Tammy slaton

Tammy slaton

Tammy Slaton

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The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, 35, shares on this week's episode of the TLC show that she's dating a new guy named Phillip after they started talking on social media.

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1000lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has unveiled her new boyfriend (Picture: TLC) (Source: metro.co.uk The 1000lb Sisters star hasn’t had the easiest time with her love life, after it emerged that her former partner was actually married. (Source:metro.co.uk mThe new series of 1000-Lb Sisters airs on Mondays in the US. (Source:etro.co.uk)))

In the premiere episode of 1000-lb Sisters Season 3, Tammy Slaton took a drastic step in her weight loss journey and checked into food addiction rehab. However, just eight weeks after arriving, Tammy decided that she wanted to check out early. Now, TLC fans are suspecting that her new relationship could be the reason Tammy wanted to go home. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

“Amy is dealing with her own stress, and while her dreams came true when she became a mom to son Gage, balancing the demands of motherhood with her own weight-loss goals may prove to be impossible,” the summary continues. “Meanwhile, the sisters’ brother Chris had reached the goal Dr. Smith set for him to be eligible for bariatric surgery but after a setback following a procedure to remove a boil from his leg, he fears he has blown his chances for life-saving surgery. Facing another check-up with their doctor, Tammy and Chris must both face the music and see whether their progress qualifies them for weight-loss surgery. “ (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

1000-lb Sisters

1000-lb Sisters Season 3 is here and not a minute too soon. The TLC show’s third season premiered last night and fans are already excited to see where Tammy and Amy Slaton end up this go-round. A lot happened on last night’s episode, including Tammy both checking in and out of rehab. So, what did fans think about the premiere? (Source:

There was a lot to unpack last night on the 1000-lb Sisters Season 3 premiere. First, Tammy admitted that she had seen her ex, Jerry Sykes once again for an intimate meetup. This worried Amy as Sykes has been known to indulge Tammy’s bad eating habits. Then, Amy took Tammy to a food addiction rehab facility where she set out to lose the 100 pounds that Dr. Smith recommended. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)

Amy Slaton has a husband, a baby, and a full life that sometimes doesn't include her sister, Tammy Slaton. And, it seems, Tammy often worries that Amy could leave her behind. Recently, Amy made it clear she wants to devote less of her time to Tammy and more to her little family. (Source: www.distractify.com)

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