Stranger Things Lawsuit 2021

Stranger Things Lawsuit 2021

Billy stranger things

Billy stranger things

I’m Billy and I am 9 and I am mister secret pink. I don’t like school and I love school.


strangerthings.fandom.com strangerthings.fandom.com))William ''Billy'' Hargrove, portrayed by Dacre Montgomery, is a major character of Stranger Things. He served as the tertiary antagonist of the second season and the central antagonist of

During an interview, Dacre Montgomery stated that he "couldn't talk about" Billy possibly returning in Season 4. This has led fans to believe that Billy may be the "American" mentioned in the end of Season 3, or that he will otherwise return despite having been killed by the Mind Flayer. (Source: strangerthings.fandom.com) the third season. (Source:On October 25, 2017, streaming music service Spotify created playlists based on main characters, coinciding with the premiere of Season 2. Billy's playlist is Billy's Pedal to the Metal, described as "80s hair metal and aggro rock paired best with after-school beatdowns, road rage, and mullets." (Source:


strangerthings.fandom.com)Billy is the son of Neil Hargrove and an unnamed mother in California. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother. Billy had a passion for surfing as a kid, and his mother was very supportive of him. He has fond memories of her standing on the beach watching him surf. Billy's mother abandoned him sometime later when he was about ten years old, due to Neil's behavior. Neil eventually married Susan Mayfield, mother of Max Mayfield, who was introduced to Billy as his "new sister" which he did not like. Neil's abuse towards Billy turned him into a childhood bully, and he is seen in his memories beating up other kids. (Source:

strangerthings.fandom.com)Billy managed to track them to Starcourt and removed the ignition cable from Nancy's car to prevent them from escaping. When they noticed the missing ignition cable as they tried to leave for Murray's Warehouse, Billy, sitting in his car, revved the engine while watching them, forcing them to retreat into the mall. After stealing the cable off the mall's 1986 model year Chrysler LeBaron Turbo, Billy charged towards them but is T-boned by Steve and Robin in a stolen Cadillac. Jonathan, Nancy, Steve, Robin, and Lucas fled in the station wagon while the Mind Flayer chased them. Billy, recovering from the crash, noticed Mike, El, and Max and pursued them as they attempted to flee. Billy cornered them in the utility halls of the mall, knocked Mike and Max out and kidnapped El. The Mind Flayer, who had realized the diversion through its connection to Billy, returned and almost killed El, but was stopped by the group bombarding it with fireworks, distracting it while Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers were attempting to close the gate. El mentioned "7 feet" to Billy, which stopped him, and talked to him about the memory she witnessed when she went into his mind; his last memory of true happiness with his mother. Billy shed a tear, regretting everything he had done, and then sacrificed himself to the Mind Flayer in order to prevent it from killing El, his stepsister, and all their friends. This left just enough time for Joyce to close the gate, resulting in the death of the Spider Monster. After it died, Max ran to Billy, who only had the strength to say "I'm sorry" before dying. Max cried, and mourned his death for months afterwards. (Source:

His father was abusive to Billy’s mother too, but she divorced him and left the boy to face the abuse alone. His pain built up over the years, and the only way he knew how to deal with it was to take out his anger on others. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)



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