDonald's in a long time, since I tend to favor Wendy's triple-stacked burgers, or Burger King's giant, coma-inducing, burgers. So I was surprised that this "little" burger was pretty darn good. First off, assembly. Fast food places are notorious for showing off million-dollar art on their menus and churning out nightmare fuel at the same time, this was a pleasant surprise. I forgot how much I enjoy unboxing a burger instead of tearing off a piece of fake aluminum foil. The bacon was salty and crunchy, while the BBQ sauce helped fight off the seemingly infinite amount of onions that McDonald's always seems to put on their Quarter Pounders. I don't know what it is about McDonald's onions that makes them the only standout ingredient in a sandwich, but they are aggressive. (Source: foodtribe.com)


In late 2020, the fast-food giant McDonald’s teamed up with rapper/producer Travis Scott to create the viral sensation known as the Travis Scott Burger. The limited-time collaboration between the two allowed fans to purchase the star’s go-to meal – a quarter pounder with his favorite toppings. The order was complete with a side order of fries, dipped in barbecue sauce, and a large Sprite.

This Travis Scott Burger copycat recipe captures the exact McDonald’s flavors for you at home with a Quarter Pounder, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and sesame seeds hamburger buns! Serve it with French fries with barbecue sauce and a large Sprite for a true rapper Travis Scott X McDonald’s cheeseburger experience! (Source: izzycooking.com)


The fun really starts when the tees actually come in, though. At the Utah location, the red crew tees arrived and both customers and employees were excited, even if they were not totally clear on the collaboration. “We have a few older [crew members] with us and they say, ‘What is a Travis Scott?’ And we try to explain, he's a rapper, blah blah blah,” the manager there said. Thankfully, she has a young son who introduced her to Scott’s music—she counts herself a fan now. Since the collaboration was announced yesterday, the Utah store’s fielded tons of calls about the meal and merchandise. One woman came to the store and asked if she could buy one of the tees off an employee’s back “for her son,” the manager said. I ask her if this is the coolest thing to happen to McDonald’s. Scott, after all, is the first celebrity to have their own McDonald’s item since Michael Jordan’s “McJordan Special” in 1992. “You know what?” she said. “This is the first time customers and employees are really excited about something.”

I decided to try the burger to see what the excitement was all about, and I think it is safe to say that The Travis Scott Meal is definitely not worth all the buildup. The burger tasted exactly like what anyone would expect a McDonald’s meal to taste like. However, I am glad that they opted for a sesame seed bun. (Source: thebutlercollegian.com)



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