The palm Los Angeles

The palm Los Angeles

The palm Los Angeles

Los Angeles is now the only place where you can find the palm tree in the winter. The warm climate has allowed for the palm trees to thrive in the winter months, paving the way for a new visitor experience. Our palm tree tours are one of the most popular attractions that visitors flock to in the area.The palm trees are also an attraction themselves. Since they are native to Mexico, they are unique and show you the true beauty of the country You’re guaranteed to see several palm trees, palm lined streets and palm trees decorated through homes and businesses. Some palm tree lights in homes and


Visiting from New Orleans, we were referred to The Palm for fine dining by the Concierge for Hotel Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown, First, we were welcomed and treated royally by our fantastic server, Jessica. The oak room and white-tablecloth seating create a delightful atmosphere; craft...cocktails were superb, the wine list was extensive, and the food offerings of steak, seafood and Italian will satisfy any palate. Thank you for a wonderful evening! The Palm was everything we were seeking for fine dining in Downtown Los Angeles.MoreDespite the high prices, The Palm is always packed and the Bentleys keep rolling up outside. Though part of an international chain that serves as an oasis for displaced or wandering New Yorkers who hold the original Manhattan location so dear to their hearts, L.A.'s Palm maintains its own distinctive flavor: the brass rails, wood booths and crisp white linen of a serious steakhouse, combined with colorful caricatures on the walls of current and past Hollywood celebrities. The service is brisk and attentive---although often rushed---from what seem to be dedicated long-term professional waiters rather than struggling actors waiting for that big phone call. Atmosphere and service aside, this place is all about thick steaks and gargantuan---three pounds and up---lobsters, although there's a decent selection of fish options and a small range of Italian dishes on the menu. Some of the salads are ho-hum, but sides such as the fried onions and thick-cut cottage fries are recommendable, and the cheesecake, imported from the Big Apple, is a must. The wine list is rich with hard-to-find California Cabernets and full bodied Chardonnays. Also at 1100 S. Flower St., Los Angeles, 213-763-4600.

The multi-level Palm Los Angeles is housed in a historic toy factory in downtown’s South Park. It’s location just a block from the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center makes it the perfect spot to kick off an exciting evening. With teams from the NBA, NFL, and NHL as neighbors, the restaurant often enjoys visits from the likes of Magic Johnson, Luc Robitaille and Kobe Bryant. These sports legends, along with celebrities and prominent locals, are some of The Palm’s biggest fans and regular guests. (Source: usmenuguide.com)


The Palm served as a luncheon and dinner club for members of the city's newspapers for many years. The New York Daily Mirror and King Features (cartoon syndicated) were located on 45th Street between Second and Third Avenues; the Daily News, United Press (later United Press International) and United Features (cartoon syndicate) were located in the Daily News Building on 42nd Street and Second Avenue. The Herald Tribune was on 41st Street and Third Avenue and the World Telegram was on 49th Street and Third Avenue. The proximity of the cartoon syndicates led to the colorful caricatures on the walls. The original Palm consisted of one room at 837 Second Avenue, then it expanded to the second room and eventually to the second floor before opening across the street.

Earlier in the year, New York State Supreme Court Judge Andrea Masley ordered Just One More Restaurant to pay nearly $120 million to the minority shareholders who accused Ganzi Jr. and Bozzi Sr. of cheating them out of royalties over the past 40 years. Ganzi Jr. and Bozzi Sr. held 80 percent of the business. On the other side of the feud was Ganzi Jr.’s cousins, Claire Breen and Gary Ganzi, the grandchildren of the late John Ganzi, who opened the first Palm in Manhattan in 1926. The legal battle dates back to 2013. (Source: www.fsrmagazine.com)


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