stephen colbert youtube

stephen colbert youtube

stephen colbert youtube

I am glad that Stephen Colbert is leaving the Colbert Report to take over the Tonight Show. Stephen Colbert has not been perfect but his show was hilarious and intelligently thought provoking.


Stephen Colbert: Covid is ‘like Mel Gibson – he ebbs and flows and because of a few idiots out there, we’re stuck with some form of him forever’. Photograph: Youtube (Source: www.theguardian.com

Stephen Colbert checked in on the pandemic on Tuesday’s Late Show, as cases spiked among the unvaccinated in states such as New Hampshire and Vermont. “So Covid won’t go away, but the pandemic might,” he said, as the global goal is now to reach what experts call Covid endemicity – the point where Covid becomes just another disease, like the flu, that people control with medications and vaccines. (Source: www.theguardian.com)Stephen Colbert: Covid is ‘like Mel Gibson – he ebbs and flows and because of a few idiots out there, we’re stuck with some form of him forever’. Photograph: Youtube (Source:www.theguardian.com))

The host also touched on yet another damning revelation from the latest Trump tell-all book, this one by ABC News’s Jonathan Karl. In Betrayal, Karl details how the ex-president “was interested in staging a classic coup”, Colbert summarized, as his allies pressed the defense department to overturn the election. (Source: www.theguardian.com) www.theguardian.com)“So it looks like we’re never really getting rid of Covid,” said Colbert. “It’s like Mel Gibson – he ebbs and flows and because of a few idiots out there, we’re stuck with some form of him forever.” (Source:

Colbert on infrastructure: ‘Quicker load times for QAnon conspiracy theories’ (Source: www.theguardian.com “Some of these efforts were what military historians call coup-coup-banana-cakes,” he added, such as the one put forth by Trump lawyer and Big Lie conspiracist Sidney Powell. After the election, Powell contacted a Pentagon official to promote the lie that the then-CIA director had been taken into custody in Germany while on a secret mission to destroy evidence of voter fraud – “information” from a false conspiracy that had gained steam among QAnon followers. “Oh yeah, that theory is definitely steaming,” said Colbert. 

“Remember, this was a former general! Making a call to the military demanding that they support a fascist coup!” said Colbert. “What is wrong with him? It’s 2021 – just text!” (Source: www.theguardian.com)

Late night was overwhelmed with sartorial handsomeness last night, when David Byrne took a reprieve from the dazzling American Utopia stage to talk to Stephen Colbert about his charming and amazing life. (Vulture’s words, not his.) Stay until the end of the video for a treat, though: The boys boogie down to some back- and arthritis-safe moves, owing to the man who didn’t write “Born Under Punches” being injured. “I’ve hurt my back,” Colbert told Byrne. “You’re famous for your nontraditional dance moves. I’m curious if you have any recommendations for someone who cannot move their arms very much and whose head and torso have to stay together when they move.” Well, of course he does. What an asinine question. This is the perfect excuse to “polish the plates” and “stop the traffic.” (Source: www.vulture.com)

Ageless wonder Paul Rudd was named People’s latest Sexiest Man Alive, but not before Stephen Colbert, a “sexiness adjudicator,” put the actor through a rigorous interview process on Tuesday’s Late Show. (Source: www.rollingstone.com Stephen Colbert, a “sexiness adjudicator,” tests the ageless actor before handing him People‘s title (Source:www.rollingstone.com))

“When it comes to sexiness, what’s you biggest weakness?” Colbert asked. Rudd responded, “Well, I have a weird foot. I suffer from a thing called ‘Big Pinky.’ The actor then showed Colbert his abnormally large toe, but still received a sexiness point for honesty. (Source: www.rollingstone.com Colbert, as a representative of the LSSC Sexiness Research Institute, was tasked with finding the new Sexiest Man Alive, with Rudd — or “Raul Pudd,” as he’s listed on Colbert’s docket — among those interviewing for the position. (Source:www.rollingstone.com))

At the conclusion of the process, Colbert tells Rudd that he in fact tested “negative for sexy.” A dejected Rudd thanked Colbert to even considering him, but as he was about to leave, the LSSC Sexiness Research Institute slow-clapped the actor. “Paul, you’re the Sexist Man Alive! Colbert then declared. He was then crowned, like a Miss America pageant. (Source: www.rollingstone.com The second part of Colbert’s scientific examination included a physical examination, including a Westminster Dog Show-like analysis of Rudd’s body. That was followed by a photo shoot where Colbert challenged Rudd’s sexiness by making him dress as a construction worker and a monk. “You’re a monk, say something sexy,” the host told Rudd. “You have a vow of silence, don’t make any noise.” (Source:www.rollingstone.com))

YouTuber Logan Paul has been shaded by yet another talk-show host, with The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert making reference to the star’s boxing fight with KSI at the Staples Center in 2019. (Source: www.dexerto.com Colbert also announced that he will have the newly anointed Sexist Man Alive in the studio next Monday. (Source:www.rollingstone.com))

Logan has yet to respond to this latest mention from Colbert, but whether he will take a similar issue with this joke as he did with Kimmel’s remains to be seen. (Source: www.dexerto.com On The Late Show on November 18, host Stephen Colbert was discussing the upcoming name change for the Staples Center (where KSI and Paul’s second fight was held) when he found an opportunity to poke fun at the content creator. (Source:www.dexerto.com))

Late Show host Stephen Colbert has weighed in on Sesame Street's newest resident Ji-Young, the show's first Asian American Muppet. (Source: mashable.com)

"She is the coolest Muppet since that one episode where Cookie Monster smoked weed," joked Colbert, noting that her hobbies include riding her skateboard and playing the electric guitar. "It was the '70s. Why'd you think he eats so many cookies?" (Source: mashable.com)

"That's great," said Colbert. "But is it just me, or are we giving some Muppets more responsibility than other Muppets? 'Okay folks, bring it in here, I got your assignments. You be grumpy in a trash can, you count everything you see, and you solve systemic racism.'" (Source: mashable.com However, Colbert noted that Ji-Young won't just get to relax and play with her new friends. The hope is that the seven-year-old will also help counter anti-Asian racism, which has notably increased amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source:mashable.com fNot only was it the birthday of bandleader Jon Batiste, but it was also an opportunity for Stephen Colbert to commemorate the ruling that moved "Happy Birthday to You" into the public domain. (Source:inance.yahoo.com)))

"The following video can be used by anybody, as long as they were born on a day," said Colbert. (Source: finance.yahoo.com "I've lost my swag on Stephen Colbert." (Source:ew.com eThose were former President Barack Obama's words when he lost miserably to Stephen Colbert in a game of wastepaper basketball, which is the exquisite, sacred art of throwing balled up paper into a trash can from a distance. (Source:w.com)))

Earlier this year, at an event supporting Joe Biden for president, Obama had landed a three-pointer shot on an actual basketball court. He slipped his mask below his mouth briefly to say, "That's what I do!" Colbert exclaimed those same words Tuesday when he came out ahead of Obama. (Source: ew.com Obama asked the Late Show producers if Colbert had been practicing for this moment. They promised not, but then Colbert managed to score eight in the bin while Obama managed none. "I didn't even hit one. How am I gonna live this down?" he said. (Source:ew.com))


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