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In this episode, Stephen Smith learns a lot while interviewing other as they give him their advice on learning how to build a business. At first, he is not very successful in his interviews until he learns how to change his focus on the person rather than what he is asking.Our project, working with the University of Florida, is to collect, sequence, and analyze hundreds of transcriptomes of Ericales along with thousands of targeted capture sequences (we will assist UoF with this). Once these are collected we are interested in answering questions about the evolution of the group between temperate and tropical areas and how morphological evolution intersects with these movements. Position duties include managing the sequencing of transcriptomes and the analysis once the data come back. There will be opportunities to train undergrads and grads as well as direct involvement in project planning. There are also opportunities to help develop, plan, and teach a bilingual workshop on phylogenetics and genomics.


In September 2014, Smith began hosting the daily The Stephen A. Smith Show on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio, which expanded to the national ESPN Radio network and is available across ESPN Radio stations throughout the country in January 2018. In August 2018, The Stephen A. Smith Show joined the ESPNEWS weekday ESPN Radio simulcast lineup. Smith also hosts several SportsCenter specials on ESPN throughout the year (since 2018). Earlier this year, long-time Cincinnati Reds play-by-play announcer Marty Brennaman replied via Twitter to an apology Smith made after suggesting that Major League Baseball can't market Los Angeles Angels star Shohei Ohtani because Ohtani uses an interpreter for most interviews conducted in English, showing support for Smith and adding that he wished his son's employers "had been as forgiving" as Smith's.

A Face of Basketball discussion broke out on First Take this morning, which is always exciting. Stephen A. Smith had the temerity to suggest that Stephen Curry could pass LeBron James in this generation's nebulous arms race. The great part about embracing this specific debate is that everyone involved can think they are right because, just like No. 1 Dad vs. World's Greatest Dad, it's unclear how official any of these rankings are at the end of the day. In February 2008, Professor Stephen Smith received a Killam Research Fellowship from the Canada Council for the Arts for his project "Court Orders and the Replication, Transformation and Creations of Rights". He was named New Zealand Law Foundation Distinguished Fellow of 2017 and visited all six New Zealand law faculties in the fall of 2017. In 2020, he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (Academy of the Social Sciences). (Source: www.mcgill.ca)


Welcome to the lab page for Stephen A. Smith's lab at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. You can find out more information about the people in the lab here and the projects here. A lot of the research in the lab focuses on plant evolution, detecting and describing large scale patterns of evolution, examining differences in the rate of molecular evolution, and using new data sources like transcriptomes and genomes to address these questions. A great deal of this involves the development of new methods and new computational tools. My faculty page is here. Tebow, who won a pair of national championships at Florida, initially spent time with the Denver Broncos and New York Jets as a quarterback upon entering the league, and then opted to try and make it in Major League Baseball with the New York Mets. He never made it out of the minor leagues, though, and eventually made it back to football earlier this year. He’s also served as an analyst in various roles with ESPN since his initial NFL stint ended.

“And guess how it would go down? Guess what my wish would be? Are you ready for this? I want a replica of when the Falcons went against the Patriots (in Super Bowl LI),” Smith said. “Dak Prescott with (Michael) Gallup, with Amari Cooper, with CeeDee Lamb, with Ezekiel Elliott, with Tony Pollard and the crew. Throw (Dalton) Schultz and (Cedrick) Wilson in there. Obviously, you’ve got Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs and DeMarcus Lawrence in there, and Dallas is destroying the New England Patriots. They go up 28-3, they’ve got a 25-point lead, and with the world going crazy thinking the Cowboys are going to win the Super Bowl, they collapse and drop like a bag of cheap bricks. And then end up surrendering the lead, and the Patriots, led by a rookie quarterback, (come back) from a 25-point deficit and they win the Super Bowl championship, completely destroying the Cowboys’ hopes, sending them home into the offseason completely and utterly miserable, falling short in such embarrassing and conspicuous fashion. (Source: nesn.com)


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