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Leoni was born on February 25, 1966, in New York City. Her mother, Emily Ann (née Patterson),

Leoni, Téa (March 26, 2019). "The episode of #FindingYourRoots including my family is reairing tonight. This experience inspired a new chapter for our family after Mom, West, & I flew to meet this new family! They're deeply kind, loving, good people. We're forever indebted to the team that Mitchell, Sean (April 28, 2002). "A Habit of Lying Taught Téa Leoni the Truth of Acting". The New York Times. Retrieved August 14, 2014.

"Archived copy". Movies & TV Dept. The New York Times. 2016. Archived from the original on March 5, 2016. Retrieved February 20, 2017. (Source: en.wikipedia.org) en.wikipedia.org)"Miss Pantaleoni, Actress, Marries". The New York Times. June 9, 1991. Archived from the original on March 8, 2016. Retrieved March 3, 2017. (Source:

Tucker, Ken (September 19, 2014). "Téa Leoni on Her New Role as Madam Secretary and Co-Parenting With Her Ex David Duchovny". Parade. Archived from the original on November 11, 2014. Retrieved March 8, 2017. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Bhob Stewart (2008). "There's No Fish Food in Heaven (1998)". Movies & TV Dept. The New York Times. Archived from the original on May 27, 2008. Retrieved October 8, 2011. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni was born on February 25, 1966 in New York City. Her father, Anthony Pantaleoni, was a corporate lawyer, and her mother, Emily Ann (Patterson), worked as a dietitian and nutritionist. She is of Italian (from a paternal great-great-grandfather), Polish, English, Irish, Scottish, and German descent. Téa attended but did not complete studies at Sarah Lawrence College. She started out in acting as Lisa DiNapoli in Santa Barbara (1984) in 1989 and followed up with small roles in Switch (1991) and A League of Their Own (1992). (Source: www.imdb.com)

Was accepted to Sarah Lawrence College but dropped out after her freshman year to travel through Italy and Japan. It was following her travels that she ended up in Boston and, on a friend's dare, entered a local casting call for a new TV series to be called "Angels '88," a campy take on "Charlie's Angels" (1976). With no experience, she won the lead role but the series never materialized. (Source: www.imdb.com Was going to be one of the new Charlie's Angels in the proposed "Angels '88", along with Claire Yarlett, but the series never got off the ground. (Source:www.imdb.com))

We have this incredible cast with Billy Bob Thornton, who is maybe my new favorite person in the world. (Source: www.imdb.com And I thought, you know, I have to say that maybe the whacked out mother is my new favorite role, but I don't want to just do it and become Nurse Ratchett. (Source:www.imdb.com w

I was desperate to go back to New York and when 9/11 happened, I feared moving to the bulls-eye and that was very hard because I have a lot of family there and I really had to question what I didn't like about this community. (Source: www.imdb.com)ww.imdb.com)))But I can tell you that the New York that I see now is not the New York that we grew up in. It's not 1973. (Source:

www.pinterest.com www.pinterest.com))There are no Secret Service agents flanking Téa Leoni as she strides into a Manhattan restaurant, and in her jeans, white tennis shoes, and yanked-back ponytail, she’s not dressed the way a secretary of state might be. But it’s instantly easy to see why Leoni is so convincing playing precisely that role in theTéa Leoni on Her New Role as Madam Secretary and Co-Parenting With Her Ex David Duchovny (Source: new [...] (Source:

Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni, better known by her stage name Téa Leoni, is an American actress. She has starred in a wide range of films including Jurassic Park III, The Family Man, Deep Impact, and Ghost Town. Born: February 25, 1966 (age 48), New York City, NY Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m) (Source: www.pinterest.com Born Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni on February 25, 1966, the only child to parents Emily, a nutritionist, and Anthony Pataleoni, a lawyer. She grew up in New York City and Englewood, New Jersey. She attended the private Brearley School, located in the tony Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan and The Putney School in Vermont, before continuing her education at Sarah Lawrence College. After dropping out of school, she spent time in the Caribbean and Cape Cod, before attending an audition for 1988 television show on a friend's dare. She got the part, but the series never aired. That experience however, lead to the beginning of her career on the small screen in the late '80s, most notably as Lisa DiNapoli in the soap Santa Barbara. Leoni went on to film, appearing in Switch (1991) and A League of Their Own (1992). She would continue working in television before her big movie break in 1995 when she starred as Julie Mott in the film Bad Boys, opposite Smith and Lawrence. (Source:www.biography.com))

Tea Leoni was born Elizabeth Tea Pantaleoni, on February 25, 1966, in New York City. Her mother, Emily Ann Patterson, was a dietician, and nutritionist. Her father, Anthony Pantaleoni, was a corporate lawyer, who worked for the firm, ‘Fulbright & Jaworski.’ She has a brother, Thomas Pantaleoni. Leoni’s paternal grandfather was of Italian, Irish, and English descent. Her paternal grandmother, Antonina Szumowska Adamowska, was an actress, and was also the daughter of famed musicians. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)

www.thefamouspeople.com www.thefamouspeople.com))Tea Leoni spent her childhood in Englewood, New Jersey, and New York City. She completed her school studies from the ‘Brearley School,’ in New York City, and ‘The Putney School,’ in Vermont. Later, Leoni attended the ‘Sarah Lawrence College,’ but did not complete her studies there. She dropped out, after her freshman year, and traveled to I

In 2014, Tea Leoni made a comeback to TV, with the political drama series, ‘Madam Secretary,’ in which she performs the lead role, ‘Elizabeth McCord.’ The story revolves around the life of ‘McCord,’ who is a ‘Secretary of State,’ and was a former ‘CIA’ analyst. The series has received wide acceptance from the audiences, and is still being aired on the ‘CBS.’ In 2014, Leoni was nominated for the ‘People’s Choice Awards for the Favorite Actress in a New TV Series.’ Leoni is also the producer of the series. (Source: www.thefamouspeople.com)In 1988, Leoni made her entry into the entertainment industry, when she participated in the casting call for a new TV series to be named as ‘Angels 88.’ Leoni entered the audition, after accepting a challenge from a friend. She was selected for the lead role. But the series was not aired, due to production delays. (Source:taly, and Japan. (Source:


After taking on smaller roles in films like Switch (1991) and A League of Their Own (1992), Téa Leoni turned into a major star when she grabbed the lead female role in the blockbuster hit Bad Boys (1995), starring opposite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. From there, Leoni starred in other major films like Deep Impact (1998), The Family Man (2000), Jurassic Park III (2001), and Fun With Dick and Jane (2005). While no stranger to television roles throughout her career, Leoni made her biggest impact on the small screen in 2014 with her lead role as Dr. Elizabeth McCord on Madam Secretary. Leoni had a longtime marriage to actor David Duchovny. The couple divorced in 2014

After the success of Bad Boys, Leoni became a major star, taking on lead roles in films like Deep Impact (1998), The Family Man (2000), co-starring Nicolas Cage, Jurassic Park III (2001), Spanglish (2004) and Fun With Dick and Jane (2005), starring opposite Jim Carrey. (Source: www.biography.com After appearing in various films and television shows in the late 2000s, Leoni found her stride in television this time, playing Secretary of State Dr. Elizabeth McCord in the political drama Madam Secretary. (Source:www.biography.com))

Jordan Peele is an actor, director and writer known for his work on Comedy Central's 'Key & Peele' and his blockbuster hit horror film 'Get Out.' (Source: www.biography.com Cynthia Nixon is an Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress best known for her role as Miranda Hobbes on the TV and film series 'Sex and the City.' (Source:www.biography.com))

www.thefamouspeople.com www.biography.com))In 1995, Leoni performed as the female lead, ‘Julie Mott,’ in the action-comedy movie, ‘Bad Boys.’ It was her first lead role in movies. In the movie, Leoni co-starred with Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence. The film was a huge success at the box office. Leoni’s performance was noteworthy, and after the success of the movie, she started receiving bettOscar-winning actor Al Pacino has kept moviegoers riveted since the 1970s, with roles in films like 'The Godfather,' 'Dog Day Afternoon,' 'Dick Tracy' and 'Scent of a Woman.' (Source:er offers. (Source:

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