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One well-known successful startup guy who has been successful because of content King Thomas Franco. He recently released a new book called “Transcending” which he tells me is a story about a guy who just wants a girl to love him. Well, he gets a hot girl who loves him, but he doesn’t have a story. So what happens? The person, uh you know, that he gets into a conflict with “kills” his hot girlfriend.


My Talking Tom is the best virtual pet game for the whole family. (Source: play.google.com)

- Players can adopt Tom and take care of him every day, making sure he gets enough food and sleep, taking him to the toilet, and keeping him happy, smiling and laughing. (Source: play.google.com)

- Tom likes to be petted and even spoken to - he repeats everything he hears in his funny voice! (Source: play.google.com - Everyone can customize Tom in their own way - an astronaut, a pilot, a superhero… or maybe just something cool and casual. (Source:play.google.com p

Millions of people play My Talking Tom every day, so why not join the fun? (Source: play.google.com)- Tom can go on

Officer Tom’s Monthly Subscription – which offers the Policeman Outfit, the option to resume playing 4x per mini-game session, and unlimited energy for playing mini-games – is priced at $4.99 per month. (Source: play.google.com)trips to other countries and build up an album of photos from his travels! (Source:lay.google.com)))

In this awesome free game, the famous pet cat Tom is going on an amazing life adventure! (Source: play.google.com)From the creators of My Talking Tom comes a new global hit game, My Talking Tom 2! (Source: play.google.com)

Everyday fun: Players can feed Tom when he’s hungry, wash him when he’s dirty, put him to bed when he’s tired, and take him to the toilet when he’s… really got to go! They can watch him grow into a big happy cat! (Source: play.google.com Talking Tom is back: Talking Tom is funnier and more lively than ever before! He reacts to everything players do and there are new surprises every day! (Source:play.google.com))

New mini games: There are brand new mini games to play, including puzzle games, action games, and Tom’s first-ever multiplayer mini game! (Source: play.google.com Exploring new worlds: Tom’s plane can be used to discover exciting new worlds. Players can go flying and bring back amazing treasures and use them to dress Tom up or decorate his house. (Source:play.google.com))

Tom's pets: Yes, Tom has a pet too, and there are four more pets to discover! Each one has its own look and personality. Players can try feeding them to see what happens! (Source: play.google.com)

Outfit7 Limited, the creator of Talking Tom and Friends, is a family entertainment company and a pioneer in the field of digital entertainment. (Source: talkingtomandfriends.com Hi, guys! I’m Tom. You’ve probably heard of me, right? I’m the leader of the gang. The alpha cat. The big kahuna! Our app studio is the first step on the road to fame, fortune, and… what’s another thing that begins with “F”? Oh, right – FUN! (Source:talkingtomandfriends.com))

Hi there! I’m Angela. I’m not into tech like Tom and the guys – I’m a singer and one day I’m going to be a big star! But I love hanging out with the guys, even if they do drive me up the wall from time to time! There’s only so much crazy a girl can take, after all! (Source: talkingtomandfriends.com)

BOO! Haha - made you jump! Tom and the gang (the old folks) are okay, I guess. But I’m the future! You should remember my name – it’s Ginger – because one day I’m gonna rule the WHOLE WORLD. All of it! But right now, I want some candy. (Source: talkingtomandfriends.com Oh hi there! My name’s Hank. I’m Tom’s trainee (and his super cool roommate) and the couch in front of the TV is my domain. Also, I’m basically the brains of the operation. No, really – I am! Hey! Stop laughing! (Source:talkingtomandfriends.com))

is a fictional character and one of the two titular main protagonists (the other being Jerry Mouse) in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical animated short films. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, he is a grey and white anthropomorphic domestic short haired mute tuxedo cat who first appeared in the 1940 MGM animated short Puss Gets the Boot. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Find sources: "Tom Cat" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

His name, "Tom Cat", is based on "tomcat", a word which refers to male cats. He is usually mute and rarely heard speaking with the exception of a few cartoons (such as 1943's The Lonesome Mouse, 1944's The Zoot Cat, 1947's Part Time Pal and 1992's Tom and Jerry: The Movie). His only notable vocal sounds outside of this are his various screams whenever he is subjected to panic or, more frequently, pain. He is continuously after Jerry Mouse, for whom he sets traps, many of which backfire and cause damage to him rather than Jerry. His trademark scream was provided by creator William Hanna. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

en.wikipedia.org)Tom has changed over the years upon his evolution, especially after the first episodes. For example, in his debut, he was quadrupedal. However, over the years (since the episode Dog Trouble), he has become almost completely bipedal and has human intelligence and he is similar to his previous appearance, in 1945 shorts he had twisted whiskers and his appearance kept changing. In the 1940s and early 1950s, he had white fur between his eyes. In newer cartoons, the white fur is gone. As a slapstick cartoon character, Tom has a superhuman level of elasticity. Tom is usually defeated (or very rarely, killed, like in Mouse Trouble, where he explodes) in the end, although there are some stories where he outwits and defeats Jerry. Though besides Jerry he also has trouble with many other mouse characters or cat characters. One of them that appears frequently is Spike Bulldog. Spike regularly appears and usually assists Jerry and beats up Tom. Though in some occasions Tom beats him or he turns on Jerry (like his debut appearance in Dog Trouble) . Usually when Tom is chasing Jerry after a bit Jerry turns the tables on Tom and beats him or uses an outside character such as Spike to beat Tom. (Source:

Tom and Jerry appeared together in the 1945 Technicolor Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer musical Anchors Aweigh where Tom briefly appears as a butler for King Jerry, the latter who has a dance sequence with Gene Kelly, and also in another musical with the same studio Dangerous When Wet (1953), where, in a dream sequence, main character Katie Higgins (Esther Williams) does an underwater ballet with Tom and Jerry, as well as animated depictions of the different people in her life. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Tom has variously been portrayed as a house cat doing his job, and a victim of Jerry's blackmail attempts, sometimes within the same short. He is almost always called by his full name "Thomas" by Mammy Two Shoes. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Despite almost every short depicting Tom as silent (besides his vocal sounds such as screaming and gasping), there are some cartoons which feature him speaking, with his first film appearance (along with co-star Jerry) in 1992, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, being an example as Tom and Jerry talk throughout the film. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Despite almost every short depicting Tom as silent (besides his vocal sounds such as screaming and gasping), there are some cartoons which feature him speaking, with his first film appearance (along with co-star Jerry) in 1992, Tom and Jerry: The Movie, being an example as Tom and Jerry talk throughout the film. (Source:en.wikipedia.org eand speaking in the shorts: Mouse Trouble, Part-Time Pal and The Missing Mouse (1944–1953), The Tom and Jerry Show (archival recording from Million Dollar Cat) (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

William Hanna (1941–1958): Vocal effects in the Hanna-Barbera era (1940–1958) shorts, Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers (archival recordings from classic shorts), The Tom and Jerry Show (archival recordings from classic shorts), Tom & Jerry (archival recordings from classic shorts), Tom and Jerry Special Shorts (archival recordings from classic shorts) and Tom and Jerry in New York (archival recordings from classic shorts), speaking in the shorts: The Lonesome Mouse, The Million Dollar Cat, The Mouse Comes To Dinner, Quiet, Please!, Trap Happy, Mouse Cleaning, Cruise Cat,His Mouse Friday (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

laughing in the 1950 short: Jerry and the Lion, laughing in The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 TV series) episode "Ballad of the Catnip Kid" (archive recording from Jerry and the Lion), laughing in the 2021 special short "On a Roll" (archive recording from Jerry and the Lion) (Source: en.wikipedia.org) en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org))Ken Darby (1950): "singing" in the 1950 short:

Arte Johnson: Mattel Tom and Jerry Talking Hand Puppet (Source: en.wikipedia.org Mel Blanc (1963–1967): vocal effects in the Chuck Jo

John Stephenson: The Tom and Jerry Show (Source: en.wikipedia.org)nes era (1963–1967) shorts and Tom & Jerry (2021 film) (Source:en.wikipedia.org))Mel Blanc (1963–1967): vocal effects in the Chuck Jones era (1963–1967) shorts and Tom & Jerry (2021 film) (Source:Texas Tom (Source:

Don Messick: imitating the ghost's laugh and snickering in The Tom and Jerry Show (1975 TV series) episode "Castle Wiz" (Source: en.wikipedia.org)Lou Scheimer: The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show (Source: en.wikipedia.org Frank Welker: vocal effects in Tom & Jerry Kids, The Tom and Jerry Show (2014 TV series) episode "Just Plane Nuts", Tom & Jerry (2021 film) and international TV commercials (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Jeff Bennett: Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring (Source: en.wikipedia.org Richard Kind (1992, 2021–present): speaking, non-speaking and singing in Tom and Jerry: The Movie (Source:en.wikipedia.org e

Bill Kopp: Tom and Jerry: Blast Off to Mars and Tom and Jerry: The Fast and the Furry (Source: en.wikipedia.org)n.wikipedia.org)))Marc Silk: Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers (Source:

Spike Brandt: The Karate Guard, Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale, Tom and Jerry and the Wizard of Oz, Tom and Jerry: Robin Hood and His Merry Mouse, Tom and Jerry's Giant Adventure, Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon, Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest, Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz, and Tom and Jerry: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Source: en.wikipedia.org)"Tom toms" redirects here. For the musical group, see Tommy & the Tom Toms. For other uses, see Tom. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

A tom drum is a cylindrical drum with no snares, named from the Anglo-Indian and Sinhala language. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Find sources: "Tom-tom drum" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (Source:en.wikipedia.org eIt was added to the drum kit in the early part of the 20th century. Most toms range in size between 6 and 20 inches (15 and 51 cm) in diameter, though floor toms can go as large as 24 inches (61 cm). It is not to be confused with a tam-tam, a gong. The Tom is popular and used by players worldwide. (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

However, the tom-tom drums on the Western drum set clearly resemble the Sri Lankan version more than the frame drum. (Source: en.wikipedia.org The British colonists complained loudly about the noise generated by the "tom-toms" of the natives throughout South Asia. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))


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