The house of payne show

The house of payne show

house of payne

House of payne

The House of Payne was founded in 1915 and quickly became the premier meeting place for prominent businessmen, politicians, and writers. In Philadelphia, American businessmen from all over the United States came to the house to engage in discussions that would propel their industry forward.

House of Payne is an American sitcom television series created and produced by Tyler Perry that premiered in syndication on June 21, 2006. The series would eventually be retooled and aired on TBS from June 6, 2007, until August 10, 2012. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


House of Payne is a comedy show about a married couple who live in a suburban home and work in an office. The couple makes their living from their real estate license, and the couple's tenants often come to them for advice. The show aired for nine seasons, ending on January 27, 2013. The show is about the domestic life of a married couple who, unlike their neighbors. And they don't have a housekeeper or nanny to help them constantly.

The story of House of Payne revolves around the Payne family in Atlanta. The main cast of the show consists of LaVan Davis, Cassi Davis, Allen Payne, Larramie Doc Shaw. Also there is China Anne McClain, Denise Burse, Lance Gross, Demetria McKinney and Keshia Knight Pulliam. With Palmer Williams Jr., Ahmarie Holmes, Quin Walters, Terayle Hill joining as the main cast from the ninth and tenth season. (Source: www.republicworld.com)


On this occurrance of House of Payne, James suffers from excruciating gas pain and Bryan decides to have an operation to help him out. Meanwhile Jim goes on a date with a pretty (but not too pretty) girl.

House of Payne.....is actually a house of family, fun & love- despite serious true life storylines which include crack addiction, teenage growing pains and beyond. the plot revolves around a man, CJ (Allen Payne) who moves in with his aunt Ella and uncle Curtis along with his wife ( A crack addict who burned down their house) & 2 children, all the family members are hilarious while comforting each other and finding resolution to various situations. If you've never seen an episode of this hit show during the first season run. Order this 20 episode volume you'll be glad you did. It is addictive and certainly entertaining! (Source: www.amazon.com)


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