Staten Island

Staten Island

Staten Island

Staten Island, the toughest borough in NYC, has produced some of the greatest hip-hop artists in history. Set between the Lower East Side and the Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, this borough has always been overshadowed by the biggest city on the entire planet.

Staten Island which is only 30 minutes from Manhattan, is New York's least-known district. Although it does not have tourist attractions on par with Manhattan, there is always something to visit in Staten Island. (Source: www.introducingnewyork.com)

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Visit Staten Islan

Staten Island is more than just a ferry boat ride. From a day at the beach, to a night at the theatre, Staten Island has it all. We're home to fascinating cultural attractions, a wild zoo, fun nightlife, and more than 170 parks. Delicious food and locally brewed beer are waiting to be discovered. No wonder people say, "If you haven't seen Staten Island, you haven't REALLY seen New York!"

www.britannica.com)Learn More in These Related Geographically isolated at the juncture of Upper and Lower New York Bays, Staten Island is 5 miles (8 km) removed from Manhattan by ferry and a mile from Brooklyn across the Narrows. Its 60 square miles (155 square km) are still the least… (Source:Britannica Articles:



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