Sweetgreen atlanta

Sweetgreen atlanta

Sweetgreen atlanta

Leadership, food, and development VP Leila Tannous, a Georgia native, says that Sweetgreen is quickly becoming a leader in the food business space in the Atlanta area. The company has been approached about opening smaller restaurants and restaurants in the nearby suburbs, and is looking to invest in downtown Atlanta along with Georgia State University.


Established in 2007 by then recent Georgetown University grads Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman, the company has grown to more than 100 units across the country. When the privately held company completed its latest round of financing, it was valued at roughly $1.8 billion. Sweetgreen is said to have confidentially filed for an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in June with reported plans to go public this coming fall.

Los Angeles-based chain is opening its first Atlanta outpost on June 8. Located in Ponce City Market, the trendy salad purveyor will feature artwork by textile artist Honey Pierre who is a member of the artist incubator TILA Studios. Sweetgreen will also feature locally sourced ingredients and products from brands like Allison’s Honey, Calyroad Creamery, Kemboocha, Genuine Georgia, and New Communities. (Source: www.thrillist.com)

“With Sweetgreen being a bit bigger, we have restaurants open now in Florida, Texas, Atlanta [soon] and Colorado, those are all new markets for us to market in and that’s been the focus,” said Ru. “[We’re working to] tell our story in existing markets but also in some of these places that are new to Sweetgreen.” Currently, the chain, which is based in Los Angeles, has 121 locations in New York, California, District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Colorado and Florida. (Source: digiday.com)


Sweetgreen offers seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainable salads and bowls with the aim of connecting more people to real food. Work in the area? Get your office set up with a sweetgreen Outpost. We’ll bring freshly made, customized orders to your office for lunch. $0 delivery, no tipping, and same delivery time frame so you never have to choose between a healthy meal and convenience. Learn more + sign your office up: outpost.sweetgreen.com/new/.

Was a big fan of this brand but they've gone way down hill. Atlanta market launch is a shit show. Came into this location (with a 9PM close) at 8:49 and yelled at me because they "closed already". Turned me away and a line of 5 people. Last meal I got here was DoorDash and the bowl was about 30% full. Last time here. Don't recommend. My office is across the street and I'll be telling my 19 employees the same. Bottom line, this brand has no control over quality (Source: www.restaurantji.com)

Sweetgreen is good but this store has got to get it together. I’ve gone 3 times and 2 of those times they were out of the ingredients for the bowl I wanted (crispy rice and chicken pesto parm bowl). The third time I went I ordered online for pick up and when I got back home to open up the bowl there was absolutely no sauce in the chicken pesto parm bowl.The food tastes good but the experience here is not the best and needs improvement. (Source: www.restaurantji.com)


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