Standout Guest Posting: SEO Content

Standout Guest Posting: SEO Content

Standout Guest Posting



Guest posting helps you keep your portfolio well-kept and your business growing. It is the ultimate form of adding value to your content. When your guest posting is on point and compelling, your audience not only reaps the benefits, but so do you. You make more money, more traffic, acquire more clients, and ultimately, you have more success.

There are a lot of reasons that blogs feature guest posts, but most of them covered by wanting good content. A guest poster may bring unique expertise, a specific area of focus. Or just be good enough to add value to a blog’s regular output. Very, very few blogs rely on guest posts, so while most blogs will consider guest content if its up to their standards. It’s very much a buyer’s market. (Source:www.standoutbooks.com)

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As you get your blog posts published, your publicist's name will start to grow in size. And you'll be able to get top tier placement for bigger name bloggers. Publicists love that because it means the quality of your guest post is high. And easier for them to place your blog posts in their curated newsletters or quality publications. Your guest posts more likely to rank in Google and get more traffic.

The traffic from my guest posts snowballed, until my site was getting 16,000 pages views a month. And my mailing list grew from 0 to over 3,000 subscribers! (Source:standoutguestposting.com)


The key to guest posting is doing your homework on a company and knowing the potential value you can provide to them. It's quite common for some companies to offer the opportunity for free guest posting, which is a great value in itself. Research their target market, competitor market shares and online community dynamics. Also, practice what you preach like a champion, and consult a professional before posting.

Technique #1: Google [topic] + "guest posting" or [topic] + "write for us". For example, if you're an expert in human resources. You could Google "human resources" + "write for us". And you would get any sites that were tied to human resources and also accepted guest posts. (Source: www.trustsignals.com)



You can make a positive difference in the world. The difference is not whether you yourself have experienced the struggle. To get somewhere, but whether you choose to stand for the goodness in humanity. Which is the ultimate power for change. Share your story and introduce your point of view through an article, and it will resonate. The story is what individualizes. The story is what sets people apart, and it is what they remember.

Shamelessly self-promoting yourself is fine, but making it out that your blog “ToTaLLy roXorZ 4 LiFe!” is overdoing it just a bit. Remember, it’s perceived by the reader as the A-list blogger’s voice. So if you can’t imagine him or her saying it, then you’ve gone too far. (Source: copyblogger.com)


There are a lot of benefits to hosting good guest post posts. From increased Google rankings, to higher DA scores, to more opportunities. The best guest posts researched, a great read, and offer a very valuable piece of content. By writing guest posts with these qualities, you're taking advantage of that opportunity.

The idea behind it is simple: you are quality creating content that will be viewed by your target audience. And has the potential to expand your influence and reach. (Source: www.trustsignals.com)


A person's website has so much power to it that it can either make or break them. You may be a great writer, but without a great website to go hand in hand with your skills. You will never become the writer that you want to be. Your guest posting opportunities and social media influence both depend on the uniqueness of your website. And your future success in terms of great content.

When the post goes live, send a personal thank you to the host. Invite them to post on your site. Not only does this foster a good relationship with that host, but you can point to it when contacting others in the future. It’s also possible that their guest post will help you in turn, attracting even more of their readers. (Source: www.standoutbooks.com)


Blogger is the world's most popular blog publishing platform and one of the Internet's most widely used websites. It was founded in 1999 and by 2005 was the most widely read blog on the web. It continues to be a leading website that's used around the globe by millions of people today. Blogger currently owned by Alphabet Inc., which is Google's parent company.

No one likes reading about the same exact thing every day (unless you’re a tech blogger). Writing about a subject that has been handled ad nauseam won’t add much value to the readers at the current time. (Source: copyblogger.com)


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