Tina Majorino kids

Tina Majorino kids

Tina Majorino

Author Tina Majorino took teaching writing to the next level. Her success is due to her razor-sharp writing style that cuts to the heart of the story.


born February 7, 1985) is an American film and television actress. She started her career as a child actor, starring in films such as Andre, When a Man Loves a Woman, Corrina, Corrina, and Waterworld.


Tina Majorino is clearly one of the most talented young actresses to come out of the early 1990s. She starred in three feature films that opened within three months of each other. She began her career by appearing in national television commercials before playing Sophie in the ABC television series Camp Wilder (1992). In 1994, Majorino made her feature film debut starring opposite Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia in Touchstone's When a Man Loves a Woman (1994). She stole audiences' hearts by portraying the other daughter caught in the middle of a family falling apart at the seams because of the disastrous effects of alcohol abuse. Majorino was seen shortly thereafter in Corrina, Corrina (1994), a comedy set in the 1950s about finding love and family in the most unlikely places. She played Molly, the only child of a recently widowed father (Ray Liotta), who finds a helping hand from Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg), an unconventional housekeeper who uses a combination of charm and sensitivity to help the family adjust to their new lives. In her follow-up to Corrina, Corrina, Majorino starred in Andre, a film based on a true story of a harbor seal who journeyed from Boston to Maine for 23 years every summer to visit Toni (Majorino), the only child who helped rescue him. Majorino played the role of Enola, along-side of Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dennis Hopper in Waterworld. Enola was a young girl who had the map to dry land on her back. She was being fought over by the Smokers and the The Drifters. At the time, she was just turning ten. After completing the film Alice in Wonderland (1999), in which she portrayed Alice, Majorino decided to take a break from acting. A five year break to be exact. At the tender age of 13 Majorino disappeared from the screens to finish school and spend time with her family. Napoleon Dynamite (2004) marked the return of the young starlet. The surprise smash hit blew into theaters in 2004, and continues to entertain audiences around the world becoming one of the top grossing independent films and earning it the new title of "Cult Classic." In Napoleon, Majorino portrays "Deb", a quiet, shy, boondoggle door-to-door salesman (because she's "trying to earn money for college") who quickly befriends Napoleon and his hilarious Mexican side-kick Pedro. Upon meeting Deb, Napoleon starts crushing hard. Who wouldn't? Majorino's portrayal as the sweet sincere Deb melts all of our hearts. Majorino has aspirations to produce, direct, write, and design in the very near future. (Source: www.imdb.com)

Bill Paxton

In its second season, “Big Love” starring Bill Paxton examines the taboo subject of polygamy. Paxton’s character, Bill Henrickson, is a modern day Utah polygamist who resides in Salt Lake City with his three wives and seven children. He owns a growing chain of home improvement stores and struggles to balance his emotional and financial respThe five years off taught Majorino that she could be happy without acting. When she did return in “Napoleon Dynamite,” the then 18-year-old Majorino did so for a love of acting. (Source:Throughout Majorino’s acting career, Majorino has chosen movie roles with important life lessons. “When a Man Loves a Woman” allows viewers to witness the devastating effects of alcohol abuse. “Corrina, Corrina” shows Majorino as Molly Singer, a young girl growing up in a single parent household. Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg) is a sassy housekeeper who helps Molly find happiness during a difficult time in her life. Molly’s father, Manny Singer

www.dailyemerald.com)understated sense of humor appealed to Majorino, whose character Deb is the eventual love interest of main character Napoleon Dynamite

his talented tot actor smoothly segued from neighborhood plays to national TV commercials to a TV sitcom ("Camp Wilder," ABC 1992-93) to big screen exposure, Majorino made her stage debut at three-and-a-half and soon began taking dance and voice classes as well. 1994 would be prove to be a breakthrough year. Her feature acting debut was in "When a Man Loves a Woman" (1994), playing the elder daughter of Meg Ryan and Andy Garcia in a family shaken to its foundations by alcoholism. Majorino received excellent notices for her portrayal of a little girl forced by family chaos to grow wise beyoTina Marie Majorino (born February 7, 1985) is an American film and television actress. She started her career as a child actor, starring in films such as Andre, When a Man Loves a Woman, Corrina, Corrina, and Waterworld. Despite her early success, Majorino left show business in 1999.


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