Superica atlanta

Superica atlanta

Superica atlanta

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I got hired and the first three days were unpaid. Before the actual training they gave me a handbook to study. Every training shift I had to take a test based on the handbook and if you fail they send you home instead of training you. They got me fired on the THIRD DAY!! because they said I was not putting enough effort on the tests when the whole point of training is to learn from anything you do wrong. They did not even wait to at least finish the training and see my performance and decide if I could keep the job or not. They expect you to learn 100% of the restaurant in 5 DAYS!! with no mistakes! is ridiculous.

Tex-Mex dishes – like the kind you can find in Superica – are their own incredible cuisine, built over generations in Texas and the American Southwest. Renowned Atlanta Chef Ford Fry grew up in Houston, a culinary home to Tex Mex and an inspiration for his iconic restaurant Superica. Whether you’re looking for a mouth watering chorizo queso fundido, perfectly sizzling fajitas and all the flavors of your favorite tex mex restaurant, you’ll get an elevated experience of all of these at Superica. (Source: www.atlantaeats.com)


We made the 45-minute trip up to Krog Street Market just to eat at this great place. We arrived a few minutes after they opened (5:00pm) on Labor Day and didn't have to wait for a table. They have an outdoor seating area, but we wanted to eat inside. The complementary chips and salsa hit the spot and made us happy we'd made the trip. Our server was friendly and knowledgeable about that menu. My wife was going to order the short ribs, but they weren't available. Instead, three...read full review

Superica is located at the hot spot of Atlanta by being part of the Krog Street MKT and start of the belt line. The customer base is diverse and always energetic. Work is based on the buddy system and teamwork, the place is always packed so it can be stressful. Management is constantly being changed due to Ford Fry Co. demand and expectation, along with other internal issues. (Source: www.indeed.com)


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