Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle

Radio Host Steve Quayle Claims Zombies Could Attack Earth on Televangelist Jim Bakker's Show

Televangelist Jim Bakker hosted conspiracy theorist and radio host Steve Quayle's warnings of an impending zombie apocalypse on Tuesday.

Update: Steve Quayle, 70, Bozeman, Mt, Radio Kookbabbler, Anti-Vaxxer, Hospitalized With Covid.

UPDATE (10/23/21): Steve Quayle just gave an "interview" where he discusses how "they" attempted to assassinate him using COVID-19 or some aerosolized genetically targeted bioweapon. This is the most insane thing of all the insane things on

Steve Quayle - Giants - Dead Scientists - Gold Metals - Radio Host

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“I expected there to be pain along the way and carried on, thinking I would run it off,” Quayle told CNN. “The pain got continually worse however, and by mile 16 I was really struggling and stopped at a physio tent for assistance.”

Steve Quayle Wikipedia: Everything That You Should Know About Him

Who Is Steve Quayle? Steve is a famous researcher and author who has published several books. Find more about him in this article.

Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle is a researcher and author of over a dozen books dealing with advanced ancient technology and civilizations. His documentary film production company Gensix Productions films the "True Legends The Series" all over the world in search of the Lost Cities and the giants of history who were the builders of the great megalithic structures of the ancient world. Steve is a former talk radio show host who has been warning against genetic armageddon and the end of the human race for decades. He claims transhumanism and the hybrid age is the most dangerous advancement in the technological war against humanity in history.

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