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Travis Scott 

Travis Scott 


Now you can get your burger in Grand Theft Auto lifestyle with the 14k heirloom ring. Only available in the year of the dragon - get it while you still can.


His latest venture is a corporate collaboration of massive size and prestige: a meal at McDonald’s restaurants. The Travis Scott Meal comprises a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, french fries, and a large Sprite. The Quarter Pounder includes bacon and lettuce, and the fries come with barbecue sauce; the Sprite, as the McDonald’s site clarifies, is served “straight up.” Over the course of the roughly two weeks that it has been available in the United States, the Travis Scott Meal has been so hotly sought after that McDonald’s locations have been running out of ingredients and, in several cases, have sold out of Quarter Pounders entirely. This is a company that sells about two billion hamburgers every year. That’s how popular Travis Scott is — he’s got his name on a normal Quarter Pounder and he’s straining their supply .

He has had this effect before, in different circumstances. Scott’s limited collaboration with Nike, the mocha-brown Air Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott, sold out in about three seconds flat, as, to be fair, most limited-edition Jordan sneakers do. But almost immediately, pairs of the Travis Scott Jordans were breaking price records at resale sites such as StockX, and a year and a half later, they are one of the most expensive sneakers you can buy anywhere — assuming you can even find them. A brand-new set in men’s size 9 will run you a staggering $2,500 on the resale market right now. (Source: nationalpost.com I pride myself on being a burger connoisseur. So much so, that I have to keep myself up to date with the latest creations from the big chains too. This seems like rather meaningless work when you consider the quality of fast food ingredients, but I'll be honest, some of the chains, particularly Wendy's and McDonald's have stepped their game up in the past few years. McDonald's moved to fresh meat for their premium ground-beef sandwiches, and Burger King took the world by storm with the Impossible WHOPPER, which was also really good. (Source:foodtribe.com))

Michael Jordan’s

Since Michael Jordan’s “McJordan” 30 years ago, McDonald’s has not named another burger after a celebrity. That all changed when rapper Travis Scott announced his collaboration with McDonald’s on Sep. 3 on Twitter. With Scott’s name in the spotlight now, he has some big shoes to fill. The meal comes with The Travis Scott burger, medium fries with BBQ sauce and Sprite — which is his “same order since back in Houston.” The limited time collaboration will be ending on Oct. 4. (Source: thebutlercollegian.com This is the episode I finally talk about politics, fantasizing about what Travis Scott could do with his virtuosic burger powers. In this episode we cover Travis's takes over the years, Kanye's political stunts, the 2019 Super Bowl controversy, his changing rhetoric leading up to the Utopia release, and much more, then imagine possible dark and bright futures for the burger. (Source:www.audible.com))

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